Dental pain episodes. Clean up after antibiotics


Your infection has been managed and now it’s time to clean up after antibiotics.

Antibiotics run their coarse killing bugs causing infection and normal body flora as well.

Healthcare providers are using more caution in the prescribing of antibiotics.

One reason discussed is the side effects from these anti-infective medications.

Shotgun regimens were overused in hopes of reducing the spread of infection.

Use an antibiotic long enough and eventually it becomes less effective.

Pathogens have been around for eons and find a way to survive the best of regimens.

Lactobacillus cultures replace what anti-infective medication destroys in the digestive tract.

A healthy gut is a balance between normal levels of flora and pathogens that grow out of control.

Keep flora under control and patients feel much better, returning to health.

There are landmines in health that should be avoided to optimize your body’s nutrition.

Avoid smoking, refined processed sugar, artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame, poor nutrition and greatly reduce the ingestion of carbonated beverages.

Refined processed sugar feeds certain pathogens.

One that comes to mind is cancer which thrives in the presence os sugar.

A rapidly spreading pathogen is the fungal/yeast complex, very difficult to treat if the patient does not participate in a sugar detoxification process.

Patients who greatly reduce their intake of sugar are in a better position to overcome this dangerous complex.

Normal gut and body flora in general began to return to normal limits by control of sugar ingestion and a good diet.

It amazes patients how difficult it can be to clean up after antibiotics.

For this reason healthcare practitioners are rethinking how to dispense antibiotics to treat various infections.

More waiting periods to see if infection will subside after the extraction of teeth.

These are decisions made by healthcare practitioners and not the patient.

Major concerns remain where patients take the medication of friends and relatives trying to help.

Drug allergies are a major concern, no monitoring of the drug is done.

Patients taking medication prescribed to another patient may create circumstances where too potent a drug is administered.

We caution patients against taking the medication of someone else.

Taken in the wrong strength may not help resolve the problem but only mask it from the view of other practitioners.

Young people attempting to save a few dollars place themselves at risk for a number of problems, allergic reactions being one of them.

Clean up after antibiotics is a first step on the road back to health.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Lecture Dr Wallach Boosting immunity


We have entered the season where boosting immunity should be a primary objective.

It has been documented the flu shot only gives immunity for a very small fraction of the viral pathogens that cause the common cold.

There are thousands of viral strains that will not be touched by the contents of a flu shot.

Many of us touch the lives of countless citizens in our communities.

A first line of defense should be a quality vitamin regimen taken daily.

Receive optimal amounts of water daily, consuming approximately

half of your body weight in fluid ounces.

Your vitamin should contain enough supplements and minerals to avoid nutritional deficiency diseases.

As a general rule take the essential nutrients that your body does not manufacture.

Discuss with your physician where you can substitute anti-inflammatories such as steroids for natural products from natural sources.

Steroids subdue your immune system leaving you open to infection.

Boosting immunity starts with rebuilding the tissues of the body getting them healthy to ward off attack from disease and infections.

Understand the role of gluten in the digestive tract. Pay close attention to skin rashes as signs your nutrition may not be optimized.

You can’t absorb nutrients if the digestive tract is clogged with gluten.

Stressed are the products to avoid made from wheat, barley, or oats that fill our grocery stores.

There are a number of reasons to go on a gluten free diet but first and foremost it can be a great adjunct to help patients absorb their nutrients.

Liquid vitamins are easily absorbed in comparison to pill type vitamins.

As a dentist it is highly recommended to not ingest sugar before bedtime.

Mineral deficiencies are the quickest way to gain weight.

Optimal nutrition requires a healthy range of weight on your frame.

Exercise and watching in-between meal treats cannot be over emphasized as positive regimens to adopt at any time of the year.

Boosting immunity is a matter of treating nutritional deficiency diseases.

From our dental clinic a tour is highly recommended in Whole Food Grocers, that addresses foods that are anti-inflammatory.

Reducing inflammation is another way to boost immunity.

Google foods that are anti-inflammatory to get a handle on this. You will also see a list of foods that are not healthy for you causing inflammation.

Knowing your body produces no minerals helps in planning a healthy supplement program.

Boosting immunity is a game plan for healthy living throughout the lifespan of the patient.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Not giving up with the will of champions.


The will of champions is within each and every one of us and can be summoned with keen attention upon your individual priorities in life.

The Kansas City Royals had a mission statement expressed in their 2015 spring training camp stating we are going back to the Word Series to win.

In the 2014 World Series game 7 was played and not decided until the final out of the 9th inning with a man stranded on 3rd base for the Royals.

Look at the past eleven months in a glance and tell yourself if it was successful or a bust.

Success is not always a matter of dollars collected.

Did you achieve your written goals?

Was there ice broken and cleared out of the way to start you moving in a positive direction?

Money targets are but one aspect of a successful business operation.

A lot of bracing and structural support is involved in the infra-structure for financial success.

The will of champions was displayed by the KC Royals fighting back when the world thought they were beaten and ready in some games for the final count.

No knockout blows were taken or accepted by the Royals in their season or post season run.

Some sports casters did not give them their just dues until they won the World Series.

After wanting to appear in the World Series in 2014, the appearance showed they were worthy to return if they could and win.

Throughout the 150 days after their series appearance, not many felt the team could return.

They had a good team but sports announcers and broadcasters said it would be very difficult for lightening and luck to strike the same team in two consecutive years.

You find in the will of champions that special quality where the heart and soul of a team takes center stage.

Our dental team has taken to heart this life lesson from the KC Royals and applying it to our particular situations in a dental clinic.

Instead of baseball gloves we wear latex or nitrile to get the job done.

Our tools are not bats or baseballs but the tools of our trade just as effective at getting the job done.

Determination to provide the best dental experience a patient can have is our goal.

We can’t steal bases but will allow you to steal our hearts for a moment as we pour love and kindness into every dental procedure while you are under our care.

We are winners each and every one with hearts of gold when it comes to our KC Royals baseball team because we have been shown the will of champions.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



New Year's Transition Practice Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine takes its rightful place alongside what most of us refer to as traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine also known as modern medicine will always be called upon to treat the very acute and chronic illnesses that threaten the daily lives of mankind.

There is a television program that features the wild country of Alaska where man has sought refuge for years out in the open spaces where man is pitted against nature.

Sustenance is either grown by the families featured on these programs or shot out in the wild and carried back to the homestead as provisions for the harsh, blizzard conditions of winter.

Gathering meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, firewood and caring for livestock appears a never ending job.

The skill sets of the modern day adventurers make a body wonder how the rest of us would fare out in the wild under similar situations?

You witness on the program natural childbirth that has been going on since the beginning of time.

Many of our forefathers came into the world in like fashion outside the sterile walls of hospitals.

If a survival mode became a necessity, forcing us to venture into the wild for a period of time, one of my resources would be a book of herbal preparations from A to Z.

Cultures that live off the land have been known to be some of the oldest people on the planet.

Knowing what grows in the vicinity where you reside would be an important observation to make.

You may become known for your ability to heal others with the sprigs, twigs, roots and flowers all around us of medicinal value.

During childhood the canning process was well observed, watching my mother and grandmother preserving fruit and vegetable combinations for the coming winter months.

Having a root cellar and cupboard full of canned goods is a very secure feeling.

A milking cow or two would not be a bad idea as well for making cream, butter, milk and ice cream.

Chickens for eggs and fresh meat would not be a bad idea while on the subject.

Well thought out plans of this nature empower you to become an ultimate survivalist.

Somewhere in my all terrain vehicle, a sterile bag would be prepped similar to packs used performing emergency dental care in KCMO.

Alongside my herbal preparations book would also be an encyclopedia of treatment modalities in holistic health.

The strength of the family unit as witnessed in the program on families in Alaska, would benefit from the practice of herbal medicine.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.