Receiving and giving your all


Pouring yourself into project after project will find you giving your all to what may not always be the most important things of life.

The daily grind has a way of introducing you to what some call diminishing returns.

It becomes difficult at times focusing on the same events of work day after day.

Hard work is rewarding in itself if you can see the fruit of your labor.

Dentists are known for working hard and must remember why they labor the way they do.

Forsaking family and friends cost us dearly in the chase for wealth and riches.

It is well documented men are known to reach their potential at a graying, mature age.

Maybe this is one reason young women find mature men attractive  because of their resources and ability to focus on what is important.

Holding on to material things start to lose their luster after the discovery of what really matters.

Hopefully the family neglected remains a glimmer in the eye of the workaholic who pours possessions on his loved ones instead of quality time spent enjoying quality time while health is stable.

In the best of times giving your all can be balanced to receive the emotional support and strength of your family.

We are told life is short so don’t waste precious years building your castle with loved ones watching from a remote location.

Castles take time to build and may be found to be cold and empty of love if no one is around to enjoy it with you.

Loved ones have a way of decorating castles with the spoils of campaigns from time well spent pillaging shopping malls of other cultures and countries.

Trophies of war should deck the halls where your Juliet or Sir Lance-a lot earned them honestly.

What a thrill to look at a trophy of war and remember how and where it was achieved.

The victors of spoils long remember the blood and guts from a game won on your turf or the enemies they come up against.

They are not so easily remembered from the hearsay and gossip of others who discuss why you weren’t there to witness the victory.

Don’t be like the son of Marcus Aurelius, emperor of Rome in the movie “Gladiator” who arrived at the battle front after years of war with Germania, asking, “have I missed the battle?”

Make your treaties with whom you must but remember home is where the heart is today and tomorrow built up like the castle walls that protect your kingdom.

Giving your all on occasion is fine as long as the most important people in your life are not forgotten.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



World Series Brand Giving Your All

Giving Your All

Keep your head up and when the chips are down giving your all is a good plan.

There are those among us with backs against the wall capable of doing some of their very best work.

Intense efforts applied to a given situation provide your best chances for success.

Success at times eludes the most hopeful of individuals climbing mountains in pursuit of summits.

Even obstacle courses are overcome with proper planning and knowledge of the course you run.

Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run and you take the phrase ‘if  I’m successful’ out of the equation.

If I can, becomes yes I can with knowledge of where you are going.

We know where we are going if we have been to that destination at another point in time.

The poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling  expresses the sincerity of a man who keeps his head when all about him are losing theirs and looking for someone to blame.

Giving your all does not have to be solely on your personal efforts.

It is fine to step up onto the shoulders of others to view what is not in plain site.

Work for what you want with burning desire and you become an unstoppable force acting as though you already have your prize.

Giving your all makes a statement I’m here for the long haul.

No matter how hard you try you can’t stop me now, is a state of mind.

It is also the name of a song from the seventies.

Emergency dental care KC has been a special effort on our attempt to cover a segment of marketing by our dental team.

It has been understood for some time we are not able to handle all aspects of a marketing campaign.

The sooner we turned over certain specialty aspects of our marketing scheme, the greater our level of success.

For those who must go it alone to market their services, you can hold the fort for a while, but going it alone can cost you dearly.

Ask yourself the question, what is your time worth?

Time is our most precious commodity. Use it well and you win.

Giving your all is your best chance at success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Remain a friend to those you care about.

Celebrations of Life. Love Completes. Giving Your All.

Giving your all to important projects will keep you in the winner’s circle of life.

The important things we do demand our full attention and without it won’t yield the desired results.

A winning attitude is shown in your ability to stay the course, aggressively challenging the obstacles in front of you.

No one intentionally gets up in the morning and admits I’m going to fail today.

Intentional living requires that you meet challenges head on with a burning desire to win.

Winners are capable of bringing about a desired effect after giving their all.

You may not be able to win every race but you’ll win the respect of teammates and colleagues with a winning attitude.

A positive spirit is contagious and sure to spread like wildfire if you’ll eliminate thoughts of negativity.

Negative thinking is a sure way to tread in the opposite direction of where you would like to go.

Look at the TV series “Shark Tank ” on NBC.

Guests come on the show and make appeals to the sharks for investment in their business proposals.

The sharks listen to the proposals and tear apart ideas presented by the guests.

If you were a guest on the show poise and sincerity would be good starting points.

Next consider a high level of planning that would easily sell your product or business idea.

Sound business proposals with good potential return on investment are considered by the sharks who are very successful business people.

Many of the proposals lack the mass marketing muscle needed that make ideas go viral.

Good ideas with marketing help are good money makers.

Presenters with definiteness of purpose and good ideas are listened to by the sharks.

Some of the positive ideas that have the potential to make money, pass the crucial grilling of the sharks.

You may find yourself forming a partnership with one of the sharks if you answer questions in a satisfactory manner.

Marketing, sales and distribution are what take products to the next level of business which is profitability.

Connect your future to the present with definiteness of purpose after giving your all.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.