Wisdom teeth blues

Young patients in the age group of around 16 – 25 have visited our emergency dental care KC facility because of wisdom teeth blues.

Ask anyone that has been stricken with problems because of their 3rd molars will tell you they can really become problematic.

Orthodontists refer patients for the removal of 3rd molars if the dentition is crowded and space is desired to correct malformations in the growth patterns of teeth.

Wisdom teeth cause more pain and suffering than any other group of teeth in the dentition.

They are horizontally impacted at times causing a greater degree of difficulty in their removal.

Because they are the most posterior teeth in the mouth patients have trouble keeping them clear of plaque and food debris.

The gum problem around the coronal aspect of the wisdom teeth is called pericoronitis.

It is an inflammatory process that causes the patient to not feel well in general and left untreated can spread to surrounding tissue.

Sore throats can be related to your wisdom teeth.

Left untreated halitosis from these areas will make you feel like a leper.

Food gets caught under the flap of tissue that envelopes a portion of the distal portion of these teeth.

A major problem is a foreign body reaction elicited by the trapped food, plaque and tartar deposits.

Patients gain temporary relief irrigating the area under and around the flap of tissue.

A teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water soothes inflamed tissue.

Healthcare workers use an irrigation syringe to flush debris out of the inflamed tissue.

Most patients tell us they experience immediate relief after treating this area.

It was once thought patients do not seek care immediately because of their busy lifestyles.

More recently it is my opinion that patients who are seen on an emergency basis for the most part have dental insurance or some form of payment to receive emergency dental care.

The major reason removal of these teeth is not sought on a timely basis but in the ninth hour where emergencies occur is because of fear.

Fear keeps patients from calling dentists to relieve their pain and suffering.

It is important to realize in modern times a sedative can be taken by mouth  in order for the patient to relax.

Sedatives calm the scariest of dental patients.

Dental phobias are placed in the past with what can be done to assist patients needing emergency dental care KC in the form of wisdom teeth blues.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz

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