Winners Engage Wisdom

Winners engage wisdom in pursuit of their goals.

True intelligence requires that wisdom be placed at the heart of solutions implemented in order to achieve success.

There are days we have very clever schemes in place to move a step ahead of the competition.

Your ability to design clever schemes is limited by your energy, daily outflow and reach into areas of profitability.

True wisdom comes to us from the highest power of all powers in the universe, the Creator of all things.

On many occasions we find ourselves praying and hoping things will get better.

Your surroundings improve to the degree wisdom is applied to the circumstances that appear to be blocking and impeding progress.

The Bioneers had a radio segment that discussed the nature of war this morning and the impact of war on warriors who are able to return home and reflect upon the atrocities of its aftermath.

A psychologist in treating Vietnam war veterans for post traumatic stress disorder, discussed taking  soldiers back to the scene of conflict to confront their demons and those effected by the campaigns of war.

Statements were made what countries spend on their war machines.

Take all of the countries in the world and combine the totals of their war chest.

Multiply that figure times three to understand  what America spends on its war chest.

The psychologist along with his group of veterans toured Vietnam with deep and painful remorse.

A remaining member of the My Lai Vietnam massacre met the soldiers at her village.

Now an aging woman, a soldier asked if she would ever be able to forgive for the horrendous atrocities inflicted upon her people.

With a humble spirit the woman told the soldier it was her duty to not only forgive the soldier but to wish him peace so that he could heal.

People of Vietnam wanted Americans and other world leaders to not forget what occurred in Vietnam because of war.

In this way mankind may find a way to diffuse the time bombs of future conflicts.

Vietnam shows how war inflicted upon their country has caused a profound effect upon the earth and world as a whole.

We should all find ways to use wisdom to improve the lives of those we connect with wherever they may be found.

Winners engage wisdom to better their own life and the lives of others.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Reference: Radio Program “The Bioneers”,

My Lai Vietnam Massacre

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