Winners move on. surviving catastrophe.


Surviving catastrophe is a discipline professionals master to remain a viable player in the game of life.

The Kansas City Royals were behind in the score facing elimination while playing the Houston Astros.

During the Royal’s run through the 2015 playoff series with Houston, the Royals were down but not out.

This game could be one of the greatest baseball comebacks of all time.

Believe in yourself and the team that you become an integral part.

Awaiting the 2016 K.C. Royals schedule.

Do your job well and support those around you who have decided to share in team success.

Young people watch how we go about what we do from day to day.

To see the professionalism of a high spirited team excites everyone cheering for your success.

Down times are part of the life cycle same as failure on occasion.

Everyone informs us to learn from our mistakes and use them as stepping stones on the way to building a successful life.

It is true you will learn more from doing than sitting on the sideline as a spectator.

There is nothing wrong taking time out to enjoy the high energy displayed while watching talented athletes compete on the stages of life.

One way to relax is emerging ourselves in the game of the day.

Try not to get too high or low regarding the final outcome.

True easier said than done but an even keel throughout life keeps us grounded.

Your feet on the ground will keep you from flying off the handle so to speak when things don’t go the way you plan.

The best of plans are reference points that keep you focused and centered upon your most vital priorities in life.

Plans get you back on course as negative circumstances find a way to attempt de-railing your course of action.

You will not be defeated over the long haul pointing your inner compass towards success.

Action steps that bring into existence your vital priorities is a daily task placed on to do list.

Surviving catastrophe teaches you how to survive in the game of life.

The inner man that has weathered a few storms does not cower because of rain that falls on occasion.

The intelligent buy umbrellas to reduce the after effects of a down pour.

Keep the rain a peaceful experience in your life where things are nurtured to grow.

Surviving catastrophe will enable you to teach others to do the same.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Robert Herjavec ready for financial duty.


Robert Herjavec is one of the “Shark Tank” icons sharp as tack and ready to face the battles of the financial realm.

In an article by Jodi Marsh that appeared in Sam’s Club magazine, “Healthy Living”, it was stated Mr. Herjavec is viewed as a business mogul.

The article was inspiring in that it portrayed the entrepreneur  as a warm man of humble beginnings.

He used hard work as a tool to propel himself to the top of his niche, global cybersecurity.

We win in our business lives understanding success starts in one’s personal life Jodi Marsh reports.

For years a similar plan has been followed to that implemented by Mr. Herjavec.

Through jogging over a period of time you build up stamina and endurance to win the mini marathons of life.

Showing up at 5K runs places you in the very thick of the competition.

You don’t always feel the competition as an ‘in your face’ activity similar to jogging in marathons while at the office performing daily tasks.

Training week by week keeping your body in tune to physical exercise prepares the body and mind to push beyond your normal limits and routines.

Challenge yourself to set targets you are willing to make.

Targets should be realistic and obtainable.

Don’t limit your ability to achieve what is not in view at the present time.

Gurus who are truthful remind us to live in this moment and not the past or the future.

Learn from the past, for there are valuable lessons in history for us all.

Plan life to prepare for future retirement but what you do this moment in the present is where the rubber meets the road.

The article, “Fiscally Fit,” Robert Herjavec is reported to have stated, “the past doesn’t define you, and I think that goes for a healthy lifestyle too. You’ve got to take care of your body because it’s the vessel for your mind. If you want to be financially independent, you have to work on yourself.”

In my niche dentistry, an emergency dentist Kansas City, is called upon to work strenuous hours performing tedious procedures.

The discipline of work truly does a body good. It occupies the mind in a very worthwhile and therapeutic way.

Work with focus at its center will take you to the top of the mountain.

It is understood why Robert Herjavec has created such a high level of success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Pediatric space maintainers



Premature removal of deciduous teeth from accidental loss or carious lesions require the placement of pediatric space maintainers in the majority of cases.

Children in their various stages of growth regarding the jaw structures, have eruption patterns throughout childhood.

Permanent teeth in relation to deciduous teeth have an increased tooth mass.

Permanent teeth erupt into the mouth through the space held by the deciduous teeth.

Collapse of this space occurs when baby teeth are lost prematurely.

You would like to see our children protected from injury during times they are not under your watchful eye.

Dental clinics and hospital emergency rooms see a wide variety of accidental tooth loss in children.

While at play during school hours a small girl falls from a swing avulsing an upper front deciduous tooth.

She is age 4 and will not have a permanent tooth erupt into the area for 2 years.

The pediatric dentist recommends to the parents a tiny bridge as one type of the many pediatric space maintainers.

In a similar accident a child walks in front of another swinging child taking a blow to the lower third of the face.

Protect children as much as you can and treat the accidental injuries of life.

Young adults come into our emergency dental clinic years after traumatic episodes looking for an emergency dentist in Kansas City.

We do our best to replace missing teeth.

A major problem noted is the replacement of missing teeth in very narrow and restricted spaces.

The restricted spaces are caused due to the lack of placing pediatric space maintainers.

The esthetic zone in particular, when the space is too narrow, the replacement tooth will not be as esthetically pleasing in the final restoration of the case.

Orthodontics will assist in regaining the space with minor tooth movement.

Re-opening the space is a great way of balancing the smile for optimal esthetics.

The young at heart are enthusiastic about seeing their smile in a more natural, symmetrical appearance.

The treatment can be performed in less than 60 – 90 days.

More difficult cases can take a little longer but well worth the wait.

A well balanced esthetic zone has the makings of a beautiful smile.

Creativity in dentistry has taken us to some very exciting high quality products that beautify and strengthen the teeth.

Consult with your dental team to understand the value of products on the market for bright smiles.

In designing a great smile, pay attention to pediatric space maintainers if teeth are lost during childhood.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Winners move on.


Watching an exciting final game 5, the Houston Astros and the Kansas City Royals, the K.C. Royals and fans are saying, “winners move on.”

There was nervousness in the stadium this evening as both teams were anticipating a very competitive game.

The governor on Monday night of Texas had already tweeted to his constituents a congratulatory greeting that Texas was about to win their series with the K.C. Royals.

The tide turned and Kansas City tied the series 2 -2 with a trip back home and momentum swinging their way.

Players who understand the competitive spirit respect worthy opponents.

You learn the opponent during battle is not always your enemy but a comrade in arms where you both are involved in moments of greatness.

Your true enemies are the lower conditions of life, not the arena where men and women come to compete.

Study for example the participants of the playoff series.

The teams play with passion and should not be pitted against one  another and allowed to fight like hockey teams for higher ratings.

Citizens of Caribbean nations like the Dominican Republic and third world Cuba, African Americans and other United States citizens, all become a band of brothers in a common cause to give performances of a lifetime for  sports annals and history books.

High spirited play is desired by the fans of baseball worldwide.

Experience is worth its weight in gold embroiled in the heat of battle.

Learning to roll with the punches of life, makes you stronger, not rolling in the dirt like immature school boys.

Awareness you will not break under the stress and pressure of a serious battle is a strong deterrent to defeat.

It is developed with a certainty you are more than qualified to do the job at hand.

Those who work out of certainty become team members you can depend upon to do what is best for the entire team.

Our dental team has worked well together over the years because of trust team members will do what is necessary for the entire team.

Take the time to build a team and network of co-workers you too can depend upon to get the job done.

Teamwork places you ahead of the game since most are operating as individuals with feeble reach into their areas of operations.

Winners move on and should be applauded for their ability to operate within the team framework.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Root of problems febrile dental patients.


Febrile dental patients are advised to increase fluid consumption during an elevated temperature.

Increasing fluids in the form of intravenous liquids and water help circulate antibiotics for optimal blood levels.

Medical teams are concerned for the health of their patients that procrastinate receiving dental services.

There is a fear factor attached to patients accepting needed emergency dental care.

Treatment that has been procrastinated for months may take additional steps to resolve a problem.

Antibiotics circulating through the blood before definitive treatment is received give a protective barrier for the patient.

Toxins released into the blood from the operative site are better controlled through antibiotic therapy before definitive treatment.

Bacterial infections left unattended can elevate the body temperature, producing malaise, where the patient does not feel very well in general.

Confronting life becomes difficult with many daily routines placed on hold.

Patients are advised to resolve dental concerns in order to optimize the overall health of the patient.

People are shocked to find their health in question after a bout with a severe tooth malady.

Toothache problems are issues that should require follow-up and not to be placed on hold for long periods of time.

Oral infections require the same care as any other infection of body tissues.

My drug of choice to reduce swelling and infection of the maxilla and mandible is penicillin.

Patients allergic to penicillin may take clindamycin.

It hits infection at the bone level due to its level of penetration.

Diabetic and dialysis patients are prone to attract infections and should keep up with their oral hygiene.

Dialysis patients waiting for a kidney transplant attempting to remain on a donor transplant list, must remain disease free.

After the surgery to transplant the kidney is completed, the patient is placed on immuno-suppressive drugs that keep the patient from rejecting the kidney.

A dialysis clinic referred an emergency dental patient to my office for evaluation of an infected lower third molar.

Dialysis is generally a three day process with one day of rest between visits.

The process of dialysis clears toxins from the blood.

Clearing the blood three days per week is not enough to keep dental infection, a localized condition, under control.

Dental infections build up within teeth spreading through bone and soft tissue as the infection progresses.

You will see swollen facial features because gas builds up spreading through oral tissues.

Febrile dental patients are encouraged to treat infections as soon as possible.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Thinking in stillness retaining clients.


Retaining clients is a job best performed by experts who help maintain our presence on the world wide web.

Marketing campaigns bring customers into your operation but retaining them is another project that should be addressed for business viability.

It takes strong customer service to add value to the experience of your customers who shop at your brick and mortar stores or websites.

Revolving doors are not a pretty site when shopping carts are left abandoned before it’s time to check out.

Read Oprah Winfrey’s “O Magazine.” It contains the same information whether she is on the cover or not.

What is key, however, is that  readership goes down if she does not appear on the cover per Oprah’s statement to the media.

Become creative retaining clients and you will maintain a steady flow of resources through your business.

The public when made to feel special and everything seems to align to the reader’s expectations is a very good thing.

Meeting the expectations of the public can be a difficult thing to match if your finger is not on the pulse of what your clients want and demand of you.

You will not have to perform as a circus animal if it is understood up front you cannot be all things to all people.

Not all money out there is for you to collect.

Business owners should not have to jump through fiery hoops to satisfy the desires of clients.

Keep the mindset, the universe continues to expand just as your market share has the same potential to increase as well.

A business on auto pilot is the best of both worlds where automaticity runs your operation with the smoothness of fine silk.

We are known as one of the emergency dentist Kansas City with a good dental team capable of rendering quality care to the public.

Dentists that work in after hours facilities, accept their schedules as a way of life.

An after hours clinic is not a 24 hour facility but has posted hours of operation for the public.

Because of the stressful nature of emergency dental care, we work from a position of sanity.

You go as far as the dental team can work with efficiency and effectiveness.

This is appreciated by our customer base who receive quality customer service.

It takes good planning in the process of retaining clients.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.