Wearing Face Masks Daily

Wearing face masks daily
Wearing Face Masks Daily

Patients and colleagues wearing face masks daily may experience skin reactions and rashes.

Overtime services at work require your mask on most of the day.

What a blessing for those able to work from home.

During our first quarantine face masks were in short supply.

They became hard to find.

Inventive practitioners found ways to sanitize masks with ultraviolet


UV light can be dangerous if not studied and respected.

Have you ever thought about pathogens that bathe your face daily?

From our lungs CO2 exits the mouth and nostrils saturating facial masks.

I’m not surprised that inflammatory reactions appear on the face.

Tissue, coffee filters, gauze sponges and an assortment of fibers are used as inside filters.

Patients inform me a variety of prescription medications are used with minimal relief.

A visit to your local health food store is valuable.

Organic herbal salves reduce inflammation and nourish the skin.

The skin is an organ that tells quickly there is a problem at hand.

Your goal is to react quickly and extinguish the fires of inflammation.

80% of your immune system is associated within the gut.

So for this reason optimize your immune system with probiotics to balance normal oral


I will often tell patients to cut back on refined processed sugar.

Consume no more than 30 grams of sugar daily.

Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline.

Set as a goal to reduce body acidity.

Acid reduction reduces pathogens.

Balance gut flora and skin improves.

Listen to the warning signs  of your body to defeat skin ailments.

A full meal consumed late at night causes acid reflux.

Keep things simple to win.

Change mask often or wash reusable ones.

Wearing face masks daily does not have to come with skin ailments.

From the Diary of my Enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S. https://dentist4you.biz





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