Haggling with the public is a no win solution. The mental tug of war with the public will make you feel like you are a victim of their demands and insults for better service and cheaper prices.
Stop going home with tread marks on your backside due to someone having to be thrown under the bus to survive the day.


Study a flower for a few minutes and chat with yourself regarding what you see and sense about your new found friend. Go beyond the obvious presentation of the flower. Appreciate it’s fragrance, the velvety texture and intense eye-popping colors. So is this precious gift we call life.

HAVANA CUBA’S SOVIET HEALTH CARE MODEL WE CARE Havana, Cuba’s Soviet Health Care Model treatsĀ  the vast majority of their citizens. The Kansas City Dental Implant Society planned an excursion to Havana, Cuba, December 2004 to deliver oral health care products in the form of toothpaste, toothbrushes and antibiotics. I render emergency dental care in Kansas City. This was …