When we love no one loses and everyone wins.

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us.

We give honor to our loved ones remembering the spirit of their presence as they touched our lives.

Their precious memories remain a part of us through videos, pictures, and their written words.

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There is a warm, wonderful feeling that comes over us when we have received and given love to those no longer here.

Time spent on my grandparents farms in the summertime will always allow me to glow and bask in the spirit of their love.

Rural life was full of abundance for a child tasting and enjoying it’s fruit.

Day by day unfolded new opportunities allowing the chance to appreciate all that life availed.

Many of our finer qualities are formed when life is simple.

The complexities that life brings tend to hide the excitement of celestial bodies streaking across a star lite sky.

The same is true as we interact with our fellowman.

In the bible we are told to simply love one another.

Fear, mistrust, jealously, envy, hate–the base emotions are allowed to get in the way of the biblical mandate to simply love one another.

In counseling sessions, I’ve seen and heard clients cry a river of tears.

Tears formed from the lack of love in a world where cruelty has become a way of life.

The true treatment prescription to stop the flow of tears was and  still is love.

Fortifications are placed around the lives of those with a broken heart.

Not many experience the kind of love that heals and soothes the tears that flow.

There’s more prescriptions written in America for anxiety than any other country on the face of the earth.

Where a majority of base emotions exist, pain is at the floodgate ready to rush into the life of one who is unsuspecting, like a flash flood after a heavy spring rain.

Many ailments cease or are reduced in a loving caring environment.

The Creator of heaven and earth is love.

Love is a force in the universe that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Realize the value you bring to the world by using love as your measuring stick.

Love will propel you to the highest heights. The person that gives and receives love is an unstoppable force that will not be denied what is justly due.

If you are having problems accomplishing your goals, take time out and write a love letter to the most important person you know.

Include in the letter the following;

Gratitude, because it allows you to appreciate what you already have and where you are at this moment.

Be willing to help others get what they want. This pushes you up the success ladder faster than you can climb on your own.

Use self love to better understand what you outflow to the world.

This determines what comes back to you.

A healthy love of self attracts similar beings on the planet.

Unleash the energy of love to launch your success.

When we love the most powerful energy in the universe is yours, use it and you will be successful.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz







When we love we are able to experience the joy that life has to offer.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

It has been a joy working in the field of Dentistry for many years.

There have been some beautiful people placed in my path that have made me a better person just by knowing them.

People talk about giving flowers to the living.

I would like to think along life’s path, flowers have been given by me as well.

The people that are appreciated the most are those who stand by us in the difficult and the tough times.

Life is given to us so that we can care and share with others. With love in your heart you express to the world your true purpose, as mandated by our Creator to love one another.

The expression of love is noted throughout creation. You can’t help but notice the setting sun leaving a majestic display of gold, purple, red and silver in the sky as it disappears for the evening.

Only love could have formed the color scheme of the tropics for us to enjoy on a day by day basis.

We get away from our mundane routines just to cheer up in the bright sun and splashes of vibrant colors in the tropics.

The true nature of man is to love and be loved. For we are at our best when we love.

What is love?

Love is an intense feeling that you want to share with others. I’ve heard it said to know love you must also know it’s opposite.

The opposite of love is the pain and suffering brought on by the down times of our lives.

The Universal Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposing member. It takes positive ions and negative ions to keep our cells in atomic balance otherwise we would fly apart and no longer exist.

There is a magnetism between men and women that propagates our species. The next time your mate decides to fly off the handle, give them room and the opportunity to collect themselves. Attempting to engage in an argument with someone who is not in the room is a waste of time.

Your true creative power is born within the limitless boundaries of love. The person in love can accomplish the miracles of life.

If you truly want to succeed in life love yourself and those around you. Your energy will go through the roof.

One of the main reasons we do not achieve a higher level of success  is due to the lack of love.

Many of us complicate our lives when we do not express or receive love.

During times that we meditate we open channels to receive and be loved. It is an important step to your success.

Prayer links you to the highest power in the universe our Creator who is pure love.

When we love we are connected to the most high power of powers, the Creator of heaven and earth.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.     http://dentist4you.biz