Rendering emergency dental care
Emergency dentists care 


Emergency dentists care touching many lives have been touched by our dental team.

Patients will call from great distances for relief from pain and suffering when up all night due to toothache pain.

Life to some is considered a little harder to bare until the toothache is resolved.

We would like to think life is a little easier because  our dental team is available.

Our goal is to make life easier from a dental point of view.

A dental radiograph in this post displays an implant with bone resorption.

The dental implant is failing due to a lack of bone to hold it.

Implants are anchored in solid bone for stability and viability.

Bone loss leads to instability of the implant system.

Emergency dentists care in this particular case call for removal of the dental implant.

Due to a lack of bone support inflammation and infection require antibiotic therapy,

Keeping the infection under control is a high priority to reduce patient complications.

Make dentistry available to those in need.

Oral bacteria that causes advanced periodontitis also is responsible for the breakdown of failing dental implants.

Bacteria in the mouth has the ability to spread cancer.

You will also find a connection between oral bacteria and Alzheimers disease.

Periodontal evaluation of dental implants is important and should be placed on a periodic recall plan.

Natural Teeth and dental Implants both need periodic re-evaluation in order to maintain optimal oral health.

Times you show how much you care, greatly reduce the treatment of patients.

No life is so hard that it can’t be made easier by the simple implementation of quality systems.

One system in particular is the Water Pic, an oral irrigation system that improves greatly, your oral hygiene.

A lot can be said for great systems that reduce the need for emergency dental care.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.  https://dentist4you.biz

Links nobelbiocare.com, kcdentalimplantsociety.com




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