I tell patients there is clean energized air inside my dental office, so feel safe while undergoing dental treatment.

Clean Energized Air Inside
Clean energized air inside

I am thankful for patients who come into my dental office.

Your safety and comfort is our primary concern.

Diligent research led me to place a clean air machine in my dental treatment rooms.

 Clean Energized Air Inside
Clean Energized Air inside

During the first COVID-19 quarantine, dentists closed their offices and stayed home as requested.

My news channel reported dental patients were filling up hospital emergency rooms.

So the American Dental Association requested dentists treat dental emergencies.

Hospitals were at capacity treating patients stricken with COVID-19.

You can remove your mask and feel safe in my office.

Clean air machines provide a safe environment in order to treat dental patients.

I make it clear to patients and staff we can reduce airborne pathogens.

So how do we reduce the danger of viruses inside my dental office?

You reduce viruses and other pathogens with clean air machines.

Years ago I was told to search the web for ways to stay safe during a pandemic.

And this is what I found in my research.

Grave robbers in the early 1900s used essential oils for protection from the Bubonic plague.

Drops of essential oils were placed in a scarf wrapped around their nose and mouth.

To this day I place Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils in my scarf.

I wrap it around my neck to take advantage of essential oils powerful anti-viral properties.

The fumes from the oils greatly reduce chances of inhaling a virus.

Search the Internet for a blend of oils known as “Thieves Oil Blend.”

This blend of oils provides protection and safety from viruses.

Research for yourself which essential oils are known to be anti-viral.

Pregnant mothers, children under the age of 18 and hypersensitive individuals are not candidates for taking the new COVID-19 vaccine.

Protection for these patients must be well thought out and implemented regarding what is available today.

And what is available now are clean air machines and essential oils.

Don’t forget proper nutrition, hydration, rest and exercise are also good immune system boosters.

And remember to visit our clinic for preventative care, where there is clean energized air inside my dental office.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.







Delta Dental patients have been seen in our clinic and are always welcome.

Delta Dental Patients
Delta Dental Patients

Provide your best care and Patients will remain under your care for many years.

A friendship develops between the dental team, the patient and their family members.

There are many dental plans for people to choose from.

This insurance carrier has a nationwide network.

I’m always surprised by  those who look on the Internet and call us for a consultation.

It appears they have confidence in the insurance plan that has been selected for them by their employer.

Not everyone hates their job and wears the pride of a job well done upon their face.

Your smile 😃 is the number one expression of your identity.

It can be shared with anyone even the stranger who smiles back no matter their state of being.

Smile at the world and you generate an energy stream that boomerangs right back to you.

Patients are thankful to have coverage they can depend upon for their comprehensive dental care.

Oral hygiene services are covered at 100% a plus in any dental plan.

We sleep better at night caring for our families’ oral healthcare needs.

Expectations appear high for Delta Dental patients who find your name in their directory of dental providers.

Patients move across the country no longer isolated to their hometowns.

Corporations expect employees to be flexible after accepting post, climbing the corporate ladder.

A machinist working 40 years for a corporation stated it takes trainees 10 years to learn their posts.

This fact demonstrates there is an investment made by corporations in their employees.

Delta Dental Patients are always welcome in our office.

Optimum healthcare is an unsung benefit in the game to attract quality employees.

Quality employees expect exceptional benefit packages.

Your dental plan is a significant part of your comprehensive care.

Many employees travel around the country taking jobs from the highest bidder.

Older employees establish roots in their communities.

Both groups of Delta Dental patients can benefit from Delta’s plans.

Those who establish roots in their communities and employees who are constantly on the go benefit with great coverage.

I am proud to be a dental provider treating Delta Dental Patients.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.,,



Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Rd.

Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Rd. is available to area residents.

Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Rd. Is available to area residents.
Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Rd.

Forty years experience is behind the delivery of our dental services.

A key factor in our practice is walking patient’s through a step by step process.

From the start of the case to the final product quality Dentistry is delivered at the cementation appointment.

Patients enjoy being a part of planning the transformation that occurs.

A well planned smile increases your confidence and improves overall self image.

Decayed and missing teeth can  be restored or replaced improving overall esthetics.

I teach our patients to reduce soda pop and added processed sugar consumption.

Daily added refined process sugar intake should be limited between 25 – 30 grams of sugar daily.

This information is found throughout the world holistic health community.

The Food and Drug Administration informs us 50 grams of refined processed sugar is a safe cutoff point.

However, hidden sugar in condiments, salad dressings, and many packaged foods is not accounted for in most of our diets.

Understanding sugar intake will help to maintain sound teeth and gums that support the crowns and bridges placed in your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Rd. stresses  reduction of sugary foods extending the lifespan of cosmetic cases planned.

Great cosmetic cases require Basic Disease Control starting in the patient’s home.

Homecare is a critical aspect maintaining optimum oral health.

Patients are taught Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Rd. will do a great deal maintaining your cosmetic case.

Optimal oral health is a responsibility treated daily.

Bad dental habits are improved stressing good patient education.

Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Dr. offers solutions that are tailored for each patient.

Patients use self-trust in their ability to change bad dental habits.

Hands on demonstration by our staff also improves self confidence.

Preventative techniques are rehearsed and implemented by our patients.

Have you ever wondered why your oral health does not improve?

Application of basic preventative dental principles may be an outpoint.

Properly flossing and brushing your teeth is always a good starting point.

The fight against gum disease and tooth decay is never ending.

Cosmetic Dentistry Redbridge Dr. addresses where you need help.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Good referral sources in my office,,




Rendering emergency dental care
Emergency dentists care 


Emergency dentists care touching many lives have been touched by our dental team.

Patients will call from great distances for relief from pain and suffering when up all night due to toothache pain.

Life to some is considered a little harder to bare until the toothache is resolved.

We would like to think life is a little easier because  our dental team is available.

Our goal is to make life easier from a dental point of view.

A dental radiograph in this post displays an implant with bone resorption.

The dental implant is failing due to a lack of bone to hold it.

Implants are anchored in solid bone for stability and viability.

Bone loss leads to instability of the implant system.

Emergency dentists care in this particular case call for removal of the dental implant.

Due to a lack of bone support inflammation and infection require antibiotic therapy,

Keeping the infection under control is a high priority to reduce patient complications.

Make dentistry available to those in need.

Oral bacteria that causes advanced periodontitis also is responsible for the breakdown of failing dental implants.

Bacteria in the mouth has the ability to spread cancer.

You will also find a connection between oral bacteria and Alzheimers disease.

Periodontal evaluation of dental implants is important and should be placed on a periodic recall plan.

Natural Teeth and dental Implants both need periodic re-evaluation in order to maintain optimal oral health.

Times you show how much you care, greatly reduce the treatment of patients.

No life is so hard that it can’t be made easier by the simple implementation of quality systems.

One system in particular is the Water Pic, an oral irrigation system that improves greatly, your oral hygiene.

A lot can be said for great systems that reduce the need for emergency dental care.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Treating fractured teeth
Treating Fractured Teeth
Treating fractured teeth
Treating Fractured Teeth

Dental Emergencies

Treating fractured teeth keeps emergency dentists in KC very busy.

Our major goal is certainly the relief of pain and suffering caused by fractured teeth.

Patients live life and experience dental emergencies because of blunt force trauma.

Blunt force trauma is due to the impact of your body against a hard object.

Injuries related to automobile accidents are high on the list treating fractured teeth.

Periodontal disease and dental caries also cause a high incidence of missing and fractured teeth.

Consequently dentists and dental teams remind patients on a regular basis to keep periodic check ups.

Regular check ups provide evaluation of the teeth in order to receive routine dental care.

Patients arriving in our emergency dental care facility will receive proper care

treating fractured teeth.

Above all your smile is the number one expression of your identity.

It represents you long before people meet you on a formal basis.

Temporary Crowns

Cracked teeth can be covered with temporary crowns.

Even more temporary crowns are a great transitional treatment technique.

They protect broken teeth and reduce sensitivity to hot and cold.

Esthetics is also improved placing temporary crowns.

Wedding party participants appreciate transitional procedures raising their self confidence.

Pictures taken on wedding day restore confidence as a result of treating fractured teeth.

Protect Soft Tissue

Fractured Teeth cut soft tissue of the oral cavity.

You experience inflammation of soft tissues if sharp tooth structure

is not smoothed or covered.

So difficulty talking, swallowing and chewing occurs before treating

fractured teeth.

Patients are evaluated with acute inflammation noted on inner cheeks and tongue.

Reduction of acute inflammation is achieved minimizing the severity of the fracture.

As a result this is done making the patient’s problem a priority.

Reduce pain and suffering while treating fractured teeth.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Patients seek dental care at the University of Missouri Kansas City

and TMC Hospital

Wikipedia used for definitions


Cosmetic Ivory Wax Ups
Cosmetic Ivory Wax ups
Cosmetic Ivory Wax ups

Cosmetic Ivory Wax ups are fabricated so that patients can see contour and shape of their new smile.

Proper planning of a new smile can be done with computer generated images from state-of-the-art software.

Or the planning can be done with study models poured from alginate impressions.

Patients appreciate seeing a facsimile of the final product.

Waxing up the case reduces questions regarding the form and structure that goes into its fabrication.

Giving patients a cosmetic look they desire,  requires input from the patient and our entire dental team.

Problems exist in the delivery of difficult cases,

Minor tooth movement places strategically  supporting teeth in more ideal positions for maximum esthetics.

Cosmetic Ivory Wax ups are study models that provide great visualization of problems inherent within cases.

Most cases are not devoid of problems.

Plan well and you deliver a quality final product for your patient.

’Tis easy enough to be pleasant, when life flows along like a song,

but the man worth while is the one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong.

Ella Wheeler Willows, author of the above statement.

These words of wisdom are so true and frame the essence of this post.

Treatment plans give patients options in order to handle potential problems.

Potential problems that arise are considered a part of any case.

Dentists explain to patients what is possible regarding their treatment plan.

Dental Implants improve the viability of cases because of their high success rate, over 95%.

We use dental implants due to their high success rate and ability to limit potential problems.

A dental implant provides  flexibility in the restoration of missing teeth.

Cosmetic Ivory Wax ups strategically improve your ability to deliver a well planned case.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, DDS is a site that gives additional information for Ivory Wax ups. is another site with information on ivory wax ups.


Dental Implant Success Patients rs wear bite guards
Dental Implant Success
Patients wearing bite guards protect dental treatment.


Dental treatment is protected wearing bite guards


Bite guards protect dental treatment
PATIENTS WEARING BITE GUARDS Patients wearing bite guards is one of the keys to protecting their dental treatment.

Patients Wearing Bite Guards

Some of our best Dentistry has been delivered to  patients who appreciate our services.

Crowns and bridges are very durable procedures that are delivered with frequency.

They are procedures that have proven to withstand many harmful biting patterns of dental patients.

Patients wearing bite guards protect their dental investments, thus adding additional time the desired treatment will last.

Some reasons for not wearing the bite Guard range from it feeling cumbersome and too bulky.

Or the additional cost of the bite Guard is not affordable at the time treatment is completed.

It becomes very frustrating for patients who grind their teeth at night.

Bruxism Damages Teeth

Night grinding called bruxism, damages teeth.

Bruxism and the clenching of teeth in a stressful manner, damage teeth, crowns and bridges placed to restore their function.

Think of the jaws and teeth as a class 1 lever system which applies tremendous force to teeth.

A class 1 lever can be viewed as the simple nutcracker.

It applies tremendous force to break open the shell of a pecan for example.

Molars in the mouth are designed for heavy grinding of food starting the digestive process.

Loads from bruxism and clenching place additional pressure in the class 1 lever system.

The pressure placed upon the teeth is greatly reduced when a semi-hard substance is placed

between the teeth in the form of a bite Guard.

It is softer than your teeth and reduces harmful forces that fracture  them.

Wearing the Bite Guard

Patients wearing bite guards greatly reduce chance of fracture.

They can be made with the patient’s comfort in mind.

Wear the guard at night or during stressful episodes of life.

All removable appliances should be sanitized when not worn to kill the accumulation of bacteria.

Bacteria causes mouth odor and dental caries.

Patients wearing bite guards improve their oral health and reduce harmful forces.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S. Visit this site for greater understanding of a night guard’s purpose.

Also visit to compare various functional appliances.




Throughout the United States you will find the ongoing practice of functional oral medicine.

Taking a functional medicine approach means that we take into account all of the various factors that can contribute to your state of health.

In an article, ‘A Functional Medicine Approach’, it is reported that “Your state of health is as unique to you as your life experience; there are many circumstances and situations that have led to you becoming who you are today.

You’re not the exact same as the next person. So why would a practitioner, a specialist, a clinic, or any other doctors or physicians treat you that way?


Functional oral medicine
Functional Oral Medicine

Dental Patients visit our office at Holmes on Red Bridge Rd seeking quality dental care.

The immediate goal is the relief of dental pain and swelling.

Functional oral medicine diagnoses the patient so that you are more than the oral cavity or the teeth causing concerns.

A patient with heart problems is told by a cardiologist the plaque in his arteries may be attributable to plaque ant tartar on the teeth.

Dentists working in harmony with cardiologists formulate a plan to greatly reduce plaque build up before it enters the blood stream.

Patients using oral irrigation devices are informed of possible food impaction related to their device.

Functional oral medicine may recommend more oral hygiene visits for one patient and for another routine dental visits twice a year.

Workable knowledge of the body and good communication with other health care providers is how the patient improves.

Silver fillings are spherical alloys containing mercury, copper and silver.

Patients who decide to have old amalgam restorations removed should be placed on a heavy metal detoxification program several weeks before and their removal.

Dentists and staff protect themselves during the removal process to not breathe in toxic fumes from mercury vapor.

Functional oral medicine improves the overall health of the patient.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S. http//


Many of my colleagues are Kansas City dentists, an extremely hard working group.

Emergency dental care Red Bridge Rd. Kansas City Dentist
 Kansas City Dentists

My colleagues  grow in whatever they do pursuing hard work.

   There is a thin line between the clinical and business sides of Dentistry.

Hard work is encountered running any business. 

Because our local dental offices are business concerns time is spent running  the concern as any other business.

Winter travel throughout the mountains of the USA is treacherous and dangerous.

Kansas City dentists use care in the same manner as drivers traversing icy roads.

The above statement is also true in real life scenarios so stay alert and focused in all you do.

Roads in the mountains  become impassable due to ice and snow.

We work our hardest in the winters of life because we care.

No one works harder than my colleagues, Kansas City dentists.

A long treacherous journey worth taking will not be easy.

The journey taken is finding a way to render the best treatment possible for our patients.

Just as life lived daily will also be filled with obstacles that must be overcome.

Endure hard winters and you will experience growth.

One group of Kansas City dentists in particular are members of the KC Dental Implant Society.

Members meet monthly to discuss the science of implant  Dentistry.

State-of-the art techniques  are disseminated  to members  of  the society.

This instills confidence in dentists ability to deliver implant systems to the public.

A tremendous amount of planning is done long before the implants are placed.

Ask KC dentists to explain the benefit of dental implants.

It becomes a way of replacing the patient’s teeth.

Teeth restored with dental Implants maintain the level  of jaw bone. 

The dental society is sponsored by Nobel Biocare, a leader in the industry.

I am proud to be a Kansas City Dentist.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

AL Clark, DDS http//:www.dentist4you


Dental Implant Success
Dental Implant Success

Dental implant success is a product of the entire dental team working for the general welfare of the patient.

Success does not end with placement of dental implants.

This is the start of a renewed sense of improved oral health.

Patients come to our office for free dental consultations regarding evaluation of the various implant systems available.

Dental implants provide an opportunity for patients to smile again and restore  the jaws where teeth have been missing for years.

The Dental profession has undergone major improvements in success rates for long term restorative care.

Dental implants have been the gold standard in the replacement of functional teeth.

We often hear and read the fact that digestion starts in the mouth.

An inability to effectively chew your food will not give you adequate nutrients locked within the healthy foods we consume.

Blenders are a good source for breaking down food sources to take advantage of nutrients.

An inability to chew effectively overworks the body.

A lot of energy is used in the digestion of food.

For this reason you will understand why we are told to periodically fast and cut down on late night snacks.

Energy is better spent assisting the body in fighting off pathogens and healing from whatever ails us.

A healthy body improves the quality and quantity of the jaw bone as a whole.

Dental Implant Success is also dependent upon adequate bone support.

There is no mystery that a healthy sub-structure is more stable than one where the patient consumes massive quantities of unhealthy substances.

I often talk to patients who have transformed their overall health by changing food consumption making healthier choices.

Eating to live is always better than living to eat all the harmful consumables we enjoy.

Those who have followed our blog will understand the harmful effects of high doses of sugar.

America is known for abusing sugar on a daily basis.

This is one reason why the American diet full of hidden sugars is so dangerous.

Dental implant succe