Gift of Compassion


You will help many people through your gift of compassion.

Many years have passed since our dental team launched the opening of a dental clinic

in Dimona, Israel.

As project director of an international endeavor, alliances with great people and foreign cultures become learning experiences.

A KC dentist traveled to the Middle East to deliver emergency dental care.

Our gifts to others will be some of our greatest achievements.

At a high level positive energy is received by the giver above and beyond the energy expended.

Giving your all to a project speaks volumes about the man or woman involved.

Selfless acts of kindness never go unnoticed by observers of the act.

Our dental team has traveled great distances to deliver dental services to those left out of the world healthcare system.

It is not difficult finding ways to express compassion from your chosen niche.

The gift of compassion is an undercurrent that runs deep within most of us unleashed to help others.

Video clips on television programs tug at our heartstrings to give or lend a helping hand.

Empathy bonds you to those in need.

From your perspective after feeling empathy, compassion compels you to action.

Greatness is displayed by the individual who takes the time to give in this manner.

A strong desire to help is expressed during the outpouring of compassion.

You may understand the pain of another, but forming an action plan to ease pain and suffering in the world reveals a higher purpose.

Be thankful for programs of an altruistic nature where professionals and lay personnel come together to deliver goods and services to others.

Your desire to help comes from your gift of compassion with  strong desires to make a difference in the lives of others.

Helping others in this manner also helps you as well.

The goodwill given comes back to you increasing your energy and reach for what you desire.

Continue to lend a helping hand and the hand you extend passes a baton to someone in turn who passes it on to another.

Find the time to be a part of the process that builds a better world through your gift of compassion.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





In the profession of Dentistry the gift of compassion is a great asset when treating patients who have been stressed from pain and suffering related to toothaches.

Many people develop the gift of compassion and use it to make the world a better place.

What can you bring to life’s table that will help illuminate the darkness?

I’ve listened to a lot of stories over the years and find we all have a story to tell. Our stories tell the world that it is known there is a purpose to my life. We start to realize there is more to life than pain and suffering.

This realization will free you to pursue your life purpose.

A lot of the stories told are full of pain and heartache. Listening to the stories of others has a lot to do with what I write about today.

Compassion is defined as having empathy for others. It is having a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. Read Galatians chapter five, to better understand the fruits of the spirit. To know and use them will build your character.

To do your best when working with the public requires some level of patience and compassion.

Compassion allows you to go out of your way to help others. People that are compassionate are caring and giving, willing to help others.

In the field of Dentistry this is a great gift to have. Your patients will have great affinity for you.

You don’t even have to advertise a gift. Gifts are our outpourings of who we really are. They come with love connected to them.

Continue to acknowledge blessings that come to you as gifts from the spiritual side of life.

Use your gifts to help others in order to ease the pain and suffering of the daily grind.

The man/woman who shows compassion to the world will also display kindness and patience.

Gifts resonate with what is good in our world. When you pursue your life purpose, a good place to start your pursuit is from a position that allows you to operate using your gifts.

The public will know the individual who shows compassion and will continue to come back to his door. There is nothing you need to do to display a gift. It will surface in it’s true form time after time as a part of you.

Listen to the comments from the public to realize how powerful a gift truly is. You will know and sense if the gift of compassion is a part of you.

Use the gift of compassion to help others who in turn will help you.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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