Pregnant patients receiving treatment consult their obstetrician.

Resolve pain and suffering  with medication deemed safe for both

mother and baby.

Pregnant patients receiving treatment
Pregnant Patients Receiving Treatment

A mother was seen recently at my dental office in her final tri-mester nearing delivery.

It was the first time the patient had been seen in my office.

A high level of discomfort was becoming unbearable for the patient.

On a scale of 1-10 her pain level peaked through the roof of the pain scale.

Life was becoming miserable.

An antibiotic and pain pills were given for immediate pain relief.

This is a temporary solution until more definitive treatment is available.

Dentists treat both the mother and baby.

Selecting medications for infection control and pain relief are guided by obstetricians.

And for high pain levels, local anesthetics can be used without epinephrine.

Consider 2% Lidocaine and 4% Citanest before treating dental ailments.

Pregnant patients receiving treatment remain safer with guidance from their obstetricians.

A local pharmacy was called for injectable local anesthetic today.

The pharmacist was unable to order the desired medication.

He did however recommend calling KU Medical Center.

KU Medical Center had the family pick up the medication for treatment later the same day.

It is very much appreciated when individuals go above and beyond the call of duty.

Additional supportive measures were taken to relieve pain and suffering for our patient .

The husband drove from Redbridge Rd. to the Country Club Plaza.

His quest resulted in picking up additional anesthetic from Valencia Endodontic Group.

All these actions resolved pain relief for his seven month pregnant wife.

Dentists who care take time to go the extra mile for their patients.

Safety is key and greatly appreciated by patients that enter my dental office.

Pregnant patients are seen in our office long after the baby has been delivered.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L.Clark, D.D.S.

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