Learning Life’s Lessons

Learning life’s lessons occurs daily confronting the problems of life.

Learning Life's Lessons
Learning Life’s Lessons

Confronting the problems of life is best done in your quiet times.

Learning Life's Lessons
Learning Life’s Lessons

The time you spend in quietness will be some of your most precious moments.

In stillness is where critical thinking skills come into play.

You sharpen your wit instead of dangling at wit’s end, like a fly caught in a tangled web.

Remove yourself from our daily workaholic onslaught to get the job done and you win the prize.

Men and women who take time off from busy schedules each week experience an inner peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Hebrew word Shalom (Peace) explains this understanding.

Our dictionaries explain peace as a time free of conflict. A time separated from war.

But true peace is an inner quality. A quality one may experience even in the midst of war.

Pray for this peace and you are set free to do great things.

Your true power is released into the universe having this kind of peace.

And where do you find that power, in the quiet times of stillness.

Literature tells us many masterpieces were not created until the master was beyond 60 years of age.

We all have within us an untapped creativity to rise above our circumstances.

Circumstances are just another hurdle to maneuver.

Don’t fall victim to your circumstances.

In my profession, Dentistry, there are many opportunities to tie on your critical thinking cap.

Dental implant technology keeps the best of us on our toes, resolving the problems of the day.

Patience to see problem cases successfully completed bring great wins.

Learning life’s lessons is desired to help those who need our services.

This hat usually takes on the position of a distance runner far back in the pack.

Day to day moment by moment we wear so many hats.

But don’t forget to strap on this one.

Think of a body builder lifting weights to build muscle.

We too can exercise critical thinking skills to improve our circumstances.

Learning life’s lessons come for many after quiet times in stillness.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S. https://dentist4you.biz




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