Maintain cognitive skills. Important business decisions.


Important business decisions must be made by you and your dental team to overcome the lean years of the business cycle.

The niche of your choice can be conquered in the making of good business decisions.

Survival can be a product of mind over the obstacles you confront on a minute by minute basis of each business day.

Intelligence is a great asset but experience will take you where you are wanting to go.

Out of experience you understand the elements and details of what can be done to achieve your goal.

In the heat of battle there is no better friend than one who has seasoned himself through the process of battle.

One of my favorite movies “Gladiator”, watched on several occasions, show the star of the movie, a Roman general of Spanish origin wielding his sword in battle.

You can tell by the techniques displayed in the movie his character is a very experienced fighter. He leads his army by example fighting along side his soldiers.

He is well respected by the men he commands.

In the same manner you have an opportunity to lead by example or follow and support good leadership.

You are known in your business by the actions you display on a regular basis.

Visionaries should always be wanted and desired in your business operation.

Emplyees that display vision are great assets.

Nurture their skill sets to advance your operation.

Important business decisions made by your entire team propel you from mediocrity to greatness.

Dare your team to rise above mediocrity having as a target daily and weekly improvement.

Your business bottom line improves with moment by moment focus on incremental increases in energy and effort.

We are told to stay motivated even during the worst of times and to never give up.

Those who are not willing to give in to setbacks and failure are not defeated in life.

Defeat only comes after one has quit and no longer has a desire to carry on for fulfillment of a dream.

Take the time to listen to those with experience as stated will become your best teacher.

Experienced teachers in marketing become allies for all of us in business.

Look at the big box stores and fast food restaurants that appear to be overnight successes.

They make the important business decisions that bring business to ther doors.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.,,




Receiving and giving your all. African American Dentists


African American dentists are abundant in Kansas City working in hospitals, neighborhood health centers and private dental practices.

Over the years, Heart of America Dental Society, took pride in hosting events throughout the city for the Black community.

One of my fond memories takes me back to the Colgate Palmolive traveling van that tours the country during their “Bright Smiles – Bright Futures” program.

“Bright Smiles – Bright Futures” focuses on preventative dental health and motivating children to follow their dreams.

The program is designed to drive the van onto a school playground and provide a dental examination for the school’s children.

A speaker that children can relate to visits the school as well.

One athlete in particular was a Kansas City Chief’s football player, Deron Cherry, who played the safety position for our team.

At one high school Deron shared his initial dream of going to college to become a dentist.

Knowing the football player as a community leader, businessman and neighbor caught me off guard with the discovery we may have been colleagues if he had pursued a career in dentistry instead of football.

At a convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, our international dental project in Dimona, Israel received honorable mention from a representative of the Colgate – Palmolive Company.

Recognition of a job well done is a wonderful way to keep those who volunteer their services to the world moving in the right direction.

Honorable recognition is always a game changer when it is shown your efforts are appreciated by others without directly benefiting from the actions.

Long gone are the days we would meet in Columbia Missouri, to plan a yearly state meeting held at the Tan-Tar-ra Lodge, Osage Beach, Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks.

Colleagues from around the state would spend a weekend together at the resort earning continuing education courses and planning how to best go about delivering care to state residents.

Where like minded people come together to make a difference in the world, things change for the better.

Respect the ideas of the man or woman across the room and you may find the same coming back to you.

African American dentists who are also known as black dentists, should continue to keep these meetings and societies viable.

These special interest groups speak to the heart of our people and address concerns that help everyone.

Visit African American dentists to help support their businesses.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Keeping it simple prayer vigil treatise


In my dental office we hear horrific stories about what our patients encounter in their personal lives and decided to write a prayer vigil treatise  to encourage others.

A treatise is a formal and systematic exposition in writing, generally longer and more detailed than an essay.

The following information has been collected in my journals listening over the years to a number of speakers.

This post deals with the facts, evidence and conclusions in understanding the power of prayer.

Work in the healing arts long enough and you will witness modern day miracles generated through prayer.

Human beings have energy and stamina to operate in the short term, but when storms come into our lives how do you find the power to overcome obstacles and storms?

We are weak vessels and desire our Creator’s power.

We are blessed to have spiritual gifts and talents, allowing us the opportunity to be great at what we do.

Know that you are not alone in your quest for greatness.

One power source our heavenly Father gives to believers who know the highest power of all powers in the universe, is the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit, we have the ability to petition through prayer, a connection to the power of our heavenly Father.

In righteousness he grants the desires of your heart.

When we are made weak by life’s circumstances and unable to carry on, through the power of prayer we connect to the Creator of heaven and earth.

Not only will you be sustained through the storms of life but we are able to rise above our circumstances.

You will feel you are not alone when His spirit takes over energizing you.

Google the spiritual law of praise also called the law of increase.

Praising our Creator allows growth in our lives giving you confidence to carry on with your goals and dreams.

There is confidence generated through His power. You are made powerful being appreciative for challenging lessons and adverse situations which shows grace under fire.

That grace results in greater personal power, self-confidence, momentum and energy.

The spiritual laws are natural laws similar to the physical law of gravity.

They regulate and govern the universe.

Magnets through their polarity either connect or repel. Electro-magnetic forces are governed by natural laws as well.

The human body is an electro-magnetic force, so is planet earth.

Decide to live by these laws as you connect to the highest power of all powers, our Creator.

All communication is based upon the Law of Vibration, superior to the law of attraction its subordinate.

After we pray, feel the power that flows through us.

In a prayer vigil your goal is to hold in your mind what has been prayed for to see it manifest from the spiritual universe to the physical universe.

Those who lift you up in prayer are also elevated during a prayer vigil. Focus on the desires of others as they focus on yours.

After turning over your problems and circumstances to our heavenly Father, you will start to see the manifestation of real life solutions.

An important key is the Law of Receiving.

After your prayer petition, make preparation for receiving the blessings requested.

Our attitude must not be one of ‘getting’ which diminishes our ability to give.

Receiving comes through our ability to give. We continually draw into life what we give and expect to receive.

Resources and resource individuals are made known to you in this way.

The more you help others, the more the universe helps you.

Be in harmonious vibration with like minded people.

It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects.

Pass this prayer vigil treatise along helping others and in return receiving the blessings that you claim.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Non-attentive to oral hygiene


Busy patients find themselves non-attentive to oral hygiene and periodontal disease control programs.

Life gets complicated during the stressful pursuit of careers and feelings of being overwhelmed by daily agendas.

Daily agendas that include a routine oral hygiene plan reduce your chances of visiting a dentist for emergency dental care.

Basic disease control programs implemented at home by patients are a good way to win the war against periodontal disease.

During World War I, soldiers were engaged in trench warfare, standing in mud and filthy conditions for weeks at a time.

The soldiers constantly under attack were non-attentive to oral hygiene.

The term trench mouth refers to neglect of oral hygiene, also called acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis.

Dentists in modern times treat this condition with anti-inflammatory mouth rinses and debridement of the tartar, plaque and infected tissue.

Stress in the lives of patients blurs our focus in reference to what should be done as a part of daily routine.

Necessary routines for sanity and health shoved to the bottom of our agendas do not get done.

Procrastination takes more energy than actually performing an act that resolves a problem.

For this reason dental floss and tools to fight gingivitis remain on the shelf or deep in a drawer for another day.

It is understood what should be done regarding our health but actually following through to resolve a problem is where we win.

You will hear motivational speakers tell you to get out of your own way to succeed at what you do.

They are simply telling you to allow the normal process of your life plan to unfold.

To reach your full potential follow the plan that has been set for your life.

If no plan exist, develop one that optimizes who you are in this moment.

Simple actions that keep you moving forward in life are a very good starting point.

You generate momentum working from a position ‘in this moment I can be all that I can be’.

Use the Law of Relativity to exist free from the judgment of others.

In being who you are there is no comparison or measuring stick against what is perceived as competition.

You decide what life will be and set out to achieve with measurable and specific actions from those decisions.

Don’t allow a stressful encounter to be the reason you become non-attentive to oral hygiene.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Our inflammatory process joint inflammation


Treating fractures is sometimes a matter of handling the inflammatory component of the patient’s case.

Treat inflammation and you significantly reduce symptoms for the patient.

Inflammation within the joint causes increased pressure.

In the field of dentistry traumatic episodes to the head and neck are treated after the patient has been stabilized in a hospital emergency facility.

Traumatic episodes of this type yield an increase in blood flow to the joint.

Fractures of the chondyles should be mobilized quickly to reduce the inflammatory response.

Patients return to dental clinics after the extraction of teeth due to osteomyelitis, an inflammatory response that occurs in some patients.

The pain is excruciating during osteomyelitis with some patients thinking their jaw may have been fractured in the process of extracting teeth.

Dry socket packing is placed in the extraction site for reduction of post operative pain up to 48 hours.

In most cases 1-2 packings are adequate for pain reduction in the healing socket.

Keep the healing process improving with protracted antibiotics.

Cleanse the extraction site with chlorhexidine encouraging the wound to heal with curettage.

Motion is the most important therapy after surgery, the main reason physical therapists  stay very busy upon a patient’s discharge from the hospital.

To help patients get back on their feet, rehabilitative hospitals operate at capacity.

Ask any patient who has been released from one of these facilities and they tell you to get back on their feet, physical therapists make them earn their trip home.

The diet is a very important part of the healing process.

Study foods that are organic in nature and those that do not result in further inflammation.

Removing and/or reducing inflammation is a large part of the battle when treating fractures.

Immobilization of the joint may restrict movement for a few weeks up to a few months.

Optimize your patients health with quality supplements trusted and known to have a proven track record.

Stress bearing bones are encouraged they be loaded and placed back into function.

Dental implants placed in the jawbones are also loaded with great success. One technique that explains this concept is known as “all on four”.

Immediately after the dental implants are surgically placed, a prosthesis is connected to them thus the name for this technique.

The jawbone is a stress bearing bone able to handle the load of mastication, becoming strong because of the movement of chewing.

Treating fractures is a function of treating the underlying inflammatory process for a patient’s comfort.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Pulling our weeds


Pulling our weeds keeps gardens clean and looking their best.

Keep your focus sharp taking time away from emergency dental care to relax on occasion.

Working in gardens takes the mind off of the problems and stresses of the day.

Dandelions grow out of control if left unattended in our gardens.

Today it is a priority to pull as many weeds from my garden as humanly possible.

Pull enough weeds from gardens and you start to respect the nature of weeds.

Left unattended weeds do what weeds do and that is to continue rapidly growing choking out whatever else is within their proximity.

Their primary objective is growth in spite of all other events occurring in the garden.

In a sense it is not the purpose of the weed to concern itself with what the other plants are doing in the garden.

Weeds are on point and out growing every other plant in the garden.

You might say a weed is kind of selfish to some degree, but we’ve met people that react to us like weeds.

Make your presence known by righteous actions and you establish your position in the garden.

Gardeners prepare for weeds with products that diminish their presence in gardens.

Your presence will not be diminished treating others as you would like to be treated.

These products do not disturb the growth or livelihood of the other plants while working to destroy the presence of weeds.

Pulling our weeds not only occurs in life’s gardens.

In our own lives tremendous amounts of energy are expended staying relevant and not allowing those who appear as weeds to block us from receiving what we are due.

Valuable lessons are learned during the process of pulling our weeds.

Re-visit your garden the next day and you see weeds re-appearing.

Think how viable the human spirit would be reacting to life in this manner.

The very things to come and knock us to our knees should also become an impetus to get back up and find out the purpose of life, to survive and thrive to the best of your ability.

No one should quit after being knocked down because of a storm.

Storms will continue to roll through our lives with tempest raging and storm tossed seas.

Hold to your dreams, do not give up and hunker down until storms pass, and pass you by they will.

The staying power of weeds is something to think about, adopting their ability to survive in the harshest of conditions.

Place a strong being in an environment with other weeds and teach him/her to survive and the being becomes stronger.

Learn to co-exist in life’s gardens with those who mean you no harm but forget there is enough of whatever for everyone to become successful.

Pulling our weeds from the precious lives we live is not all thorns and thistles.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Crowns under partial dentures


Crowns under partial dentures help to gain support of abutments that break down over time.

Abutments are the teeth that support the fixed or removable prosthesis replacing missing teeth.

The goal of the placement of crowns under partial dentures is to shore up stability and support of the removable partial.

Patients find that partial dentures trap food and should be soaked in a cleaning solution when not worn in the mouth.

The food trapped by partials is removed with a good oral hygiene home program.

It is common for food, tartar and plaque to accumulate in this manner.

Crowns under partials require the existing partial, accompany the crown and bridge impression of the prepared tooth, receiving the crown.

Dentists who provide this service understand the need to minimize the time the partial is outside of the mouth.

Teeth have a tendency to drift out of their current position if the partial is left out of the mouth for very long periods of time.

For this reason a prompt turn around is requested and expected from the dental laboratory fabricating the case.

Problems arise where patients do not keep scheduled appointments prolonging completion of the case.

Under normal conditions without an existing partial, temporary crowns can last for several weeks or months at a time.

As long as the temporary crown remains in place, protecting the prepared tooth structure is accomplished.

When temporary crowns are dislodged or lost, the tooth covered by the crown has a chance to shift and move to a new position.

It is very important that the patient informs the dental office of dislodged crowns so they can be re-cemented or replaced for greater stability of the tooth.

At the cementation visit, the crown is placed over the tooth preparation for verification of a good fit.

The partial denture is then placed in close proximity to the crown for harmony of their union.

Crowns can have a profound effect on the stability of the tooth and stability of the overall case.

Restoring the function of a badly decayed or fractured tooth with a crown also improves your ability to chew.

Consult with your dentist to find out if crowns under partial dentures are a viable option in your dental treatment plan.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Whole Foods Tours Dentists teach wellness.


Dentists teach wellness for the health and well being of our patients.

Listen to the conversations of patients coming into our dental office and you hear a level of frustration regarding the many choices available for weight loss.

Before starting strenuous activity in your local gym, discuss your plans with your physician.

Your program should be tailored to fit your current health concerns.

It is well documented in order to stay fit a good cardio program is a must.

An hour of well planned cardio will increase energy levels.

For those seriously looking to shed pounds, daily trips to a weigh in becomes self defeating.

Obtain a tape measure and at weekly intervals watch the inches melt off your frame.

Weigh in at 2 week intervals.

A healthy diet that drastically reduces sugar intake is the gluten free diet.

Eating gluten free takes the patient down another path.

It gives you an opportunity to step away from processed and refined ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, wheat flour, and sugar.

You will be surprised at the delicious choices awaiting you in the gluten free section of your local grocer.

Plan a visit to an area gluten free bakery.

No one says you can’t have fun treating your taste buds on the healthier side of life.

Our dental team counsels patients who are willing to let go of refined processed sugar and corn syrup.

At times patients feel they are being robbed of the last opportunity to exist independently of healthcare

workers who try and tell them what to do.

This issue is truly a battle of improved health, something we should all want for others as well as ourselves.

Diabetes in America is usually of the type II variety where sugar is overly consumed breaking down our immune system.

Cut you sugar intake and you are halfway home.

Free radicals that damage our bodies during the oxidation of sugar age us far beyond our years.

The oxidation process is what breaks down healthy cells.

Reduction of sugar intake also reduces cavities.

Always thankful when dentists teach wellness.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Your ability to know


Your ability to know is based upon dedicating yourself to a discipline of continuing to learn new things .

One of your greatest feats is not tiring from an acquisition of new knowledge.

Success is tied to your desire to find and learn new things that serve to help you grow as a being.

After you have learned the knowledge that allows you to communicate with the nomenclature of your profession, pause and read interests in other areas of study.

The more you read the greater your chances of being exposed to different ideas.

Reading often keeps the mind sharp.

It surprises the reader what can be learned about what you do from the thoughts of others.

In totally unrelated topics we formulate ideas about our lives.

A book on art with creative expression may help you to develop a creative thought.

All business ventures desire more creative thoughts.

Your ability to know is connected by the strands of knowledge unraveled one page read at a time.

To move beyond your current circumstances may take the recommendations of a mentor who blazed a trail for you through written pages.

Books give us the opportunity to learn at our own pace.

No one has all the answers of life, toil and strife, but answers are revealed in the books written by experts in their field.

What better comment to follow than by one quoted from someone who has been where you are wanting to go.

Early on in my education, the library was a very intimate friend.

Having a chance to work in a library gave the opportunity to read a variety of books.

Well rounded educations await those who research well the topics of their thoughts.

Attending a workshop on home school programs convinced me how valuable these programs can be for recipients who study in solitude.

Solitude can become a great partner when it is used to improve the mind.

Learn the lessons of life found in the best of books.

You improve your knowledge and expand your horizons at the same time.

The person willing to expand their horizons can first do so safely reading the life stories of those on life’s battlefields.

Your ability to know improves exponentially with the reading of a wide variety of books.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Preparing to receive


Preparing to receive the best that life has to offer is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind.

You will provide your best work to the world after you have received the fruit of seeds sown from your gifts and talents.

Be thankful for what you receive and for what has been and is being done in your life.

The antedote for defeating and overcoming the troubling times in your life is gratitude.

Gratitude will dissolve the negative feelings of the down times.

You will find our dental team humbled by the patients that return over the years in support of our dental clinic through emergency dental care.

There are gifts and talents already in your possession when used to the best of your ability, that prepare you to realize your full potential.

Think of what you do as well as if not better than anyone else around you.

Find what you do that takes you to the brink of reaching your full potential.

If you don’t know what it is that causes you to realize your full potential, take some time and investigate this point.

Investigation may find you interviewing those that intimately know you.

Friends and relatives who interact with you may be able to answer this question or point you in the right direction.

Spend time in stillness and find out who you really are through your true gifts and talents.

Those who have a tendency to reach out and help others are known to have the gift of compassion.

If you like entertaining those you fellowship with on a regular basis, hospitality may be a great part of who you are spiritually.

Taking the time to teach others, find many possessing the gift of teaching.

Many of us are blessed to have multiple gifts, all being developed for the betterment of self and our fellowman.

The man or woman preparing to receive should work from their major gifts and talents.

You stay in tune to the highest power of the universe operating in this manner.

High energy is required to to prepare your vineyard to yield the best quality fruit.

You receive that energy from the highest power of the universe.

Working from your gifts provides an atmosphere of certainty in what you intend to do.

Stable foundations are where you want to build your dreams.

Preparing to receive is a product of high energy and the willingness to operate from your gifts and talents.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.