Dental Economics


Sound dental economics keeps the business of dentistry operating in the black.

Those of us that operate dental clinics at one point or another have sought professional

help to improve the overall condition of our business concerns.

Dentists arrive at work in their dental clinics daily for the most part in the best of spirits.

Patients show up as well expecting to receive the best care they possibly can receive.

As an emergency dentist in Kansas City, it is my responsibility to render the best of care for the

relief of dental disease.

Dentists are reminded first and foremost their clinics are business concerns and should be run as such.

Hire individuals that show compassion for the welfare of others.

Building a professional dental team is a key component for success.

Patients refer their family and friends to the clinics that show a caring manner.

It has been my experience you will not have to treat your entire city to become successful.

What you deliver must be done with the utmost care.

Patients bond to those who take the time to listen and treat their maladies.

Money will flow through your operation if your treatment is of a high quality.

Patients who receive value from you will help you expand your business.

Basic dental economics suggest you live within 70% of what is collected.

Always pay yourself first as a major motivator to improve the overall business.

Your pay should be 10% of the collections.

A major player that supports dentists is

Another is delivering great seminars and support services.

Getting a new business concern up and running in most cases requires a business loan.

Use 20% of collections to pay past due debts and taxes of the business.

The 10% that you pay yourself is used to grow your business beyond its current scope.

Opportunities will come and go over the course of your career.

Take advantage to grow your business with cash on hand that can be leveraged for greater growth.

Owning your service facility is one way to control your own destiny.

At some point the money saved in leases and rent can be further invested in your service facility.

Expanding your ability to deliver services improves your bottom line.

You greatly reduce the risk of investment hiring professionals and following their advice.

Our job is to treat the public and be sound leaders of our hand selected dental teams.

Sound financial advice will take you where you want to go in your business plan.

Contract with seasoned professionals who help provide sound dental economics.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S.