Helping others to find their way through the storms that life brings.

Time after time, individuals too numerous to mention, have stepped forward and given me wise counsel.

For that shared wisdom, I am truly thankful.

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Life has a way of hardening the heart of the person that has weathered too many storms alone.

Have you ever observed a person that you know, who severs communication with friends and relatives, deciding he/she can go it alone?

The statement, “no man is an island,” is very true. We are connected and need the support of others to survive in this world.

Survival may come in simply motivating one person to motivate one other person who motivates the next person and so on.

We all are called upon to hold life’s fort on occasion and get the job done alone. This is a holding action to keep your finger in the dike until assistance arrives.

For some of us assistance comes with expensive price tags. When assistance is not affordable, a wilderness journey may find you wandering and in search of an oasis.

Our searches for rest stops in the wilderness will yield results, if we keep looking for the help of others.

Remember the universe is in a state of expansion. In expansion there is abundance.

Seek abundance and you will find abundance. Listening to the tape in your head that keeps rewinding the statement, “whoa is me,” creates the lack in our lives.

The equation of life must be balanced to achieve that which you seek.

In chemistry, a compound that changes in it’s composition, transforms from one energy source to another.

Water subjected to cold enough temperatures is caused to freeze. The electrons and neutrons of the composition, change from one side of the equation to the other. The energy of the system transforms.

The number of electrons and neutrons in the system do not change. They move from one side of the equation to the other as the composition of the compound changes.

Transform the negative condition of a life situation to a more positive state, and you balance the equation of the life form.

Add the ingredient, helping others, and you transform an unstable, unbalanced life force, into a stable, productive state with increased energy to win in life.

Give assistance to others and you help to balance the life of another.

You only have to help one person who in turn helps another, and you start the chain reaction that helps all of mankind.

Helping others to find their way through the storms of life and we all win.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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The ability to help others allows us to receive what we are needing to further our purpose.

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Dentists relieve pain and suffering on a daily basis. It is expected of us in our profession.

Many professionals are very compassionate about what they do in selling goods and services to the public.

There is a warm and secure feeling in knowing that you have done your very best to help others.

During the times that you help others is when you are also helping yourself. When you extend a helping hand, the law of Attraction will draw like energy and people to aid you in your endeavor.

Some of my most successful ventures have been during times that I have reached out to help.

Try to remember a time that you extended a helping hand and was rewarded by the love of the person or persons that you were willing to assist. In my own mind I went to help for the greater good but instead received more benefit in the form of peace and solitude from the willingness to assist.

It is in your willingness with proper actions taken, that you can accomplish greatness. At times we look around for someone great to accomplish a task at hand. The willingness of the person to help is what allows greatness.

I can remember times that I have gotten involved in projects because of an idea in my head something needs to be done about a certain situation in the world or community where I live. You look around for leadership.

If the idea is originated by you, then look for ways to see that the project gets done.

Fear keeps us from the greatness that allows us to help. Projects just don’t get done when we live in fear that we might fail. Be a risk taker and get involved in projects that can help others.

In your times of turmoil and struggle, it’s difficult to focus on the main priorities of your own life.

An interesting thing about helping others, you will be energized by your actions taken to help.

Not only will it make you feel better in general, but you will walk away from those efforts to help with a greater focus on your own problems.

During counseling sessions a client could be told to go for a walk and come back to finish the counseling session. The client could re-focus on his problem with greater awareness.

In a storm on the sea you hunker down, batten down the hatches, and ride out the storm. Your view of your surroundings is very limited. The storm may block your focus, navigation through the storm, leaving you shipped wrecked on the rocks.

When we are in a helping mode, it’s like your days are filled with rays of sunshine. You see better. There’s spring in your step. You start to wonder where did the new found energy come from?

To get what you want, help others to get what they want. The helpful sharing pulls the person behind you, up the mountain to assist your climb to the top.

We are all connected on the journey through life and helping others is a great way to help you achieve success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.    http//