Dental Office Clean Air
Dental Office Clean Air

Dental office clean air is a benefit patients appreciate when treated in our suite.

It appears America is approaching herd immunity regarding COVID-19.

In the Midwest masks may be removed while relaxing outdoors.

Things appear returning to a more normal state.

I recently listened to a You Tube video explaining commercial jets are now using bi-polar ionization to purify passenger compartment air.

Bi-polar ionization goes everywhere oxygen atoms are found in the  passenger compartment.

Early on commercial jets sanitized passenger compartments with ultra-violet radiation.

Ultra-violet radiation requires special protective gear protecting workers from hazardous radiation.

Dental Office Clean Air
Dental Office Clean Air

A major concern with this technology are pathogens lurking in shadows under armrest and passenger seats.

The cabin may be sanitized but not the air that we breathe.

It is well known COVID-19 also has an airborne component.

Aerosols are placed in the air around us during times we exhale.

This cleanroom technology neutralizes pathogens in the air.

Neutralization is very important when discussing potential infection from the air we breathe.

For this reason air travel is very safe when 99.99% of pathogens are neutralized making them ineffective.

Dentists used ultra-violet radiation units to cure white, tooth colored fillings in the 1970s and 1980s.

Better and safer technology replaced ultra-violet radiation units.

Dental office clean air is desired to keep patients safe during the treatment portion of your visit.

Protective masks may be safely removed by patients in our treatment rooms.

I have often heard a sigh of relief from patients who are thankful we took time to go the extra mile.

Patient safety is a very big thing when you care for those who trust you to render quality dental care.

Staff are also protected from aerosols created by  patients and dental procedures.

There is no need to prolong needed dental treatment when your delivery facility uses air purifiers.

It is my deepest desire to see schools, restaurants, skyscrapers, cruise liners and other public facilities use air purifiers to protect and keep us safe.

In your home similar to dental office clean air open a window.

Ventilate the room, use essential oils.

Essential oils will also purify the air over a longer period of time.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S., O’,



Peppermint Oil and Inflammation

Study peppermint oil and inflammation to understand this valuable essential oil.

This essential oil contains valuable anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint Oil and Inflammation
Peppermint Oil And Inflammation
 Anti-inflammatory properties reveal the potency of this essential oil.
The next time you plan a drive across the country, take along a bottle of peppermint oil.
For greater focus and concentration place a drop of oil near the temples, away from your eyes.
Massage therapists blend this essential oil in a carrier oil to soothe sore muscles.
In my dental practice it is one of my favorite essential oils.
A drop on your toothbrush with toothpaste moistened reduces gingivitis.
Gums bleed when gingivitis is evident, an inflammatory process.
It can be massaged into the Masseter muscles to facilitate greater opening and closing of the mandible.
In literature you will find it stated that inhaling peppermint essential oil can help control the appetite.
Also inhaling it immediately unclogs sinuses and reduces a scratchy throat.
I place the oil in a scarf along with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils.
Dripping and wrapping the oils in a scarf around my neck provide additional protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The menthol is also known to penetrate the sinuses in a cleansing action.
In a carrier oil like Cold pressed Castor oil apply the peppermint oil to the chest in a gentile rubbing action to reduce congestion.
Pathogens have a difficult time growing in this environment due to the release of menthol vapors.
The therapeutic dose of peppermint oil as a mouth and throat rinse is one drop of oil to one ounce of water.
Eucalyptus is a genus of over seven hundred species of flowering tree and shrubs in the myrtle family.
Eucalyptus may relieve cold symptoms, dry skin, reduce pain, promote relaxation, help keep teeth healthy and act as a natural insect repellent.
The essential oil is also known as an anti-viral oil.
Eucalyptus and peppermint oils are anti-inflammatory and ant-viral.
And they are a great combination during cold and flu season.
Peppermint oil and inflammation should be further studied to understand the importance of this essential oil.
From the Diary of my Enlightenment,
A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


Radio Interview Saint Louis
Many people are asking the question to healthcare providers, is the COVID-19
vaccine safe for most people to take?
Virologists are answering this question to help people understand the trials administered
in the fabrication and testing of the vaccines.
It was expected the virus would replicate into different forms in finding ways to treat it.
The first person to have contracted COVID-19 would help greatly in understanding where the virus is headed.
It would also tell investigators and virologists how to proceed in providing a better cure.
Hopefully China will help to answer this question.
A projection is needed to get on top of this crisis.
To date there are around 47 vaccines being used around the world.
One of the latest in the United States is Johnson and Johnson.
It is a one dose vaccine.
Radio interview Saint Louis revealed the listening audience  consults with their physicians.
Because of diseases like diabetes and heart disease be careful to know your best options.
Research helps to clear some of the confusion regarding vaccines.
 We encourage our dental patients to place one drop of the peppermint oil
on their toothbrush after they place their toothpaste on it.
moisten the toothpaste and the brush turn it to the side
Rinse daily with one drop of peppermint oil to one ounce of water.
Trips to the grocer require strategic planning to maximize your safety.
Take the scarf around your neck and drizzle it with anti-viral essential oils. I use
peppermint oil, dripping it into my neck scarf.
I also use tea tree and eucalyptus oils.
Eucalyptus is an antiviral oil.
It’s the menthol in the peppermint oil that is helping to provide an arc of protection.
Radio interview Saint Louis provided an opportunity to share my concerns.
Radio Interview St. Louis
Radio Interview Saint Louis
From the Diary of My Enlightenment,
A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


Pathogens and Your Alkalinity

I am asking everyone if they can to look at  bi-polar ionization technology. You will understand pathogens and your alkalinity.


Pathogens and Your Alkalinity
Pathogens And Your Alkalinity
But understand bi-polar ionization is just a stream of positive and negative ions.
They are emitted from an ionization unit into the air that we breathe.
The ions cleanse the air.
 I noticed from research, bi-polar ionization creates an alkaline state in the body.
When this state is created understand pathogens and your alkalinity.
Viruses won’t grow, even cancer won’t grow when an alkaline state is created for our bodies.
So as you contemplate taking the vaccine, take time to understand the pros and cons involved.

What would you do if the hospitals were so swamped that you had to treat some of your family members at home?

The alkaline state of the body is so important for optimum health.
There are foods that we can eat that are alkaline.
Most of our fruits and vegetables are alkaline.
Because of the short time that we have this morning, listen closely.
I won’t go through this list of all the foods that you can use to maintain an alkaline state.
It’s very important to place your body in this state.
We see at the end of life the body breaks down due to acidity.
And then decomposition takes place.
Sweet drinks are included with soda pop.
 Sodas and other sweet, sugary drinks cause rampant tooth decay.
Kidneys can also break down due to the inflammatory process caused by refined processed sugar.
Essential oils have been around for thousands of years.
Essential oils have a ph of zero. They’re neutral and help to create a less acidic state in the body.
And neutralize the effect of acidity with essential oils.
They reduce greatly the acidic state of the body.
And you place the body in a healthier state.
When the body is in an alkaline state it will
create an environment where pathogens won’t grow.
Look at what is needed in life.
We need fresh air, water and  healthy food.
Keep those three primary in life to fair so much better.
Poor nutrition along with a poor diet make us more susceptible to
diabetes and heart disease.
Take time to understand pathogens and your alkalinity.
From the Diary of My Enlightenment,
A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


Sharing Your Health Tips
On a radio program in St. Louis, MO., KSTL 690 AM, I addressed a radio audience.
The moderator is Rev. Diana Gamble.
Good morning dear sister, this is Dr. Clark, hello.

Share Your Health Tips
Share Your Health Tips
Oh my goodness, hello Dr. Clark how are
I’m so glad you joined us this morning.
Just talking a little bit about keeping ourselves safe during this pandemic.
And some things we can do I believe that’s taking us in the right direction.

But I want to yield the floor to you for my listening audience.
This is Dr. Clark, he is coming to us by way of Kansas City.
Gladly sharing health your tips.
He has a dental office and practices emergency dental care.
Never seen one like him!
He’s been all over this globe.
I’ll give you a little background and help me if I miss anything.
He gives his services liberally.
The Bible says freely give what you have been given. and he does.
Our people are left out of the health care system all over the world.
I am providing information so that we can help ourselves as we go forward to stay safe.
So if I have your permission to do that I will spend just a few minutes to
share some things that are pertinent.
Thank you, take your time and go ahead okay.
During the quarantine everyone was asked to
 stand down and stay at home for a 60 day period.
I went online and studied literature to
find some of the best technologies for our safety.
One of my favorite technologies was found in Switzerland.
That technology is bipolar ionization.
Bi-polar ionization will help to keep the body in an
alkaline state.
It cleanses the air of bacteria, mold and it
cleanses the air of viruses.
Take time to educate yourself about the need for vaccination.
There are going to be groups of people left out of the process to take the vaccination.
There will be pregnant mothers that can’t take the vaccination.
At this point they have no trials for mothers who are pregnant.
Then we look at our children that are under the age of 18.
Vaccines are age specific. So young people under the age of 18 should not yet take the vaccine.
  Healthcare providers state air purifiers are a very good thing to place in your home and workplace.
Continue gladly sharing your health tips.
From the Diary of My Enlightenment,
A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


Designing Dental Implant Cases

Patients seek the care of competent dentists trained in the technology of dental implants.

Schedule a consultation with your local dentist to evaluate the replacement of

missing teeth.

You will find a team of dental professionals working on your behalf designing dental implant cases.

It is well known digestion starts in the mouth.

You benefit from  nutritious daily meals when able to properly chew.

Many patients visualize a bright healthy smile as their number one priority during a

consultation in the dental office.

Ti (Titanium)
Periodic Table of Elements – Ti (Titanium)


Designing Dental Implant CasesDental Implant Success Patients rs wear bite guards
Designing Dental Implant Cases

Multiple teeth may have been lost due to dental caries or blunt force trauma earlier in life.

Or you may want to replace missing teeth, restoring your ability to chew and enjoy certain foods.

Dental implants can restore the natural function of teeth.

Treatment requires specialty knowledge and training in the science of Dental Implantology.

Many dentists around the world meet on a regular basis to train in this growing field.

Titanium is used in the fabrication of dental implants and is biocompatible with human tissues.

Implants also maintain adequate jawbone similar to natural teeth.

The aging process in the facial structures is greatly reduced with dental implants.

Remove dentures from the mouth of a patient and you understand the point made in the preceding statement.

Bone and soft tissue are greatly reduced after the natural teeth are removed.

Patients confined to a wheelchair lose muscle and bone in their legs due to disuse atrophy.

In a sense some dental patients also experience disuse atrophy.

The bone and teeth work in harmony maintaining the integrity of proper form and function.

Designing dental implant cases occurs after long hours spent studying this highly specialized science.

From the Diary of My Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Your Alkaline State

Maximum health is produced by the air that you breathe.

The food that you eat and the water you drink also create maximum health.

My dental office uses bi-polar ionization to keep patients safe from the pathogens of daily living.

Bi-polar ionization is known for creating an alkaline state.

Emergency dental care is delivered in a clean room environment.

Clean room technology is appreciated by our patients.

In my own holistic program focus is placed on the air that we breathe and food consumption.

Your Alkaline State
Your Alkaline State

It’s not really clear how long water in plastic bottles, placed on store shelves will remain in an alkaline state.

I study the science that teaches how we can achieve alkalinity.

Most of our fruits and vegetables are alkaline.

Poor diets and high volumes of refined processed sugar block your alkaline state.

Your goal is to greatly reduce acidity in the body.

Essential oils do a great job reducing body acidity.

These oils have a ph of zero but reduce acidity when they are applied to the body or the air that we breathe.

Diffusers have been proven to be effective for many years.

They provide an economical way to improve indoor air quality.

Find ways to breathe regularly energized clean fresh air.

Not everyone lives on a mountain, in a forest or near a water fall.

After a thunderstorm negative ions are released cleansing the air.

Toxins are all around us especially inside the spaces we live.

How are you resolving the quality of your indoor air?

Improve your indoor air quality for a healthier life.

Pathogens like viruses, bacteria and even cancer find it extremely difficult to gain a foothold.

Understand pathogens won’t grow in your alkaline state.

From the Diary of My Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Learning Life’s Lessons

Learning life’s lessons occurs daily confronting the problems of life.

Learning Life's Lessons
Learning Life’s Lessons

Confronting the problems of life is best done in your quiet times.

Learning Life's Lessons
Learning Life’s Lessons

The time you spend in quietness will be some of your most precious moments.

In stillness is where critical thinking skills come into play.

You sharpen your wit instead of dangling at wit’s end, like a fly caught in a tangled web.

Remove yourself from our daily workaholic onslaught to get the job done and you win the prize.

Men and women who take time off from busy schedules each week experience an inner peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Hebrew word Shalom (Peace) explains this understanding.

Our dictionaries explain peace as a time free of conflict. A time separated from war.

But true peace is an inner quality. A quality one may experience even in the midst of war.

Pray for this peace and you are set free to do great things.

Your true power is released into the universe having this kind of peace.

And where do you find that power, in the quiet times of stillness.

Literature tells us many masterpieces were not created until the master was beyond 60 years of age.

We all have within us an untapped creativity to rise above our circumstances.

Circumstances are just another hurdle to maneuver.

Don’t fall victim to your circumstances.

In my profession, Dentistry, there are many opportunities to tie on your critical thinking cap.

Dental implant technology keeps the best of us on our toes, resolving the problems of the day.

Patience to see problem cases successfully completed bring great wins.

Learning life’s lessons is desired to help those who need our services.

This hat usually takes on the position of a distance runner far back in the pack.

Day to day moment by moment we wear so many hats.

But don’t forget to strap on this one.

Think of a body builder lifting weights to build muscle.

We too can exercise critical thinking skills to improve our circumstances.

Learning life’s lessons come for many after quiet times in stillness.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S.,


Wearing Face Masks Daily

Wearing face masks daily
Wearing Face Masks Daily

Patients and colleagues wearing face masks daily may experience skin reactions and rashes.

Overtime services at work require your mask on most of the day.

What a blessing for those able to work from home.

During our first quarantine face masks were in short supply.

They became hard to find.

Inventive practitioners found ways to sanitize masks with ultraviolet


UV light can be dangerous if not studied and respected.

Have you ever thought about pathogens that bathe your face daily?

From our lungs CO2 exits the mouth and nostrils saturating facial masks.

I’m not surprised that inflammatory reactions appear on the face.

Tissue, coffee filters, gauze sponges and an assortment of fibers are used as inside filters.

Patients inform me a variety of prescription medications are used with minimal relief.

A visit to your local health food store is valuable.

Organic herbal salves reduce inflammation and nourish the skin.

The skin is an organ that tells quickly there is a problem at hand.

Your goal is to react quickly and extinguish the fires of inflammation.

80% of your immune system is associated within the gut.

So for this reason optimize your immune system with probiotics to balance normal oral


I will often tell patients to cut back on refined processed sugar.

Consume no more than 30 grams of sugar daily.

Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline.

Set as a goal to reduce body acidity.

Acid reduction reduces pathogens.

Balance gut flora and skin improves.

Listen to the warning signs  of your body to defeat skin ailments.

A full meal consumed late at night causes acid reflux.

Keep things simple to win.

Change mask often or wash reusable ones.

Wearing face masks daily does not have to come with skin ailments.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Pregnant patients receiving treatment consult their obstetrician.

Resolve pain and suffering  with medication deemed safe for both

mother and baby.

Pregnant patients receiving treatment
Pregnant Patients Receiving Treatment

A mother was seen recently at my dental office in her final tri-mester nearing delivery.

It was the first time the patient had been seen in my office.

A high level of discomfort was becoming unbearable for the patient.

On a scale of 1-10 her pain level peaked through the roof of the pain scale.

Life was becoming miserable.

An antibiotic and pain pills were given for immediate pain relief.

This is a temporary solution until more definitive treatment is available.

Dentists treat both the mother and baby.

Selecting medications for infection control and pain relief are guided by obstetricians.

And for high pain levels, local anesthetics can be used without epinephrine.

Consider 2% Lidocaine and 4% Citanest before treating dental ailments.

Pregnant patients receiving treatment remain safer with guidance from their obstetricians.

A local pharmacy was called for injectable local anesthetic today.

The pharmacist was unable to order the desired medication.

He did however recommend calling KU Medical Center.

KU Medical Center had the family pick up the medication for treatment later the same day.

It is very much appreciated when individuals go above and beyond the call of duty.

Additional supportive measures were taken to relieve pain and suffering for our patient .

The husband drove from Redbridge Rd. to the Country Club Plaza.

His quest resulted in picking up additional anesthetic from Valencia Endodontic Group.

All these actions resolved pain relief for his seven month pregnant wife.

Dentists who care take time to go the extra mile for their patients.

Safety is key and greatly appreciated by patients that enter my dental office.

Pregnant patients are seen in our office long after the baby has been delivered.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L.Clark, D.D.S.