Magnificent Seven

Magnificient Seven, good versus evil.

Magnificent Seven is the remake of a movie

with a great cast similar to our dental team.

Our dental team reminds me of the magnificent seven, working daily in life’s trenches for the greater good of others.

Good triumphing over evil  is a movie to look forward to viewing providng quality acting and great sound effects.

The dental industry wins where good versus evil is the fight against cavities and gum disease.

The magnificent seven in dentistry is your dental team willing and able to handle the villains that work against optimal dental health.

Look at the disease process that destroys teeth, dentists in Emergency Dental Care know all too well we win with adherence to quality patient education.

Dental treatment plans are scripted for patients in the same manner written by Antoine Fuqua, a great movie director.

The backdrop for the movie is a California town called Rose Creek.

Our villain lives in Sacramento, California, a 3 day ride by horseback from Rose Creek.

The villain is an industrialist in early America, your typical robber baron to the letter of the term as indicated in the movie.

Robber baron per Wikipedia is a deragatory metaphor of social criticism originally applied to certain late 19th century American business men who used unscrupulous methods of getting rich.

The villian in Magnificent Seven was a robber baron abusing the rights of those in Rose Creek.

Industrial growth transformed American Society, trodding upon the backs of laborers.

In the worst of times dentists were called upon to treat the downtrodden who worked in America’s factories. Usually workers slaved long hours before ratifying contracts through negotiations in labor unions.

Today dental patients who remain in the workforce may find it troubling to locate clinics open late.

After hours care facilities have always been necessary for access to emergency dental care.

Next time you visit a dental office, look at the instruments and equipment surrounding you as the armamentarium that fights the villain commonly known as dental disease.

The magnificent seven in dentistry, the members of your dental team, are responsible for optimum oral health.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, DDS

Reference: Wikipedia_wiki_Robber_baron


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