Winners Engage Wisdom


Winners engage wisdom in pursuit of their goals.

True intelligence requires that wisdom be placed at the heart of solutions implemented in order to achieve success.

There are days we have very clever schemes in place to move a step ahead of the competition.

Your ability to design clever schemes is limited by your energy, daily outflow and reach into areas of profitability.

True wisdom comes to us from the highest power of all powers in the universe, the Creator of all things.

On many occasions we find ourselves praying and hoping things will get better.

Your surroundings improve to the degree wisdom is applied to the circumstances that appear to be blocking and impeding progress.

The Bioneers had a radio segment that discussed the nature of war this morning and the impact of war on warriors who are able to return home and reflect upon the atrocities of its aftermath.

A psychologist in treating Vietnam war veterans for post traumatic stress disorder, discussed taking  soldiers back to the scene of conflict to confront their demons and those effected by the campaigns of war.

Statements were made what countries spend on their war machines.

Take all of the countries in the world and combine the totals of their war chest.

Multiply that figure times three to understand  what America spends on its war chest.

The psychologist along with his group of veterans toured Vietnam with deep and painful remorse.

A remaining member of the My Lai Vietnam massacre met the soldiers at her village.

Now an aging woman, a soldier asked if she would ever be able to forgive for the horrendous atrocities inflicted upon her people.

With a humble spirit the woman told the soldier it was her duty to not only forgive the soldier but to wish him peace so that he could heal.

People of Vietnam wanted Americans and other world leaders to not forget what occurred in Vietnam because of war.

In this way mankind may find a way to diffuse the time bombs of future conflicts.

Vietnam shows how war inflicted upon their country has caused a profound effect upon the earth and world as a whole.

We should all find ways to use wisdom to improve the lives of those we connect with wherever they may be found.

Winners engage wisdom to better their own life and the lives of others.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Reference: Radio Program “The Bioneers”,

My Lai Vietnam Massacre



Forgiveness for success will free you  to untie the bindings of those who have wronged you.

Forgiving others will free energy to pursue your most vital priorities in life.

Acquire the peace that surpasses all understanding granted by the Creator of heaven and earth.

The Creator’s model of forgiveness can be followed for success in your personal and business endeavors.

Forgive others as he forgives you and receive universal blessings.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

The dental office is an interesting place to learn lessons in life.

On a day to day basis, patient by patient, with good chair side manner,


we on many days perform miraculous transformations of the smile. With dental implants we can restore a patient’s ability to chew and

function from a dental health point of view. But what about the difficult case scenario. Every case that we have the

opportunity to treat, has problems within that case that must be overcome when neglect has gone on for many years. The bite relationship may have collapsed requiring additional procedures to get it opened and re-balanced.

Funding may be limited which causes additional concerns. Your treatment plan A, the best plan for the diagnosis you

spend so much time creating is out of reach financially. Your treatment plans B and C are functional but a distant

second and third to what you really want to provide for your patients. Do you let your patient’s insurance carrier dictate

your level of care?

Mrs. X came into my office one day carrying a shopping bag, clutched as though all her best jewelry was inside the bag.

I greeted Mrs. X with my best chair side manner. She says, “I came to see you because I understand, you are good at what

you do. I need new dentures.” After a comprehensive dental examination and radiography, I explain due to attrition of the

mandible, implants will be required to help secure her lower denture. An all on 4 technique is suggested. (4 implants as support for the lower prosthesis). It’s been five years since her last set of dentures were made. Because of poor bone support,

pain at the area of the mental foramen, mental nerve compression, must also be considered as an intervening variable.

The teeth are worn on the denture bases and at minimum, new dentures were needed. The patient comes back from the finance officer and says, “There’s no way I’m paying that kind of money for teeth, I’m eighty years old.”

She is willing to proceed with a new set of dentures. Three weeks later the patient leaves with her new dentures. She comes

back the next day for a twenty-four hour adjustment session to keep the dentures comfortable. After a friendly greeting,

I asked how she was getting along with the new set of dentures. The patient gripping her shopping bag, opened it to show me

several sets of teeth, including the most recent set.  After multiple adjustment appointments and soft liners to keep her

comfortable, I am still waiting for permission to upgrade her case with implants.

The case created a sense of false guilt that I could have done more for the patient under the circumstances. Any form of

guilt can place you in a state of bondage where you feel beholden to the patient. As caregivers we have to remember to

firmly hold that post so that the best possible care can be rendered to our patients. Even under the most ideal circumstances

we may not be able to accomplish one hundred percent of the projected end product for the patient.

I once heard dentistry, psychiatry, and police work were the three highest professions for suicide. Working within

the mental health field while employed at a mental health center, these comments were passed on through our staff.

When I went on line to research this, I could only find a website that reported the following; The Straight Dope, a quote from

Steven Stack that says, “Dentists odds of suicide ” are 6.64 times greater than the rest of the working population…..

The website also indicates that male physicians and dentists both are well above average for suicide rates among American

workers. From content written by Jennifer Salerno 2004, suicide took the lives of 30,622 people.  In 2001 55% of all

suicides that were committed involved the use of firearms. In 2002 132,353 people were hospitalized following suicide attempts. Of the 132,353 people hospitalized, 116,639 were treated in emergency departments and released.

The problems stated were related to stress, confusion, and depression.

People trying to handle everything on their own become at risk. Those of us who confine our time to very small spaces,

the oral cavity, in the case of the dentist, must be very careful to get away from this environment to re-energize.

Working within confined spaces may create an introvert within you. Because the dentist enjoys helping others, he may not

feel that the stress is coming from his willingness to help others as he dives into difficult case after case, losing a part of himself along the way. Over time the introversion is allowed to layer, accumulating like a snowball gaining momentum.

Do not cut yourself off from the stimulation and consultation feedback of other like health care professionals.

Some treatment plans for our patients, require multiple consultations from specialist in our field and other health care disciplines.

Your goal should be for fulfillment in your chosen profession in life, to stay healthy mentally and remain grounded.

If you don’t stay grounded, circumstances that come like a thief in the night, will rob you of your fulfillment and joy.

You may find an impending  divorce on the court docket. Or you just quit your job because you ran into a few difficult treatment plans that did not work out for the patient. We must stop beating ourselves up when we have done our very best.  Stay involved in civic endeavors to avoid the withdrawal that is possible here. The introvert  may not be in a healthy

mental state.

At whatever level in life you are, you must continue to confront life. Even a skid row bum has to confront life at that level to survive.

In the Universal Law of Forgiveness, you do not allow the past to influence you. As Eckart Tolle states we must live in the moment. Learn from past mistakes and move on. If you were emotionally scarred, don’t allow the scars to continue to make you live as though you are still being scarred in the present. Forgive others that have wronged you and don’t forget to forgive yourself.

If your fulfillment does not hinge on life’s circumstances, then you are free to grow to reach your maximum  potential.

Focus on helping others in areas away from your work environment. Many doctors in our profession are accused of being introverts.

We stay in our work places with minimal contact regarding our community. Sow seeds to benefit others.

 Realize that a part of success is knowing your purpose in life.

Having a clear picture of what your success looks like when you get there will help you accomplish this goal. 

Obtain the right principles for getting you there.

An important key to a successful journey is sacrifice. Most of us have  abundantly sacrificed.

A mistake often made is thinking success is due to genius or some magic formula.

Neither is it wealth, they are two entirely different areas.

As you pursue success, have a clear conscience.

This will make you more powerful, as the Bible says, a light to those around you.

You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Don’t forget, you are good at what you do!

Forgiving others will free energy to pursue your most vital priorities in life.

Forgiveness for success unties the bindings of those who have wronged you.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.