WE CARE Savvy periodontal health is a must for the patient willing to hold the gains from periodontal therapy. Coming from a dental visit at the office of my periodontist, results of the visit are very positive. The patient’s role is to come to an appointment with positive energy and listen to the direction of the […]


WE CARE Business battlefields exposes the weak points in your operation. Know the strengths of your business concern to minimize its weaknesses. You overcome your weak points by concentrating on the business strong points. There is a war out here that must be won by overcoming insurmountable odds. I render emergency dental care in Kansas […]

CARING FOR YOUR ORAL HEALTH         WE CARE Caring for your oral health requires regular dental check-ups and a solid, consistent homecare program.   Good oral health does not just mean you have a “great smile” or “pretty teeth”.  Your whole mouth needs care to be in good health.  The word “oral” refers to the mouth, which includes your […]