Science behind accomplisment of goals helps you to attain the goal.

There is a science to accomplishing our goals that is specific and measurable.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

Empirical science is based on observable phenomena and capable of being tested to duplicate the results over and over again.

Our goals achieved create the lifestyle that we want to live.

For that reason it is important that they are written.

When our goals are in writing, their written form can be looked upon as a tool. Goals that stay in your head as thoughts are difficult to manifest into the physical universe. A tool can be manipulated and handled to help you further your purpose.

Our goals should be specific and measurable. When science is applied to achieving your goal you have a better chance of realizing the end product.

Survey your clients so that it is known what they want in order to find their need and fill it. After the survey reveals what is needed design your marketing campaign from the results of your survey.

When my dental office has a new product that we want to market to our patients, before the product is launched, a marketing campaign is created for the new product.

In writing we project the number of promotion pieces or emails that it will take to accomplish our goal. The promotion pieces go out. If 1,000 promotion pieces go out, we expect a 3-5% response.  When the response is below what is projected, the promo piece is re-evaluated. If the promo piece is not the problem, a second mailing is done. Each mailing is monitored in written form. The second response is compared to the first response. Graphs compare the results. You can keep the monitoring simple and assign it to a staff member so that it gets done. This takes the guess work out of what is and what is not working when we have a product launch.

The results are charted on a graph daily when  cash flow is below incoming accounts payable. Daily monitoring allows you to impact on the bottom line of your campaign in real time.

When cash flow is above accounts payable, weekly monitoring is done. The plan is to create the campaign with specific actions that will cause results on the graph to  rise because of the specific actions.

When you see the results start to rise on the graph find out what created the rise and re-enforce it to keep the results improving. Improvement may come as a result of extending your hours during the product launch.

If results go down on the graph, find the reason for the decrease and counter it to get results to increase. To counter the decrease, increase your mailing or give an offer on the promo that is wanted and needed from information from your survey.

When you have knowledge based on observable facts you can accomplish your goals with results that are specific and measurable.

Learn the science behind accomplishment of goals.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.