Wanting white fillings

Dental patients are treated by cosmetic dentists after wanting white fillings to replace their unsightly graying and aging silver fillings.

Cosmetic dentistry is in vogue and will continue to be with great marketing to the public.

Our clients in all niches benefit from excellent marketing strategies.

Dental teams are requested to provide options that enhance your confidence and improve the patient’s ability to smile.

We tell patients after placing white fillings to keep their regular check-up visits.

At the preventative appointment the teeth are cleaned and polished along with a thorough evaluation of the existing white fillings.

Patients on high sucrose diets should be warned against a constant attack of sugar, capable of destroying healthy tooth structure.

Along with teeth breaking down is also a loss of integrity in the seal that bonds the filling to the surrounding tooth structure.

For this reason at the recall visit the integrity of a filling’s margins are checked to see if margins need to be resealed with bonding agents.

Patients wanting white fillings is a good idea because of their durability and strength.

For teeth requiring more strength, porcelain fillings, (inlays and 0n-lays) are available.

Inlays and on-lays minimize the reduction of tooth structure.

Full coverage porcelain crowns have a specific preparation design.

Tooth reduction is necessary to make room for the full coverage of porcelain over the entire tooth.

The rule still remains that filling materials are used to seal tooth defects, holes and abrasive areas.

Destruction of tooth structure beyond the above statement brings into play the consideration of a porcelain crown to protect the fragile unsupported chewing surfaces.

Dental sealants are great for reducing decay of grooves that traverse the chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Children receive dental sealants as an adjunct in the prevention of further tooth decay.

Not everyone coming into dental clinics agree fluoride should be placed on the teeth of children.

In lieu of concerns about the application of fluoride treatments on children’s teeth, parents are advised to monitor effective brushing regimens at home.

Dentists advise young patients and parents to add additional brushing regimens, countering the effect of the breakdown of enamel from sugary snacks.

Wanting white fillings and other procedures in cosmetic dentistry, come with the responsibility to keep them functional with proper care.

Great smiles are delivered day in and day out with patients wanting white fillings.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz

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