Removing silver fillings Emergency dental care in KC

Emergency dental care has been practiced by our dental team at the start up of our dental hospital in KC.

Dentistry has made great strides because of the science evolving around dental implants.

Dental implants have one of the highest success rates in medical and dental technology.

Understanding the science of implantology, gives greater clarity regarding what must be done to restore difficult or challenging dental cases.

Several years ago a physician that decided to become a dentist discussed his transition into dentistry.

Patients suffering from digestive problems were treated with prescription drugs with minimal results.

After a residency in oral surgery, he positioned himself to deliver dental implants to his surrounding patients.

Patients come into the office of an emergency dentist in KC on many occasions for removal of problematic teeth.

Teeth beyond repair are removed from the mouth resolving high levels of pain and suffering.

The physician became an important asset in the dental community with regular speaking engagements around the country.

Not everyone has the will, fortitude and stamina to pursue a second career at the professional level.

You make a tremendous impact upon the lives of others finding a need and filling it to the best of your ability.

One case study shared by the physician was a lady in her 80s, that had worn dentures for approximately 50 years.

In dentistry patients are told ill fitting dentures through friction quickly wear down bone support.

For this reason dentures should be checked once each year to see if the dentures should be relined or remade.

Time after time dentists tell patients tooth lost leads inevitably to bone loss.

Preservation of bone is vital for support of the denture base.

With minimal bone a patient can have their dentist place a permanent soft liner in the denture base.

The permanent soft liner reduces denture slide and serves as a shock absorber.

The 80 year old patient was known as a dental cripple, meaning there was no adequate bone support for conventional dentures.

With very poor bone support, extremely long dental implants were connected to the patient’s bony prominences in the bilateral temple areas.

Think of metal rods inside the mouth being connected on both sides of the inner skull distal to the sockets of the eyes.

This technique gave support for dentures where there was no significant jaw bone.

Dentures also provide support for the facial features, an amazing transformation for the patient.

On the missing lower jaw for support, titanium rods were anchored into the bone of the chin.

Can you imagine the joy and elation of a patient who once again could enjoy a solid meal?

Emergency dental care has shown me what dentistry has in store beyond the boundaries of past technology.

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