Teeth decay for several reasons, all of which will diminish your ability to chew certain foods.

Teeth decay for many reasons


In our modern world processed foods only rule the day if healthier

choices are not an option.

Farmer’s markets are available all over America.

Whole food grocers stock organic food items for greater nutrition choices.

You will find sugar in its various forms in many of our large super markets.

Starches and carbohydrates also contain certain types of sugar.

High cavity rates are usually the result of a diet high in sugar content.

Some of our most favorite beverages, soda pop, coffee, baby formula and others will surprise you regarding their

high sugar content.

Patients are informed to wean themselves from drinks with a high sugar content.

To date science has documented the inflammatory processes in our bodies that result from sugar intoxication.

Skin lesions, heart problems, diabetes, yeast and fungal infections, cancer and the disease of the century

Alzhiemers, are some of the major players in the oxidative process that causes havoc in our bodies.

Let’s face it we have a hard time giving up our sweet treats that are capable of killing us.

Our bodies are designed to process certain ranges of sugar consumption.

Make your life an easier one by keeping sugar in its proper perspective.

Enjoy sugary foods in moderation.

Sodas contain phosphoric acid, therefore after consuming, wait a minimum of one hour to brush.

The phosphoric acid breaks down tooth enamel thus softening your teeth.

By waiting one hour to brush the teeth are not as vulnerable to the acid attack from the soda.

Simply rinsing the mouth immediately after ingestion of sugary foods and drinks reduces the risks of the tooth decay


Cancer is fed by the unhealthy consumption of too much sugar.

A great treatment fighter to reduce your chances of cancer is the cessation of sugar ingestion.

When healthcare teams pound this point home, those extra servings of sweet treats can be bypassed with the greatest of ease.

Restoration of the mouth is best viewed through the eyes of those who teach and practice preventative oral medicine.

Oral medicine is best practiced with knowledge teeth decay because of sugary foods.

In fact the entire body is under attack in a state of disease because of excess sugar ingestion.

You can return your body to a state of health drastically cutting back on sugary foods.

The body, your temple for life, will thank you.

Teeth decay because of sugar addiction, that can be treated with drastic reduction in its consumption.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz

Reference: info@thetruthaboutcancer.com




Not giving up with the will of champions.


The will of champions is within each and every one of us and can be summoned with keen attention upon your individual priorities in life.

The Kansas City Royals had a mission statement expressed in their 2015 spring training camp stating we are going back to the Word Series to win.

In the 2014 World Series game 7 was played and not decided until the final out of the 9th inning with a man stranded on 3rd base for the Royals.

Look at the past eleven months in a glance and tell yourself if it was successful or a bust.

Success is not always a matter of dollars collected.

Did you achieve your written goals?

Was there ice broken and cleared out of the way to start you moving in a positive direction?

Money targets are but one aspect of a successful business operation.

A lot of bracing and structural support is involved in the infra-structure for financial success.

The will of champions was displayed by the KC Royals fighting back when the world thought they were beaten and ready in some games for the final count.

No knockout blows were taken or accepted by the Royals in their season or post season run.

Some sports casters did not give them their just dues until they won the World Series.

After wanting to appear in the World Series in 2014, the appearance showed they were worthy to return if they could and win.

Throughout the 150 days after their series appearance, not many felt the team could return.

They had a good team but sports announcers and broadcasters said it would be very difficult for lightening and luck to strike the same team in two consecutive years.

You find in the will of champions that special quality where the heart and soul of a team takes center stage.

Our dental team has taken to heart this life lesson from the KC Royals and applying it to our particular situations in a dental clinic.

Instead of baseball gloves we wear latex or nitrile to get the job done.

Our tools are not bats or baseballs but the tools of our trade just as effective at getting the job done.

Determination to provide the best dental experience a patient can have is our goal.

We can’t steal bases but will allow you to steal our hearts for a moment as we pour love and kindness into every dental procedure while you are under our care.

We are winners each and every one with hearts of gold when it comes to our KC Royals baseball team because we have been shown the will of champions.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.  http://www.dentist4you.biz

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