Lessons From Homer

Lessons from Homer the Greek poet can help us understand the best and the worst of human behavior.

On several occasions the movie “Troy” has been found to be very entertaining with interesting life lessons.

The Iliad by Homer is an ancient Greek epic poem set during the Trojan War during the Bronze Age.

Traditional Dating: 1194-1184 BC.

The movie is better understood if you read portions of the epic play to understand the characters.

If you have seen the movie you find the Greek leader, Agamemnon, gains the support of other Greek armies to invade Troy.

Troy is no stranger to battle as seen by the leader of their army, Hector, a mighty warrior and strategist on the battlefield.

The movie depicts the battle was not about Helen the wife of Menelaus, also mighty in battle.

The battle of Troy in the movie was about Agamemnon’s desire to conquer Troy.

In a dual outside the city gates of Troy, Paris, the brother of Hector, was urged by Hector to end the war by fighting for Helen.

Paris is no match for Menelaus and grovels at the feet of his brother who kills Menelaus.

The weak among us are capable of becoming the strong with encouragement.

Give encouragement to your team to keep them focused on the goal at hand.

Encouragement has taken me from undergraduate college at UMKC to the niche emergency dental care KC.

Our dental team makes it a point to find ways to keep the entire team moving in a positive direction with encouragement.

After the death of Hector at the hands of Achilles, Paris uses his talent, archery, to fight the good fight.

Working through his major gifts, intelligence and the bow, he also becomes a warrior worthy of Athen’s praise.

Look for opportunities to contribute through your gifts and you will be successful.

Helen gave Paris encouragement and helped him to understand it was his compassion, warmth and sensitivity that made her fall in love with him.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses to maneuver beyond obstacles.

Meet your challenges in life through your strengths.

Major in your strengths during the resolution of problems.

Paris was next in line to ascend the throne of Troy with the death of his brother, Hector and his father the king.

When you feel beaten by the obstacles placed in your life, first know who you are then act decisively from intelligence.

You will not be defeated using your gifts, talents and intelligence.

Lessons from Homer teach that we are all worthy and capable of greatness.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   https://dentist4you.biz

Reference: Wikipedia The Iliad by Homer

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