HAVNG your prize. Getting the job done. Royals relentless success.



Having your prize can be achieved giving to others what they desire in order to receive what you need.

Many niches are on the world-wide web to chose from.

Integrate a new operation so that your foundation for the business is stable.

It takes a series mindset by the business owner to run and maintain a solid business concern.

I am viewing this evening an episode of a television series called “The Profit”.

The series bails out business concerns that are failing because of mismanagement and clear leadership.

Consistency is a key in working on your business more than you work in the business.

Every business must have a mission statement so you don’t get lost working within your business.

Build a business and make sure to set a standard you can live by and plan for business growth.

Consistency and standard delivery create stability in your business.

Give those under your employ systems that deliver the consistency desired to get the job done.

Every business requires strong leadership to run smoothly and efficiently.

Have what the client wants and you have found the need that should be filled.

Find a need and fill it to the best of your ability.

Consumers want the opportunity to make decisions for themselves.

Set up your brick and mortar store and website with this key in mind.

At the center of every successful operation is a satisfied customer.

Keep customers satisfied and you definitely increase your chances of being successful.

Having your prize is a product of all the above  being applied to the daily actions of growing your business.

Incorporating systems into your business will bring unity required to run a business in today’s marketplace.

A well run business has state of the art technologies in many facets of the business.

Everything comes together incorporating th branding f your niche.

The television series shows what can occur with a visionary at the helm.

If you are having problems realizing your targets get back on track operating within simplicity.

Keeping things simple ensures duplicity of your purpose.

Take the time to incorporate a standard of high quality in your business model.

Quality incorporated into your operation is a very good thing.

Many of us do not have the business experience and acumen to run an operation that lives up to the targets we want.

Having your prize comes after the hard questions get answered that grow your business.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentst4you.biz




Our present time actions.


Present time actions will keep you operational if you pay attention to the signs of the times.

One of our greatest gifts is the ability to listen.

Of course it is true the more you listen the greater your chances to learn from the actions and experiences of others.

At dinner a conversation ensued about heirloom seeds, the ones you find that are not genetically engineered.

Governments of planet earth for some reason are attempting to sell a bill of goods that all food grown must be from GMO’ed seeds.

The attempt to control the food supply by government is a never ending battle.

We are told control is necessary to have the best quality food at the most reasonable price.

For those who grow their own food heirloom seeds unmodified are the way to go.

Our grocery stores are full of foods that have been genetically engineered.

There are some of us who want to live a quality of life available to those who understand the health benefits of nutritious foods.

The Western world is full of potentially deadly carcinogenic chemicals.

Your best chance to reduce potential risks of cancer is to cleanse toxins from the body on a regular basis.

Some of the avenues to eliminate toxins from the body are to fast when attacked by the pathogens of nature.

Two to three day fast are powerful adjuncts in halting or slowing the progression of diseases until they can be terminatedly resolved.

Purchase tea bags and drink green tea on a regular basis.

Boiling hot water and having a good cup of hot tea is another way of fighting the potential of cancer.

The soft drink version of green tea is not strong enough to substitute for the strength found in tea bags.

Also recommended are liquid vitamins to start on a healthy path.

A body under attack from gluten may not allow the absorption of nutrients from vitamin supplements and your food.

Starting your vitamin regimen with liquid vitamins is a good jumpstart to optimized health.

As gluten is reduced tablet forms of vitamins and supplements are easier absorbed.

The oral cavity is an expressway for bacteria and other pathogens to invade the body through your body fluids.

Make it a firm goal to keep your oral hygiene in check as you rid the body of toxins.

Make these your present time actions to protect your health and live up to your potential.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.,    http://www.dentist4you.biz




Quiet Storm


A sleeping giant lies within you known as your quiet storm.

Awaken this energy to realize your purpose and full potential.

Your purpose and potential are realized working with a sense of urgency to get things done.

Many roads are in front of the person striving for success.

On many occasions roads are traveled that lead you back to square one minus a portion of your hard earned pay.

To get on the correct path focus upon what you prefer to see materialize in your life.

What you prefer to see occur in life requires your undivided attention and nothing less.

Make it a vital priority to create the day you would like to see unfold upon arising each and every day.

Decide to make the difference with well thought out and written plans.

As an emergency dentist our dental office team performs with urgency on a daily basis.

The delivery of quality dental care is a team effort.

Plan in the worst and best of times to see  results from your efforts.

Marketing is an ongoing effort best done even if things are going well.

What goes up at some point has the potential to crash.

Make marketing a high priority to continue delivering services or products at a high level.

Procrastinated marketing campaigns interrupt the flow of  business.

Daily management of our preferences will accomplish targeted goals.

Take inventory of what has gone right  and build around this truth.

You reinforce this truth with systems that allow the initial harvest  of low hanging fruit.

Harvesting what is within your reach is not a bad idea.

Funds generated from this harvest create leverage for greater profitability with reach into your environment.

Proven systems improve your ability to reach out and attract what is desired.

Your quiet storm is a sense of urgency required for success.

Plans have been written, refined and in harmony with what you expect to see materialize from your efforts.

Operating from strategic planning in this manner is very smart work.

You may feel as though a lightening bolt super charged your operation working daily with a sense of urgency.

Dr. Frankenstein felt the power of success at the height of an electrical storm when he resurrected his mummy.

Move beyond your quiet storm working with a sense of urgency.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://dentist4you.biz




Life’s motivation is geared towards survival.

We are motivated in life to become successful for a number of reasons.

Survey those around you to understand the motivations of others in striving to achieve success.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

What motivates you to work beyond normal human capacity?

And, why does one chase success, when statistics tell us only a small percentage reach the top of the ladder? Success comes to us in varying degrees and is to be appreciated at whatever rung of the ladder you find yourself.

Friends surveyed stated that the following factors are foremost in their minds when discussing their pursuit of success.

1. Security.

2. To have the best life possible.

3. Pay bills on time.

4. Fulfill my dreams.

5. Fear of failure.

6. Travel at will, not tied to one location.

7. Solvency.

8. Peace of mind.

9. Helping others.

We all are worthy of success when we put the time in to achieve it.

The Webster dictionary defines success as one that succeeds, prospers, thrives, or flourishes.

The target for success is to attain a desired end. At the opposite end of the spectrum is failure.

Fear of failure attracts more fear thoughts and for that reason we are constantly told to remain positive.

For some fear motivates us to act, but the actions that are fear based will not be your most productive actions.

Your most productive actions come from the pursuit of your passions. There is great energy produced when you pursue a passion of life. You will enjoy what you do.

Pleasure performing tasks that you are passionate about find you better equipped to pull from your environment, the products that will create your dreams.

Ideas and resource people will appear as though they popped out of the woodwork, there all along, waiting for your discovery.

The person who is unable to find time to pursue their dream feels there is no time because they have not allowed their dream to become a priority in their life.

Take the time to survey others and add to the list above other motivations for life’s success.

Always find the time to pursue your most vital priorities of life.

They are the key building blocks to reach your dreams.

Stay motivated in life and pursue your dreams.

If life’s motivation is geared towards survival, your success will be found surviving at the level of abundance.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz







Our dental patients are requested to take a variety of supplements for adequate nutrition behind oral health.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

Patients that have come back to the dental office after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are well served when they are given information regarding anti-oxidant therapy.

I remember in biochemistry, the Krebs cycle, that demonstrated how the body takes in nutrients and breaks them down into simple sugars that form energy that allows our bodies to function.

The end product of that cycle is oxidation. Our bodies are fighting the process of oxidation throughout life. You can win the battle with anti-oxidant therapy.

Look at how metal breaks down when out in the weather with no protective layer to shield it from the process of oxidation. The metal  starts to rust when exposed to the elements.

Oxidation has a similar effect on the body. The process of oxidation if not countered with anti-oxidants will break down our cells. As the cells break down so do we.

Use anti-oxidant therapy to reduce the natural break down that occurs when we are not protected.

Vitamins A, E and C can help decrease the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments in eradication of cancer.

This anti-oxidant therapy does not effect the cancer therapies in a negative manner.

Anti-oxidant therapy may in fact potentiate the destruction of cancer cells.

Green tea4-5 cups per day has many proposed anti-cancer mechanisms. The tea has anti-oxidative reactions, enzyme activities, inhibition of lipid per oxidation, irradiation, inhibition of cellular proliferation, and anti-inflammatory activity.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is the most powerful anti-oxidant made by the body. It turns off bad genes, aging, and cancer.

On a recent radio program, KKFI, 90.1 FM, a commentary discussed one of the most sophisticated and most beneficial Eco-systems on the planet. Our rain forest in Brazil covers enough land mass to produce 20%  of the oxygen of planet earth.

Do not discount the potential for nutrition and oral health keeping our rain forest in tact.

Nutrition behind oral health is tied to good oxygen consumption.

Pharmaceutical and neutriceutical corporations use ingredients only found in the rain forest as basic compounds for their products.

Protection of our rain forest is vital to the overall health of the planet. Tribes having an intimate connection to the rain forest now use laptop computers and mobile phones to track those who destroy and pilfer the resources.

There are movements to protect large tracts of land in the rain forest for it’s survival.

Many of the areas in the rain forest remain virgin territories that have not been over farmed as the land masses in our urban areas.

Urban farms have long ago lost the mineral and nutrient content of the soil. The rain forest are rich in nutrients. For this reason you will continue to hear about discoveries of super plants coming to us from the rain forest.

Boost your immune system by taking on a regular basis quality supplements to boost your nutrition behind oral health.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.        http://dentist4you.biz