Wisdom Teeth Problems Replacement With Dental Implants


Tooth replacement with dental implants will take you as close to natural teeth as possible.

Removable dentures have been fabricated in our niche emergency dental care KC for a number of years.

In our dental office a KC dentist disseminates the truth about dentures.

Dentures on many occasions will provide a very pleasing look for patients to face the public.

Not everyone wears dentures successfully thus a better and more stable option would be overdentures that attach to dental implants for stability and comfort.

Stability and comfort are not always available for full dentures with minimal support  of the remaining hard and soft tissues.

You are also able to drastically reduce the amount of acrylic that is part of the denture base.

Removing or reducing large amounts of the acrylic base make the denture more stable and much more comfortable as an overdenture.

The main reasons dentures are made is because of a desire to restore patients’ chewing  capability and potential to regain their smile.

The natural teeth when functioning properly can provide 100% chewing effectiveness.

Dentures on the other hand  have approximately a 25% chewing effectiveness if compared to the natural teeth anchored in bone.

Replacement with dental implants gets you as close to natural teeth as possible.

Dental patients are told tooth loss equates to bone loss.

This information is documented throughout literature informing patients this is why bone must be preserved if at all possible.

At the point dental implants are placed the bone stabilizes as though the natural teeth have been placed back into the jawbone.

Dental implants and natural teeth are different in relation to how they function in the jawbone.

The natural tooth has a shock absorber system because of the sling that connects it to the bone, known as the periodontal ligament.

Implants are embedded in bone without this sling effect and the shock absorbency of the ligament making it rigid with less flexibility.

Implants and natural teeth have different physiology, the main reason when restoring the mouth, dentists connect implants with implants and natural teeth with natural teeth.

This keeps the system of oral reconstruction a very viable restoration of the mouth.

Problems are limited not tying implants to natural teeth.

Replacement with dental implants isolate problems, changing out dental implant connectors if like systems are not intermingled, mixing natural teeth with dental implants.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.