WE CARE Premature removal of deciduous teeth from accidental loss or carious lesions require the placement of pediatric space maintainers in the majority of cases. Children in their various stages of growth regarding the jaw structures, have eruption patterns throughout childhood. Permanent teeth in relation to deciduous teeth have an increased tooth mass. Permanent teeth […]


WE CARE Watching an exciting final game 5, the Houston Astros and the Kansas City Royals, the K.C. Royals and fans are saying, “winners¬†move on.” There was nervousness in the stadium this evening as both teams were anticipating a very competitive game. The governor on Monday night of Texas had already tweeted to his constituents […]


WE CARE Febrile dental patients are advised to increase fluid consumption during an elevated temperature. Increasing fluids in the form of intravenous liquids and water help circulate antibiotics for optimal blood levels. Medical teams are concerned for the health of their patients that procrastinate receiving dental services. There is a fear factor attached to patients […]


WE CARE Retaining clients is a job best performed by experts who help maintain our presence on the world wide web. Marketing campaigns bring customers into your operation but retaining them is another project that should be addressed for business viability. It takes strong customer service to add value to the experience of your customers […]