Staying The Course

Highs and lows of life. Pic taken from Outlook Point . Staying The Course.

Staying the course is a matter of choice made by the business owner willing to commit time to their plan.

Travel to the destination of your choosing  and at some point someone took the time to make a decision how to arrive at the location.

Remote locations even call for additional planning connecting various modes of transportation.

For the majority of people schedules must be in sync with those you depend upon to safely travel.

A television program comes to mind “River Monsters”.

In each episode the hunter of unique species of fish travels the world’s rivers in search of his prey.

No river is too desolate and language barriers are overcome with interpreters and area guides.

The avid sportsman has landed some of the most amazing specimens lurking in rivers and lakes.

The show will hold your interest because of the hunter’s passion for fishing and excitement to see a project through to the end.

Communication and awareness of danger in what he does is key in hunting big game.

First actions noted arriving at a new locale, is to survey village fisherman about myths of the prey he stalks.

You soon find out watching the show, there are predators that keep you on the lookout.

Hiring someone to help who is not afraid of the monsters is also a very good idea.

Your monsters lurking in the shadows of life must also be overcome in the same manner as the fisherman bagging his most worthy prize.

In a similar manner you overcome what is unseen with a good game plan implemented with savvy to reach a determined end point.

Interview who you must but bagging big game is a team sport.

At the most basic level of confront a good system always seemed instrumental in completion of his task, to land the monster.

His system may be the proper bait desired or state of the art fishing gear that is dependable under pressure.

After hours dental care works for a KC dentist because of a system in place that causes the phone to ring.

Patients seeking our dental services call because of perceived notions our dental team is experienced and able to resolve their pain issues.

In your business the phone rings or shopping carts increase sales,with attention to details.

List the top 5 things that are holding you back in present time.

Prioritize them and start with the most vital outpoint in your operation.

Define it out as though nothing is known to date about its existence.

You get in communication with what is needed to create improvement step by step.

In short order, the same way brush damming up a creek is removed bit by bit, you find yourself causing a flow downstream.

Staying the course requires proper planning and a mindset I can and will achieve my goals.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Implement Your Plans By Staying the Course.

Implement Your Plans By Staying the Course.

Believe you are worthy by staying the course in pursuit of your goals.

Your greatest challenge in pursuit of goals is a lack of focus upon what you want to see manifest from your personal efforts.

Personal efforts will only take you to a point in travel along life’s journey.

Life’s circumstances have the potential of placing us in our own way as we pursue  goals.

You get out of the way with conscious decisions implemented daily.

Implementation daily, calls for proper planning and the wisdom to delegate effectively.

If you are stuck in a rut and not progressing, take a strong look at what has not been implemented in reference to your most vital priorities.

Debug your ability to implement vital priorities and you win.

The flow of life brings April’s showers and the snowstorms of winter’s icy embrace.

Embrace them both but choose what you would like to see occur from your choice.

The choice must align with what you have identified as your major goals.

You regain the ability to focus believing you are worthy of the goals you are claiming as your destiny.

Living life to the fullest demands we balance our lives to include the mundane as well as the most vital priorities of life.

We play a game of numbers that don’t always stack up in our favor.

Some of your most valuable wins will come after you stop focusing on money and refocus on delivering a better service to your clients.

We sometimes take the financial side of life in our reach and grip it so tight that life seems to leave the very project we are wanting to improve.

Ease the strangle hold placed on what you desire and you start to see a good positive flow.

Staying the course is doable with the choices you make in alignment with your most vital prioritized goals.

Follow the compass of your destiny and you will not be defeated.

Do not allow defeat to find you sleeping while there is work to be done.

Staying the course requires a commitment to implement what you perceive as your most vital prioritized goals.

From the Diary of my enlightenment.

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





A ship maneuvers through tempest raging, staying on course to arrive at the final destination. 

Become aware of life’s dangers and pitfalls to overcome the storms that roll in from beyond the horizon.

Keep busy and you will survive what comes in the wake of storms.

Find a dentist in K.C. that takes the time to handle your dental emergency.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

The man or woman working down in the trenches improves their existing condition learning how to handle negativity.

You turn negativity around with positive thoughts and actions.

Believe your situation will turn around in your favor and things start to change.

It is not necessary to understand how the turn around will occur.

Simply believe and you will achieve.

Stay faithful to your cause for the procurement of change.

The universe is not working against you in spite of all you’ve gone through.

Keep your head above water and the tide will turn to your favor.

Many workers have been forced off the job due to cutbacks in production.

It is most difficult to be out of work for very long in these harsh economic conditions.

The worker and those connected to the worker feel the pain and suffering of doing without the most bare necessities of life.

Layoffs can come to anyone in the world corporate structure.

Proper planning can ease your pain if you are to become a victim.

Activists are warning us to have in our pantries a year’s supply of can goods and fresh water.

There is a security factor in knowing you can feed your family in times of famine.

Famines in the land are not in short supply.

Vegetable gardens grown in pots or small plots of land are also advisable.

Time off can be valuable when it is used wisely.

Keep your energy level high with a regular exercise program.

Life does not always make sense after the receipt of bad news.

You do the best that you can to provide a good service or product to your firm.

Even in the worst of storms there are still preparation steps that can be taken.

Prepare for your storms by staying the course.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.