An enemy never seems to sleep and will not defeat you if you have hope during struggles.

Hope during struggles is a must to survive the hardships of conflict.

You see vividly the frontal assault of an enemy who has dug in against you for the long haul.

Both factions protect their flanks and fend off surprise attacks.

You don’t see the development of the surprise attack.

Surprise attacks are very difficult to defend against because the initiator has the upper hand.

Initiators scheme to subdue those who are not prepared to defend their homelands.

If involved in conflict understand the true nature or behavior of your enemy.

Is the initiator  threatening to overrun your homeland while holding key players of your administration hostage ?

When the enemy is building seize ramps to storm your castle walls take them seriously.

Keep hope during struggles alive taking inventory of all resources at your disposal.

A simple solution sending an emissary to parlay with the enemy may clear misunderstanding.

Make it perfectly clear surrender is not an option.

Continue to run your kingdom in the most efficient manner possible but prepare for battle.

The people expect strong leadership and will fight for leaders that are knowledgeable during struggle.

Strong leaders show they remain committed to overcome the obstacles of the day.

Leaders dedicated to finding solutions to their obstacles will be successful.

Having a well thought out plan prevents the enemy from sieging your castle.

With well thought out plans you enable those who carry out your plans to assist in making confident decisions each day of conflict.

The confident decisions that are made daily is what brings the defeat of conflict and success over an opponent.

You will discover a level of strength within you that only comes when under fire during conflict.

Believe in your ability to defeat what stands in your way and it shall be .

There is a higher power in the universe above and beyond all powers when called upon, within righteousness, makes you invincible.

Hope during struggles does not wane for those who find what it takes to become invincible in the struggle of life.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S.     https://dentist4you.biz

Reference: Wikipedia, War en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War





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