Finding a way to survive the times.


There are those who are good at findng your way in the worst of times.

Take note of these individuals and learn from them.

Look upon them as the opinion leaders of the day.

Opinion leaders can be called upon to show the way.

You will see no matter the niche we all have struggled along the way at

some point.

You arrive at work daily and place the largest dent possible in the workload of your day.

Take care not to stay in life’s ruts where the priorities of the day get shuffled to the bottom of  the to do list.

Handle the priorities of the day so that finding your away becomes a part of your daily routine.

Dentists find themselves in the business of contract procurement filling out lengthy applications to get in the graces of dental insurance carriers.

Employers shop for their employee benefits, changing dental carriers approximately every five years.

The dental industry stays in a state of flux because of this particular situation.

Keep in mind any business has fixed cost attached to the service that you deliver.

A profit is made somewhere between fixed cost and the flow of patients you are able to generate daily.

It is no easy job balancing what is loss and that which you gain to remain a solvent business concern.

In your own business out think the various ways you can have a continuous flow within your own operation.

Finding your way to survive the tough times will keep you digging for the gold that lies at your feet.

It remains only a thought and actionable step away.

The intentions that we pour our hearts and souls into eventually become the fruit of our labor.

Pick the lowest hanging fruit to start the flow but the sweetest berries glisten in the sun at the very top.

Greater rewards await those who understand the sales process and are willing to reap a bountiful harvest after

the crop is ready to be harvested.

Crops don’t wait on the harvester. They are best harvested when ripened in their own time.

Like the farmer that tills the soil and plants seed, we too pour ourselves into the work that we do daily.

Honest labor where seeds have been sown do yield productive crops.

Finding your way to survive is out thinking the variables that limit our ability to be successful.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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Sectioning problematic teeth


Sectioning problematic teeth facilitates their removal.

During the consultation appointment with a dental patient, decisions are made to do in house oral surgery or refer to a specialist.

Patients that come into dental offices have a wide variety of options regarding oral surgery.

Dental insurance benefits allow patients the option of general anesthesia for difficult surgery cases.

Patients without dental insurance may qualify to receive treatment in county hospitals at a reduced rate.

Neighborhood dental facilities subsidized by our tax dollars have a sliding fee scale charging patients according to their ability to pay.

A large segment of dental patients enter dental clinics, from the heart and soul of the American workforce.

These patients come for emergency dental care. They have chronic high pain levels usually putting off treatment for weeks at a time.

General practitioners make treatment decisions based upon what is best for the patient.

Patients unable to afford the services of oral surgeons become problematic for several reasons.

Pain medication and antibiotics have greatly reduced pain and suffering. They only help up to a point.

Sectioning problematic teeth facilitates their removal. Teeth have degrees of difficulty. Those with a high degree of difficulty are the best candidates for referral to oral surgeons.

Regarding discomfort associated with mandibular wisdom teeth, the upper wisdom tooth is easier to remove when erupted.

It takes pressure off the lower wisdom tooth providing relief to the patient.

Patents may also benefit from the removal of a portion of the tooth from the alveolar socket, another way of relieving pressure until the oral surgeon is seen.

Another technique is to remove pulp tissue as a temporary procedure when patients are suffering.

Patients are encouraged to receive routine dental care on a regular basis to avoid the possibility of interim or temporary procedures.

You will find patients requesting intermediary procedures after being up all night unable to sleep because of high pain levels.

Waiting until the 9th hour creates more problems for the dental patient.

These problems are resolved like problems being looked upon as knots in a ball of twine where each knot sista as a problem.

Dentists treat daily the problems that occur because of the patient’s level of procrastination regarding pventative dentistry.

Patients are surprised by the high level of comfort experienced in the process of their dental treatment.

One way to treat high pain levels is sectioning  problematic teeth.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.









KC Dentist marketing his practice.


A KC dentist for the past 35 years has given quality service to areas surrounding Kansas City.

Caring for others has become a lifelong mission, giving back to those who appreciate the services you render.

Our lives are all connected in one way or another.

Keep patients plugged into your program delivering what they want and desire.

The public helps to keep you in business purchasing your goods and services.

You help the public adding value to their lives after using your goods and services.

Emergency dental care KC is a niche full of caring dentists.

Patients select a dental office or any other business based on your availability, ease of access, location, hours of operation and affinity for your marketing campaign.

Answer the question are you running effective marketing campaigns that make your phone ring?

Improve the overall condition of your business with a strong marketing campaign.

You build excitement if campaigns you are running make your phone ring.

It is also a good indicator your marketing program is effective

Marketers who can make your phone ring are very valuable to our firm.

On a few occasions plans have been purchased with no noticeable results.

Hot buttons pressed by the marketer will be effective with definitive calls to action.

If your promo materials are not effective, get a consult from a design team known for their high level of confront and expertise in marketing.

Wasting finance, missing the buttons that must be pressed for success, are mistakes that can be corrected.

Not spending dollars to market your business may keep you spinning your wheels  getting nowhere fast.

Make your first action the promotion of your business if revenues are low.

Promotion is the first action of a business in financial trouble.

The news is full of reports showing the merger of two major corporations.

One of our oldest transportation systems, the railroad found merger to be a survival tactic making two railway carriers more powerful.

Today the railroad remains a formidable foe in transportation.

Promotion furthers your progress or reach into your environment.

Actively promoting your business places you in a position to increase your market share.

Small businesses become greater after increasing their market share.

Technology is continually upgraded or replaced but like the railroad you can remain effective through promotion.

A KC dentist has stayed in business because it is understood there is a need to promote for survival.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Gift of Compassion


You will help many people through your gift of compassion.

Many years have passed since our dental team launched the opening of a dental clinic

in Dimona, Israel.

As project director of an international endeavor, alliances with great people and foreign cultures become learning experiences.

A KC dentist traveled to the Middle East to deliver emergency dental care.

Our gifts to others will be some of our greatest achievements.

At a high level positive energy is received by the giver above and beyond the energy expended.

Giving your all to a project speaks volumes about the man or woman involved.

Selfless acts of kindness never go unnoticed by observers of the act.

Our dental team has traveled great distances to deliver dental services to those left out of the world healthcare system.

It is not difficult finding ways to express compassion from your chosen niche.

The gift of compassion is an undercurrent that runs deep within most of us unleashed to help others.

Video clips on television programs tug at our heartstrings to give or lend a helping hand.

Empathy bonds you to those in need.

From your perspective after feeling empathy, compassion compels you to action.

Greatness is displayed by the individual who takes the time to give in this manner.

A strong desire to help is expressed during the outpouring of compassion.

You may understand the pain of another, but forming an action plan to ease pain and suffering in the world reveals a higher purpose.

Be thankful for programs of an altruistic nature where professionals and lay personnel come together to deliver goods and services to others.

Your desire to help comes from your gift of compassion with  strong desires to make a difference in the lives of others.

Helping others in this manner also helps you as well.

The goodwill given comes back to you increasing your energy and reach for what you desire.

Continue to lend a helping hand and the hand you extend passes a baton to someone in turn who passes it on to another.

Find the time to be a part of the process that builds a better world through your gift of compassion.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




World Series Brand Giving Your All Believe In Yourself Operating Inbounds


Quality athletes learn to play their various sporting events operating inbounds.

Sporting events at the professional and college level feature very serious, committed athletes,

willing to give their best during competition.

Life played as a game has rules that must be learned to succeed.

Watch professional athletes practice their skill sets before game day.

To stay sharp, drills in practice are necessary to harmonize as a cohesive unit.

Basketball stars shoot high percentage shots because of drills.

Baseball players groove their swings to connect with 100 mile per hour fast balls.

Strategy changes in the game according to what play is needed at a particular point in the game.

Drills add rhythm to your game, allowing participants greater chance to succeed.

Stay in rhythm and what you do is executed at a high level, allowing quality contribution to the overall team effort.

A golfer hits hundreds of shots on the practice range to keep operating inbounds where the game is played.

Business staff who fine tune their sales presentations build confidence anticipating responses from potential clients.

Over the course of my dental career, very seasoned and knowledgeable sales teams have helped our dental team to climb the corporate ladder.

Dentistry is a profession driven by technology of the day.

Patients appreciate coming to the office of a KC dentist who has taken the time to have on hand solutions to their dental needs.

Like any other business, dentists bring on board what appears to be the best technology which has the capacity to solve a real time problem.

Good products don’t sell themselves, professionals with good systems backing their products sell what is presented.

Corporations with top notch sales teams, exuding confidence keep their feet in the door.

Confidence comes from performing drills similar to a professional athlete.

See the various components of the sale coming together like the fabrication of a building.

Simple designs on paper may be all required to visualize what a particular client requires in closing a deal.

Your client expects professionalism and value added features from you as the presenter.

Deliver what is wanted and needed by the client to seal the deal.

Digital presentations give you an edge because of their interactive format and impressive state-of-the-art style.

Your presentation with digital media backs up verbal statements in a professional manner.

Play by the rules operating inbounds to provide clients the very best you have to offer.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Black coral Diving


Black coral diving was observed in Jamaica by very skilled swimmers, diving to a depth of 60 – 80 feet.

Our dental team practices in Kansas City rendering dental care near Brookside.

A get-a-way in Jamaica is just the thing to refresh and change the scenery for a KC dentist.

Vendors on the island were selling a precious commodity that aroused my curiosity.

Black coral is harvested and cut to make tiny ornaments and jewelry.

From a small motorboat, a man treading water was holding a burlap bag about to take another plunge for what some call black gold.

No scuba gear was noted on his person or in the boat.

Divers make their way to the bottom and scurry back to the surface for air.

It takes years of conditioning to swim to a depth where there is black coral without oxygen tanks, weights, or a rubber suit.

If you’ve ever considered buying pieces of jewelry made from black coral, buy from a dealer that can verify the product and its quality.

The material is very light weight, shaped by artist laboring to suit your fancy.

Some forms are in shallow water, an inexpensive version readily available on Florida’s beaches.

More expensive black coral grows in deep water and is heavily regulated by authorities.

Small pieces purchased from divers in this manner are precious because of the story behind the pieces you buy.

Antipatharians grow in shady or dark habitats anchored to hard substrata. They are believed to grow very slowly.

One Jamaican study indicates most exploratory dives were carried out at sites on the north coast of Jamaica and at depths of less than 40 meters.

It is likely that additional species may be found with more intensive and deeper exploration.

One table noted the highest species richness was entirely located beneath a large overhang, dimly lit, but exposed to long-shore currents. Low light intensity appears to be a common feature of antipatharian habitats, suggesting negative phototaxis at settlement.

Black coral diving appeared a dangerous endeavor for the men risking life and limb.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.






Best days of your life come from making things go right in spite of negative circumstances and life’s intervening variables.

Make things go right on any given day and you will discover this can be done at will if you so choose, at work or at play.

Great expectations say to the world you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

Daily task that are difficult make or break the peace within you.

Allow things to go right with sincere planning and maximum confront of your activity.

You keep your peace overcoming the obstacles of the day.

My niche is emergency dental care KC, and very thankful when we get our day to flow like a page out of a well written novel.

The best days of your life may not make you stand up each day and do a happy dance but you will feel at peace with yourself and the world.

There is a good feeling deep within the man/woman who can find a way to make things go right.

Take the time to do your very best and your best becomes your calling card.

You won’t have to say, world  look at me see what a great job I’ve done.

Your work speaks volumes about who you are in the workplace.

One of the hardest disciplines KC dentists perform is the surgical extraction of semi-impacted and fully impacted teeth.

Portions of the teeth are hidden beneath the gum and bone level.

Radiographs taken reveal the position of impacted teeth.

CAT scans give a 3 dimensional view of an area to also determine the positions of the mandibular and inferior alveolar nerves.

Successful completion of difficult tasks will definitely make your day.

The fulfillment of a task at work or at play is centered in the successful completion of that task.

Have you ever wondered why employees stay on a job for 30 years yet hate the job?

Summation says the paycheck is the major reason. Everyone has a need to pay bills and survive.

The job that you perform each and every day can be one of fulfillment.

Successful completion of task is fulfillment, plain and simple.

This is true in my niche and it is hoped you have found this to be true for yourself as well.

Work becomes an opportunity instead of the burdensome chore found to be true for the masses.

May the best days of your life be found in fulfillment because you have done your best.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Work With Certainty

Keep Goals In Focus Work With Certainty

Work with authority and make sound decisions that achieve your success.

Power to determine how things are done can be controlled by you if  a conscious decision is made to get organized.

Realize your potential in the organization of activities that generate your income.

Income does not always flow easily for those just getting by each day.

Move beyond just getting by taking the time to collect and organize your thoughts.

The things we do at work daily in many instances are done second nature.

Operating with priorities in the background keep them there until we dial them up.

Keep them vital priorities with conscious thought on what you do each day.

It’s not what we know but in reality what we do with our time each day.

Money is made paying attention to details, not over doing it but spending adequate time organizing and refining what you do.

Ask a KC dentist in the niche emergency dental care KC, dental services over the past several years have been placed in a pencil sharper and fine tuned into a well crafted instrument.

The instrumentation of a dental office requires multiple set-ups over several disciplines.

There is duplication in tray set=ups for simplicity.

Treatment set-up on one occasion disrupted hourly production because of a busy day.

Because a tray was not ready to treat the next patient, several trips were made to central supply to locate desired instruments to complete the dental procedure.

Dis-organization will rob energy, keep staff frustrated and cost you your most valuable commodity, time.

Simple solution, place an index card on file so anyone can build a tray to treat a patient no matter the area of service rendered.

On occasion someone may be pulled off post for whatever reason.

It will cost you dearly if you are caught off guard and not ready for the unexpected .

What is unexpected does not get planned into your day.

Be willing to work with authority and plan for the unexpected.

You improve your ability to produce income planning in this manner.

Start a steady flow of income closing this gap in your delivery system.

There is a rule in business the number of times a thing is done provides a degree of certainty in doing it over and over again.

Work with authority and you influence others to help you achieve the most vital priorities of your business.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Staying Focused Getting It Done Positive Thinking


Positive thinking generates the energy of success.

Your desire to be successful is connected to the positive energy you are able to build.

Building positive energy takes you on the greatest of journeys.

Visit a construction site and review the plans of the building under construction.

The construction general contractor  plans each phase of construction.

Completion of targets is the structure of achievement.

The stability of the building is based on site preparation for placement of the footings and foundation.

Although they are placed below the surface of the ground they are structurally well planned to support the entire building.

Arrive at a well planned destination with the energy of positive thinking.

This is how the big game is won, our plans when well written achieve the end result of those plans.

Ask a KC dentist, the actions taken along the course in pursuit of your destination can be the most rewarding.

A dental office can be a great place to test the effectiveness of the projects you write and plan for your success.

Our initial starting point was emergency dental care KC, where high energy created our level of success.

Goals are accomplished from the completion of targets.

Targets are the mental building blocks that get your projects completed.

It becomes very difficult to complete projects without the formulation of targets, the specific actions that complete what we do.

Place yourself at the construction site and become a construction boss when you plan.

Professional consultations unblock energy flows that impede your progress.

Similar to problems at the construction site stopping progress, specialists give you direction to continue your progress.

You as well will experience problems threatening your ability to finish on or before time when dealing with a major project..

Construction bosses call in specialists if a shelf of rock must be blasted away or if an underground stream is found.

Unforeseen problems are a part of the majority of projects.

Use positive thinking to come up with solutions when progress is blocked or energy is impeded.

Do what it takes to remove what is blocking your progress.

Believe in your own ability to achieve your goals.

If you run into problems do not miss opportunities to seek the services of specialists, willing and able to keep your business moving in the right direction.

What stops most of us are the thoughts of fear projected from our imagination.

The negative thoughts of fear from the imagination should be identified simply as what they are, thoughts, defeated with the energy of positive thinking.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Beyond Mediocrity Invest In Yourself

Healthy Teeth and Gums Required at this Table
Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself and you’ll find it to be one of your most important actions.

Life moves at a very rapid pace.

There is so much to get done on any given day, unless you are Houdini, some projects get dropped along the way.

While planning and prioritizing the events of life, do not forget to spend quality time with pad and pencil making a definitive blueprint of what you would like to see materialize for the self.

We give a large piece of ourselves to our jobs, family and friends.

When do you take the time to schedule some quality time and map out what you would really like to do?

Those who read our posts understand the importance of a Visual Board.

From it you see in front of you life’s dreams you would like to attract into your private world.

Not everyone is attracted to materialism so don’t mistake a Visual Board as your private world locked in on things.

Build the board with an element of what you would want for your inner circle, the people you love and those who love you.

The board takes on a new character when it is built from love. It creates a visionary within you capable of great plans and action steps.

Through emergency dental care KC, a KC dentist was allowed to re-invent himself.

Always be thankful for the job or post you have been entrusted to hold.

If the job is not your final destination spend some quality time and make an appointment with yourself to improve self.

Start by visualizing where you see yourself in life and make the game getting there in a loving and caring manner.

Where at one point a house pasted on your board was just a picture, it becomes transformed into a home.

Start to see and sense yourself living in the home, feeling the warmth of a sun drenched morning bathing you while sipping coffee or tea in your sunroom.

See the scenery of nature with an expanse that paints a beautiful flower garden or woods in your backdrop.

Transform pictures that you are willing to step into that depict the real you.

Action steps to this transformation are ready to act upon receiving this vision if the mind is made to believe it is true.

No one has to settle for where they are right now unless this is where you want to be.

A good case can always be made for you to invest in yourself.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.