Organic oral medicine is practiced in my dental office.

Organic Oral Medicine

Patients call our office for pain relief, treatment of halitosis and dental decay.

Emergency dentists in Kansas City see patients from around the country.

Our City is located in the heart of the United States and a great stopping off point for dental services.

I practice organic oral medicine
Organic Oral Medicine

Patients are in route from coast to coast.

Truckers call and let you know from their highway mile markers, “found you on the Internet good buddy, on my way!”

Convention planners are glad to find someone open, offering after hours dental care.

Many of these patients you will only see once in a lifetime.

So the goal is to treat the patient efficiently and reduce chances of prescription side effects.

Organic oral medicine is a link to products that provide the least amount of harm and maximum benefits for the patient.

Pain relief is best treated with CBD oils minus the THC.

CBD oils are also anti-inflammatory in nature aiding in the pain relief process.

Organic Oral Medicine
Organic Oral Medicine

Your patients complaining of nausea can take preparations with activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal quiets gastric distress.

Two of my favorite anti-viral oils are Eucalyptus and Oregano.

Place a few drops of each in your hand sanitizer to increase its potency and pathogen killing power.

Preventative dental care to resolve bad breath is best treated with the essential oil Peppermint.

It is also anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial as well.

COVID-19 must be seen as a pathogen we can keep at bay.

Organic Oral Medicine recommends you strengthen your immune system against viruses.

Black Seed Oil can be taken by mouth, 2 teaspoons twice daily.

But use it for 3 weeks then get off of it for 2 weeks.

This is important to keep normal body flora at an optimum state.

Remember, in an alkaline state pathogens won’t grow.

Consume no more than 30 grams of refined processed  sugar daily.

Keep your body in an alkaline state eating fruits and vegetables, proper rest and adequate hydration.

One way to measure hydration is by consuming one half of your body weight daily in ounces of water.

Fresh air and sunshine are a must as often as you can get them.

Clean air machines improve indoor air quality.

Keys to a healthy life are clean water to drink.

Refreshing air, clear of smog, ozone and other toxins.

And fresh food to eat from nature’s gardens.

Strengthen your immune system with Organic oral medicine.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S

(this site provides important information but check with a healthcare professional to stay safe.)






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