Outstanding finish for UConn200px-MAN_Atlante_fronte_1040572 coach Kevin Ollie winning the NCAA championship.

Gayle King, interviewed Kevin Ollie on CBS This Morning.

There will always be people in your field that are more talented, highly motivated, and willing to place everything on the line to be successful.

Kevin Ollie over a 13 year career in the NBA has shown hard work will always keep you in the game.

Develop a winning attitude and decide to compete working hard at what you do like UConn coach Kevin Ollie.

In the transcript from CBS News , Gayle King asked Mr. Ollie what’s his formula for success?

Kevin stated, “It’s just a lot of hard work. It’s believing in yourself. It’s a pride that I gotta get better at something every time I wake up.”

Kevin Ollie has motivated former teammates to have a winning and professional mindset.

LeBron James stated Kevin Ollie has the coaching gene.

UConn was on academic probation and did not play in the tournment last year.

Ollie told Gayle he was not chasing championships but championships were chasing his team.

He wants his players to be better people, once they leave campus. His philosophy is to teach the individual in life lessons.

During his freshman year of college he was playing against all the great players. He called his mom crying and stated he wanted to come home. The last thing he heard speaking to his mom was a click.

She hung up on him burning a bridge that led back to his kingdom of comfort at home.

Kevin states when there’s nowhere to retreat you must go forward.

You can be the hardest working person on your team, a role model that others will want to follow when the chips are down and energy starts to wane.

Place yourself in a position that allows you to win and be successful with hard work.

UConn coach Kevin Wilke is no stranger to hard work and has placed himself in a position to remain successful.

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Reference: Dom Amore – Hartford Courant UConn Men’s Basketball  courantblogs.com

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