Dentist Red Bridge Rd.

Dentist Red Bridge Rd. cares for patients within his neighborhood.

Dentist Red Bridge Rd. (816)941-0550
Dentist Red Bridge Rd.


Dentist Red Bridge Rd.
Large picture displays  office building near Holmes Rd on Red Bridge where dentist Red Bridge Rd.  works.
We labor for the greater good of the entire Kansas City community.

 Welcome a dentist willing to relieve  pain and suffering.

Dental emergencies are treated in our facility.

 TMC hospital emergency room focuses on medical emergencies and may not be set up for the delivery of routine dental care.   

We render quality dental care.

University of Missouri KC Dental School treats emergencies as well.

UMKC delivers  education and extensive dental treatment to the public.

Many dentists in the area are graduates of UMKC School of Dentistry.

Seasoned faculty dentists are available to treat more advanced cases.

And after hours care is available at our Red Bridge location.

Quality of life is improved when a private practice delivers top notch dental care.

 Red Bridge Public Library is across the street from our dental office  and has a robust following.  

Restaurants and other new businesses rejuvenate the area with explosive growth.

The dental community has been located at 400 East Red Bridge Rd. for 45 years.

Turner Peck, D.D.S. has been a resident in our building for 45 years.

He retired within the past week and will be dearly missed by both patients and colleagues.

My wife and I often go walking in this quiet and peaceful part of town.

One of my favorite exercise routines is jogging near my dental office.

My route takes me by the Minor Park Golf Course andGolf Course Of KC near 128th and Holmes St. 

Jogging prepares me for the Trolley Car Run in the Spring. Jogging also keeps me in tip top shape.

You can register for the Spring event by going to

Dr. Seth Rush and staff are seen among the host of joggers.

Dr. Rush is a Periodontist in the area. (

During quiet time you may find us at Crow’s Coffee House drinking our favorite brew.

Provide great dental service for all who call upon you for treatment.

And a great way to build your repor with the surrounding residents.

An emergency  Dentist Red Bridge Rd. is proud to be a part of this progressive community.

From the Diary of my  Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, DDS

University of Missouri Kansas City