Are you frustrated  is a common emotional response to opposition.

Find healthy ways to channel and deal with frustration.

Tension builds when road blocks  impede progress towards a desired goal.

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This afternoon a basketball game has just started between the Tennessee State Tigers and Mizzou Tigers one of my favorite teams.

In the first half of play the game is very close and the half ends with Mizzou up by 2 points.

The game ends with Mizzou winning by 30 points.

It seems Tennessee lost it’s edge and became anxious after a few missed shots.

Frustration is a part of life and heightens after we don’t perform up to standards set for ourselves.

Standards within the frame of your ability to perform are a very positive thing.

Keep expectations aligned to your ability to perform.

Human beings are not machines so allow room for error to release the tension that comes from anxiety.

We observe top notch NBA players that have an off night.

If their shot is not dropping, you may see them contributing in other ways.

They step up their defensive maneuvers or feed the basketball to team members having a good game.

The goal is to help the team whether your shot is dropping or not.

Do not lose sight of your purpose, positive contribution to your team.

A very high percentage of frustration is generated in the work environment.

For this reason many people are not happy with their daily jobs.

Tension builds and finds it’s release in aggressive behavior directed at others around you.

A good plan would include performing at an even keel to diffuse the tension.

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Have balance in your life that includes exercise, things that bring peace, and happiness to get to a more relaxed state.

Picture the sail boat on an open sea, trimmed with full sails, moving through white crested surf, flanked by porpoises.

We may not be machines but can understand the relative synchronicity to a system that operates in a state of harmonious flow.

Don’t allow anxious moments to keep you from the pursuit of a goal.

The next time you’re asked the question are you frustrated, look at the balance in your life to get to a more relaxed state.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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Listen to the music of sweet Toni Braxton to understand who she really is in spirit.

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Listen to the true story of this successful musical artist and she becomes your sweetest inspiration.

Her story was told from her own words recently on VH1.

Women are inspired by her humble beginnings and willingness to pursue her passion for music in song.

One of the first steps you are achieving spiritual growth occurs  with awareness of your current emotional state.

Toni Braxton found the stamina to make comebacks because of her gifts and talents.

You achieve success with awareness of your current emotional state.

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Ms. Braxton was born October 7th, 1968 and is known as one of the most popular and commercially successful female R&B singers of the 1990s.

Setbacks and the pitfalls of business ventures will send many of us rocking and reeling because of what is unknown in pursuit of fame and fortune.

The human condition is made stronger because of what life throws at us.

Your spirit like a ship at sea is either broken on the coastal rocks or anchored and turned into the wind to ride out the storms of life.

Many are broken into many pieces and find it very difficult to even get back up from what has just knocked you to the floor.

Bruised or not you must pick up the pieces and get back up.

In your getting up is where you find the strength to continue your journey.

Claim life’s prize and live as though you have already seized it.

The action of seizing the prize in your mind secures it’s title identifying the steps to ownership.

Ms. Braxton had a deep desire to make her sisters a part of her success.

Her desire was realized with her family able to show their individual talents and gifts in a reality show.

Remain aware of your existing emotional state in order to heal the spirit and body.

Work from your gifts and talents when the going gets tough and income levels are not what you would desire.

Comebacks are the seeds of passion and desire after there is a profound awareness of your true emotional state.

Your goal should be to maintain an even keel and not allow emotions to sink you so low that you can’t get back up or so high emotionally that you reside in an ivory tower.

Stay grounded and continue to develop  from your talents and gifts.

Money will follow your passion along with true success.

Become an inspiration like Sweet Toni Braxton to those around you, remaining aware of your existing emotional state.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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Your projections of the true self into the universe create successful actions.

The man or woman working smart reaches their targets and goals.

You are capable of progress even in the midst of storms, so focus on the job at hand.

Your mind and spirit free you from feeling trapped by circumstances impeding progress. 

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We have seen all over the news, coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions.

As individuals the expression of our various opinions is the American way.

A lot of energy was expressed in the writing of all those dynamic speeches.

Politicians learn early on the job title they hold is greater than the individual holding the post.

Our roles as business owners, dads, moms, husbands, wives, sweethearts, connect us to the ones we love the most.

Connections greater than ourselves are what make us more than the name tag worn in the work place.

The mind with positive thoughts  projected accomplishes our goals.

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Mind and spirit connect you to solutions greater than the human self.

You are made powerful through these connections.

Knowledge of this power will free you to operate beyond the confines and restraints of the physical body.

Adversity and difficult circumstances won’t keep the person with this knowledge from realizing his/her true potential.

Lack of knowledge regarding your true power causes inaction and incorrect response when storms come knocking at the door.

Like an uninvited guest ready or not storms come to us all.

Some of the roles we play are tremendous burdens lifted, carried and dragged around when walking through storms.

Your mind and spirit are nonphysical entities not confined to the body.

They help you to rise above and think beyond the difficulties of life.

To operate in the midst of storms and stay focused require solutions that come from sources greater than the causes of storms.

Storms are defeated with forethought acted upon that prepare you to meet the challenges of the day.

You project your intentions to succeed with positive thoughts from the mind.

Act upon these thoughts with a calm spirit.

The spirit and mind are under attack when you think the thoughts of negativity.

Stay focused on goals with your projections being positive thoughts with calmness of spirit.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.