Is It Working For You?
Be at peace and have a great life Is It Working For You?

A question is being directed at a caller by the master of ceremony on a radio program, is it working for you?

When we suggest to others what they should be doing ask yourself this same question.

Minimalism is a discipline embraced by those who believe less is more.

One case in particular on another TV program featured two executives from Wall Street quitting their jobs to pursue normal lives through minimalism.

It appeared insane hours were their operating basis with no real private life to look forward to at home.

Giving back to their respective communities helping others found them in a better state of mind.

This discipline gets you off of life’s merry-go-round where abundance is pursued for optimum survival.

The caller is ready to return to an agrarian society where we live off the land.

The radio program this evening allowed a man to voice his concerns about why we should take a serious look at farming.

He is encouraging us to re-learn the skills of farming to survive possible economic turmoil and mayhem.

There are those among us who have humble beginnings on the farms of America and may not want to return with him to this way of life.

Hard work is a good reward within itself but choose wisely what you wish to do in life.

Living off  the land, growing and eating fresh fruit and vegetables is indeed a healthy choice.

My favorite grocer is Whole Foods with all the fresh produce one can carry.

To date their market share places them at number one in the niche health food grocery stores.

Their price points are by no means the most reasonable but great value is received from their produce and supplements.

What we do in life boils down to the question, is it working for you?

Before you offer goods and services to the public include a plan that shows some level of success on your part.

Success begets success and is required to land big accounts.

The caller hopefully has worked  in agriculture with some knowledge of farming.

Sell the public on the idea you can teach how to farm and you stand a chance to get your point across.

Potential clients see through the salesman with book knowledge yet no sales to back up what has been studied.

Application of knowledge is what starts the flow of sales.

If there is no history of sales in your portfolio then network with those who have sales at the level you desire to target.

Make your next sale by responding with a yes as to whether or not things are working out.

A KC dentist will answer in the affirmative from his major niche emergency dental care.

Can you answer in the positive when asked the question, is it working for you?

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Published by Artis

I am a dentist in the Kansas City, MO. area willing to help in the world where dental health care is needed and appreciated. To date we have established a dental clinic in Israel and evaluated the healthcare delivery system in Havana Cuba. Serving my community at this time as a photo journalist also.

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