Creating in stillness, Fluidity Of Life.

Fluidity Of Life. Pic taken from Outlook Point Pursuing your desires.

There is an ebb and flow to our life cycles that change moment to moment, known as the fluidity of life.

Busy lifestyles require flexibility within the main scheme of things as your day unfolds.

The fluidity of life makes a profound statement you can adapt to presented problems and achieve the purpose of your day.

Targets well planned find us deviating at times from the best of plans.

In dentistry you will have a very narrow window of opportunity to win the confidence of patients in pain.

The patient has taken the first step to find a dentist in KC that will show compassion for their concerns.

Our schedule in the dental office changes according to the needs of the patients that are seen any given day.

A patient schedules for oral hygiene services requesting a routine dental cleaning.

During the examination, swelling is noted with sensitivity to percussion on a lower molar.

The patient has not been able to chew on the tooth for weeks.

Radiographs reveal a carious lesion has entered the pulp chamber.

The patient has been borrowing prescription medication from a relative to reduce discomfort.

It is best for the patient that we start a root canal to minimize future pain and suffering.

Oral hygiene visits are great times to help patients confront their unresolved dental concerns.

Patients with busy schedules appreciate the courtesy extended in the immediate resolution of  emergency dental care in KCMO.

Dental team members understand what must be done for the patient and shift gears to accommodate the additional time placed on the daily schedule.

Each hour has an emergency slot built into the schedule that keeps us within a reasonable time frame.

No one in this system will be kept waiting beyond what would be considered standard and customary.

A well run unit makes the transition like a finely tuned sports car moving from first to fifth gear not missing a beat.

Some call it rolling with the punches but no one likes being kicked or punched by life’s circumstances.

You win understanding life will throw you curves at times.

The fluidity of life keeps you in the game competing at a high level.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz


We Care

Abundant Treasure Our Life Experiences


Opportunities in our lean seasons are few and far between, leaving you with the feeling they are scarce in supply.

Their knock on your door becomes faint and difficult to grasp.

Pace yourself and operate in a peaceful environment when things become difficult.

Strong character enables you to remain opportunistic even in the most trying of times.

Make the most of the least to generate abundance.

Find a dentist in K.C. that can offer you alternative treatment plans to help you receive treatment.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

Opportunities are all around us easier found in the most favorable of circumstances.

They are also evident to individuals willing to look beyond their circumstances.

Many people will proclaim there has not been a lot to cheer about in the grip of a sluggish economy.

With the loss of so many jobs lives appear descending in a free fall with no end in sight.

Try as you may, it is extremely difficult to muster the energy to glide out of a free fall and land on your feet time and time again.

The cycles of life strengthen the character of those willing to evolve.

Strength of character is formed from the endurance of storms.

Pass the test and a leader is born.

You are living in a time that is testing the fiber and metal of a man or woman.

Mental toughness  is an attribute enabling you to progress in the direction of your goals.

Become opportunistic and life does not bypass you.

Not every season brings the Spring rain that nurtures crops.

All things are found to have their place in the perpetual universal display of life.

Make due where you are and have the initiative to take advantage of opportunities.

A biblical character known as Joshua came on the scene to take the leadership role of the Israelites.

Canaan of the bible later known as Israel, was scouted by men from Israel.

Most of the scouts returned with unfavorable reports there were giants in the land of Canaan.

Scouts also felt the size of the original inhabitants of the country caused feelings, “we are mere grasshoppers in the presence of these people.”

An opportunity was missed early on to occupy the land due to fear of the Israelites.

Allow the Creator of heaven and earth to make your paths straight when you are unable to see the final outcome.

Generate abundance by taking advantage of opportunities that come.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://dentist4you.biz

Reference: Life Application Bible





Oral medicine requires that you stop the bleeding to reduce the potential for shock.

Traumatic episodes present a number of problems for oral healthcare providers.

For the patient in crisis establish or identify there is a patent airway.

Find a dentist in K.C. trained to administer Basic Life Support.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

If the patient is not breathing start Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Support the circulation until paramedics arrive on the scene.

Daily business cycles in a constant state of crisis can look at the protocol followed by healthcare workers.

Confronting a patient with a medical emergency requires training and well thought out strategies long before the occurrence  of the emergency.

How often have you arrived at work and found the computer system has crashed?

Or a key staff member had a last minute family emergency.

There are daily situations that cost your firm dearly.

Good technical support for your computer system will get you back to a normal operating basis.

Staff understanding the basic steps of running their department can step in to keep vital actions from clogging and blocking progress.

Responding to emergencies of the day will keep you in the black.

Do daily what is required to remain successful.

Continue to apply what you learn and take in from the world.

A healthcare worker stops the bleeding with the application of pressure to the site of the problem.

Application of acquired knowledge will keep you in the game.

Have the resolve to make things go right each and every day.

To surrender to the difficulties of life is not an option.

Be prepared to give back a portion of what comes to you.

Take care for in times of adversity corporations trim the excess weight from their operations.

No sympathy is shown when a corporation is hemorrhaging cash due to a reduction in sales.

During times of crisis look for those that perform well under pressure.

These individuals have the most potential to stop the bleeding when a crisis blows through your firm.

We are no strangers to adversity and crisis management.

Handling fallout is a normal part of an up and coming operation.

Workers that sacrifice when the chips are down reap the rewards of success.

You stop the bleeding in your firm by staying a valuable asset able to handle the flow of difficult variables even in the worst of times.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.     http://dentist4you.biz






Adversity and destiny are connected to your degree of survival. 

Handle the adversity of life and you are that much closer to realizing your destiny.

Adversity for many exists as a normal operating state.

Claim your destiny for fortune and fame.

Resources will not be found lacking and are plentiful in supply.

Your talents and gifts are your greatest resources.

The person that develops and uses their gifts and talents is rich beyond measure.

Find a dentist in K.C. that uses their gifts and talents to handle your dental emergency.

At the heart of adversity is destitution, pain and suffering.

There are occasions in life where you are tried beyond what seems just and fair.

It’s as though lady justice has turned her back allowing life to do with us as it will.

We tire so easily when we receive and digest a steady diet of destitution and destruction.

Move beyond adversity with the energy of the Creator of heaven and earth.

His energy becomes your energy after applying the spiritual mandates found in the bible.

One of our most difficult task is going it alone.

Tremendous amounts of energy are needed to be superman on a daily basis.

Real people of power are empowered through the Creator of heaven and earth.

Travel above and beyond adversity and you claim your destiny.

Emotional states that can keep you progressing forward are required for true success.

Depression and anxiety may find you moving at a snail’s pace.

Stimulants only work in the short term and at some point crash the human system.

There is protection from the storms of adversity with true power in your life.

You become a very powerful being able to successfully apply your gifts and talents to the worst of conditions.

Things turn around in short measure revealing what may appear to some as a miracle.

Miracles happen in today’s world with true power.

So often we miss the simplistic things in life that we have found long ago to be true.

Turn around your own situation and you change the world.

Be the person that operates beyond adversity and destiny is a goal you can claim.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.      http://dentist4you.biz

Reference: Picture by Italian artist, Anastasiou Magdalini



Overcome the odds that delay your success.

Overcoming Odds


Overcoming odds is an ability you have within that can be developed to achieve your goals.

You have the ability within to overcome great odds.

To achieve your goals look beyond the difficulties of life.

Problems have a way of stacking up against us.

Playing the hand you are dealt is a good rule when playing a game of cards.

In the game of life defeat odds that stack up against you with a sound business plan.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

In the thirteenth century war plagued mankind similar to the atrocities of today’s modern warfare.

A warrior feared by all his enemies was the Great Genghis Khan, a Mongolian warlord.

In the ancient city of  Samarkand, Genghis Khan in 1220, laid waste to the city burning it to the ground, leaving it in rubble.

To his fellow countrymen he was likened to a George Washington, the father of Mongolia.

Study reveals the famous quote referring to the citizens of Samarkand dying at the hands of Genghis Khan’s armies, “Come sip from the cup of destruction”.

Yuri Buryakov, an Uzbek archeologist, is an authority on the fate of Samarkand, estimate the dead at 100,000. The city population was estimated at 200,000.

Genghis Khan has been called one who possesses great energy,  discernment, genius, understanding, awe – inspiring, a butcher, just, an over thrower of enemies,  and cruel to name a few of his character traits. Genghis died in August 1227, at the age of 60 years.

It is written in his epitaph he left to his clan a unified Mongolia and the most powerful army in the world at that time.

History tells us his warriors defeated armies much greater in number than his own.

He outmaneuvered his opponents to win many major battles.

The victor is not always the stronger opponent in a fight.

Show up in the work place, perform as a team and bring your A game.

You too can win battles looking beyond the circumstances of the present.

Strong teams unify the business that employ them making things better for the entire corporation.

To achieve your goals look beyond the present difficulties of life and defy all odds to succeed.

Overcoming odds allows the achievement of goals.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.     http://dentist4you.biz

Reference: National Geographic, Genghis Khan published 1996, by Mike Edwards.





Seeds of your prosperity have already been sown.

The preceding year found most struggling for survival.

Be proud of the fact you are still willing to play the game.

Find peace with your existing position and continue forward progress for success.

Find a dentist in K.C. that works from a position he/she is at peace.

A garden becomes a place of solitude in the still of the day.

There is peace in our gardens that become great fortresses when listening to the thoughts that format success.

A somber stroll and time taken to relax on a park bench in the shade of the day can clear the thickest of cob webs blocking your thoughts.

Great thoughts captured and acted upon, bring healing to the spirit as a gentle healing summer rain to a parched flower garden.

Both propagate life nourishing the reception of the gift.

We receive so many thoughts in a day they are usually taken for granted.

See thoughts for the value that they bring the recipient.

Flowers transform a garden into a place of splendor, providing value for all who cherish their form.

Thoughts are your stepping stones to a successful life.

Nurture them with conscious awareness of their presence and life transforms.

There is a transformation that occurs after a butterfly morphs from the laborious life of a caterpillar into effortless flight as a butterfly.

Even the butterfly has to crawl before he reaches his full potential.

Reach your full potential with daily conscious awareness of the valuable thoughts that come in the quiet, stillness of life.

Reflect on the previous year, focusing on all that has been positive and strengthen it.

Positive energy propels you to heights experienced like the effortless flight of the butterfly.

Concentrate on all that was positive and more positive actions will come to you.

Justifying our failures serve no purpose and is a waste of energy.

Take the necessary corrections  to get back on a correct path to avoid making the same mistakes.

Use energy wisely and you will be successful.

Continue to sow the seeds of prosperity and success is yours.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.     http://dentist4you.biz








Control your flow and more comes into your life.

What happens in your life is created by your actions.

Even a phone call made to a consultant directing your decisions is the result of your own actions.

There is a rhythm to life as everything flows in accordance with universal law.

All things become possible in a positive state of flow.

Keep momentum moving you towards the procurement of your goals.

Find a dentist in K.C. who is willing to include you as a part of his/her goals for the betterment of all mankind.

The ability to handle negativity demonstrates there is power in your life to overcome negative events.

Jamie Foxx is a stellar artist that performs with power.

You are powerful when performing effectively during your production cycle.

High energy levels are required to defeat negativity.

What you desire occurs as long as you hold the idea in your mind.

Overcoming negative events time after time, places you in a position to receive the fruit of your success.

Continue to grow regardless of adverse situations and you will not be denied success.

A major corporation had a no layoff policy in an attempt to keep morale high among their work force.

Pay cuts were taken across the board by management and all the other employees of the firm.

The current strategy to save the corporation, requested each employee voluntarily take off two weeks with no pay during the fiscal year.

John Doe was scheduled to take his earned two week paid vacation along with the mandatory agreed upon two weeks off with no pay.

John decided to use his time wisely, taking a class while off work for the thirty day period.

The class allowed him to start another income stream.

John was able to double his income for a job well done.

Fortunes have been made during times negative circumstances kept us away from our regular paths of production.

When adversity comes spend positive energy concentrating on what you can do to get back into a positive state of flow.

John Doe was fortunate to work for a progressive corporation that cared about their employees.

He found fortune taking advantage of the time off away from his job.

Getting down on yourself when things are out of sync will not help your cause.

You can control the flow of what comes into your life by handling adversity.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz














Take The Time To Care


Is Salsa your style?

Is Salsa a style of dance that you can move to?

It is a style of dance that you move to with unhinged hips and swaying shoulders, carumba!

One, two, three and four, one, two, three and four up two, three and four back two , three

and four. How do they do the hip release?

I’m in my hotel room moving to the beats of  salsa and meringue. The only problem I have

two left feet and not as fluid as the evening is going to call for. I’d just like to have fun and blend in. Everyone from 8 to 80 has this beat down and with a little patience I will too.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

Today’s itinerary calls for our dental delegation to deliver to a man toothpaste and toothbrushes for political prisoners. Good oral hygiene will reduce the need for dental emergencies.

Find a dentist in K.C. who can make a difference in the lives of others.

After touring pristine neighborhoods and experiencing some of the most exquisite dining in the world,  the fact remains we are in a communist country only 228 miles from Miami.

It appears President Castro’s strategy is to outproduce the economic embargo and tough times with a seven day work week.

The paper on my bed says Felice Navidad, 2004, and so it is as noted by the Park Central Hotel holiday decor. Walking around Park Central it seems to be business as usual. I see faces from all

over the world today. Cuba is all over the Internet as a place with old world charm. Havana is a seductive city.  There is no wonder why major American corporations poured money into this beautiful country.

Is it too early for mojitos? I bet Ernest Hemingway would not have asked this question.

He was well-known as a pacesetter here.

The day moves slowly as I anxiously anticipate the coming evening activities. As we approach evening, everyone gathers in the hotel lobby and board a bus for dinner.

After devouring a meal that was divine I made note of a ritual in Havana, Cohiba time.

Men order the finest scotch and wine that money can buy as they savor these precious cigars.

The restaurant is playing live music and it’s time to see if the salsa practice paid off. The lady in white blouse and tuxedo

trousers that delivered our table the most wonderful meal clasps her hands and moves to the salsa beat. During the meal she

had explained she is a dance instructor. She is moving like she invented the salsa,  pulling me up from the table.

To celebrate life through dance is one of the most exhilarating things the human spirit can experience. I feel the ebb and

flow of the salsa rhythm. The experienced band increases the tempo kicking the evening into high gear. As I look back upon that night, I’m not sure if I really grabbed a long stem rose from the vase on our table and held it between clenched teeth or

wished I had, but we really enjoyed the evening.

What is the dance of life? Living a life of fulfillment, willing to experience both the ups and downs of life. By statistical

analysis many people do not enjoy their 9-5 jobs. Find and pursue your passion. It may be doing those things that will

keep you progressing on your success journey, day by day, hour by hour. It could also consist of being able to observe

what is happening in nature and applying the principles that govern the universe within your own life. You must take action to change what you don’t want in your life or to attract what you do want. There has been a lot of buzz about the Law of Attraction within the last few years. This law is secondary to it’s parent law, the Law of Vibration. When playing the clarinet in high school orchestra class, I remember a percussionist striking a kettle drum and hearing a snare drum vibrate in

another part of the room. A frequency from the kettle drum caused a like frequency from the snare drum to resonate.

The dance instructor  at the restaurant pulled me up from a table of several guest – The Law of Vibration at work.

Even the wall flower sitting quietly enjoying the evening is dancing in their own mind. Regardless of whether they get

up to dance or not the person just may be mentally clenching the rose between their teeth. The mental connection can start the communication process. To many women the most attractive man in the room is the man who demonstrates kindness

throughout their evening. He’s the one that leaves the lasting impression. He knows how to grant beingness.

When they’re playing your favorite song and you really want to get to know the wall flower in your life just sit that one out and see what resonates between the two of you. When we dance from the imagination or connect on the floor the mind will see the two as the same. Just enjoy the moment.

The imagination is a powerful tool for manifesting what you want when your actions align with what you want in the

physical universe. Your actions must align with what you are asking. Albert Einstein stated, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

If you enjoy line dancing, you have a role to play. The same is true regarding a waltz or the fox trot. There is a rhythm to

dance, a flowing artistic expression, as well as a form of communication. Michael Jackson expressed, “I’m Bad” on the world stage. A ballet tells an intricate life story with dance.  Accept your ups and downs as part of life’s rhythm.

The dance of life is you finding your purpose in life. Plot a course through uncharted waters, boldly go where no

other man or woman has gone before. This is your time and it is never too late. The Bible says, “We are more than conquerors.” Opportunities always exist to achieve what you want from life, but you must be aware when they come.

When one door closes another will open. Be prepared to walk through. Like the dance we have a role to play in finding

our life purpose. In the song “The Rose” written by Bette Midler …..It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance. There are gifts and talents you possess that allow you to perform task as well or better than any other being on the planet.

If you haven’t discovered them yet start asking those who really know you what do they observe you doing that is done as well or better than any one else. There is a rhythm to life as is the ebb and flow of a river. Pace yourself for life is a marathon and come to the party to dance even if it’s just in your imagination.

The end result may astonish you.

Is Salsa your style? Live a life that is fulfilling and find your life purpose.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.