Stress during holidays can be managed and overcome with realistic expectations.

Happy holidays to all, as I make a toast this evening to a bright and joyful, spirit filled season.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

Dentistry is booming right before the holidays.

We get a rush of new patients wanting their smiles in tip top shape for the holiday parties and coming festivities.

I remember that success comes from the thoughts that come to us day by day.

In my gratitude journal I am writing how I am deeply grateful time has been allowed to post content on a regular basis.

The gratitude journal has been a source of reflection about days gone by with thanksgiving.

To express gratitude on a regular basis is like celebrating Thanksgiving over  and over again.

The holiday, Thanksgiving, is my favorite. In the Midwest on most occasions , the weather is great for visiting relatives. Folks come in from out of town on this day.

Christmas in the Midwest has found us buried in a snow storm or it’s remnants. Bad weather makes it a bit more tedious to travel within the city. Mature relatives stay home for fear of injury from potential falls.

I’ve already started to listen to Christmas songs on the radio. A fire is lit in my fireplace and I am at peace.

The holidays for many become a very stressful period that is avoided for a number of reasons.

The person who goes into grief around the holiday season may be trapped in the past unable to let go of a loved one. Loneliness will be their enemy for the holiday season.

There may even be the family member who does not come around because of childhood memories, where the family member was teased by other members of the family.

We know to stay in touch with the grieving member of our family throughout the year. This allows you to minister to them without the appearance we only care during the holidays. The unspoken thought may be, “where were you throughout the year?”

In some families, teasing is looked upon as  endearment. I’ve heard the statement expressed by others, “if I didn’t care I wouldn’t tease.” For many adults even at a mature age teasing is not acceptable.

Teasing demoralizes it’s victim and diminishes the teaser as well.

So hey, if you’re listening this is the season to be kind to friends and relatives.

Think about what stresses your friends and family members so everyone can be included in our holiday celebrations.

Happy holidays to all!

Manage stress during holidays.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.