Mobile friendly websites


My site is and we are getting bombarded with all types of marketing information from search engine optimization companies reminding us as of April 21st, 2015, your website must be one of the mobile friendly sites to continue to rank.

In a dental office your dental team helps to keep marketing ideas and concepts up to date.

We have checked our site in Google’s mobile checker and are found to be mobile friendly.

Our dental team uses state of the art dental procedures to resolve the majority of problems that come our way.

Pain and suffering is a common occurrence in our niche but there are other forms of suffering of a mental variety that must be handled as well.

Web designers, developers and webmasters have been warned because of the last big update implemented by Google.

Bing and Yahoo appear to use the same search engine so Google is still a force to be reckoned with on the Internet.

Since the implementation of our blog several years ago, it seems the learning curb has taken off like a rocket ship.

Stay knowledgeable to move in the correct direction after updates of this nature.

Depend on others to keep you relevant on the world wide web, but study and learn for yourself what must be done to stay visible in your niche.

Traffic is always desired because it pays your bills and search engine optimization done well keeps you visible.

It’s a beautiful thing when the phone rings in our dental office because we took the time to give serious thought to our marketing plan.

In your plan is the continuous update of your website, the true definition of a weblog also known as a blog.

Blogs are a fun way to disseminate the information and content you resonate and want people who come to your site to view.

To keep clients and potential clients interested in what we do requires a good balance of helpful information.

It seems the more we give good service or information to others, we place ourselves in a position to receive the seeds sown that grow and become good fruit to be harvested and used to further your purpose.

Many niches are very competitive because of the sheer numbers of businesses looking for viable success.

In reality you are not in competition with those on the web. You are more so in competition with yourself.

Figure this concept out to work for you and win in the marketing game.

Those who play golf receive a handicap to allow play of the game with more skilled players.

You find in amateur golf tournaments with a handicapping system, play within your ability and you remain competitive.

On the worldwide web remain conscious moment by moment to win the personal battle with all the existing concepts like having  mobile friendly sites.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.