Emergency dental care wheelchair bound patients.

Wheelchair bound patients come for emergency dental care in Kansas City and are extended the greatest of care.

Talk to a hospital orderly responsible for lifting patients who are unable to maneuver on their own, and they will tell you be careful of wrenching your back helping patients get in and out of wheelchairs.

Most dental or medical offices understand the need to have a family member or friend accompany the patient to assist in moving the patient in and out of their wheelchair.

Our dental team will tell you it’s a labor of love helping to transport patients in and out of an operatory or examination room back to a wheelchair.

Patients confined to wheelchairs develop great upper body strength attempting to balance and lift themselves throughout the day.

Become a stabilizing, steady support and assist where you can.

Special preparation may be necessary for those in oversized wheelchairs.

Older office suites may not have doors wide enough to accommodate large motorized chairs into examination rooms.

Well thought out before the patient’s visit, open areas can be used where large chairs are accessible to the office’s larger or open spaces.

Take the time to out think the problems of your day and you develop success for the office and the patient.

The dental office that treats geriatric patients should plan for treatment of the elderly, the majority of wheelchair bound patients.

Plan their treatment visits in the morning or early afternoon.

An agency that delivers patients all over town, had a new hire come to our dental office parking lot looking for a patient in a motorized wheelchair.

The lady patiently waited several hours for the agency to return to pick her up for a return trip home.

Our dental team administrator called the agency near the close of business who stated a young driver had pulled up to our door but did not see the patient and left due to his getting behind in the daily schedule.

The administrator was told to call the lady a cab and her motorized wheelchair would be picked up the following morning.

We gladly took the lady home learning a valuable lesson to check, verify and check again when patients are left by agencies who transport patients for a living.

This company it appears also has learned valuable lessons responding in a more professional manner and has grown transporting wheelchair bound patients with after hours dispatcher calls to ensure no one is left behind.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz

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