Color f success expanding horizons finding greatness.


Finding greatness is achieved in the stillness of man where common sense and the ability to reason are fused.

Achieving success has many components that come together at opportune times for those in pursuit of its fruit.

Decide to have success and embrace it as though a long lost friend has re-entered your life.

Live life long enough and you have an opportunity to grow from the birth pains of adversity.

Adversity knocks the toughest of opponents to their knees.

Win the battles of adversity with common sense and your ability to reason.

Rational thought defeats the embarrassment of getting lost in the struggle for survival where the lower conditions of life humble us all.

Pour enough attention on your purpose and things turn around in short order.

Finding greatness is built on righteous acts performed out of a desire to give your best.

Anything built on less than righteous acts is destined to fail when viewed over the long haul.

Look at the civilizations that have toppled throughout time because of this truth.

We are told there will always be wars and rumors of war.

If this is the case proven from history, man would be in a better position to deal with the stresses of life finding inner peace.

This is something a world that knows pain and suffering may not be able to give you.

Inner peace is neither given or taken by the world.

However it can be found in stillness.

Stillness has a way of introducing the calm of all things, the dismissal of chaos and confusion.

Do not underestimate the power of stillness.

If the enemy is encamped at your door, sit in stillness to formulate strategy for his defeat or your best plan of escape to fight another day.

Call upon greater minds to assist in the struggles of life.

There are always other options to consider in the heat of battle.

Fight if you must but maintain your inner peace.

You make better decisions after time is spent in stillness, thoughts have more clarity and align with your true purpose to succeed.

Finding greatness is defined after one is not defeated by the saber rattling of others.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.