Designing Dental Implant Cases

Patients seek the care of competent dentists trained in the technology of dental implants.

Schedule a consultation with your local dentist to evaluate the replacement of

missing teeth.

You will find a team of dental professionals working on your behalf designing dental implant cases.

It is well known digestion starts in the mouth.

You benefit fromĀ  nutritious daily meals when able to properly chew.

Many patients visualize a bright healthy smile as their number one priority during a

consultation in the dental office.

Ti (Titanium)
Periodic Table of Elements – Ti (Titanium)


Designing Dental Implant CasesDental Implant Success Patients rs wear bite guards
Designing Dental Implant Cases

Multiple teeth may have been lost due to dental caries or blunt force trauma earlier in life.

Or you may want to replace missing teeth, restoring your ability to chew and enjoy certain foods.

Dental implants can restore the natural function of teeth.

Treatment requires specialty knowledge and training in the science of Dental Implantology.

Many dentists around the world meet on a regular basis to train in this growing field.

Titanium is used in the fabrication of dental implants and is biocompatible with human tissues.

Implants also maintain adequate jawbone similar to natural teeth.

The aging process in the facial structures is greatly reduced with dental implants.

Remove dentures from the mouth of a patient and you understand the point made in the preceding statement.

Bone and soft tissue are greatly reduced after the natural teeth are removed.

Patients confined to a wheelchair lose muscle and bone in their legs due to disuse atrophy.

In a sense some dental patients also experience disuse atrophy.

The bone and teeth work in harmony maintaining the integrity of proper form and function.

Designing dental implant cases occurs after long hours spent studying this highly specialized science.

From the Diary of My Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




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