Managing Extraction Sites My teeth hurt.


My teeth hurt is a statement heard in many dental offices.

A good dental team in the niche emergency dental care KCMO, has the experience to resolve the most difficult of dental concerns.

Ailments of the oral cavity keep dentists busy who are willing to treat dental emergencies.

You look online and a lot of dental clinics appear available.

After hours care, however, is another matter. Not many dental offices offer care after the majority of clinics close.

You will find working in this environment patients who come that are some very sick individuals.

Infection in the body should not be placed on the back burner.

Your health is your primary responsibility so guard it as though your life depends on confronting the problem at hand.

Antibiotics and probiotics are first line medications that reduce infection levels.

After infection is reduced, replace normal body flora with Lactobacillus cultures found in probiotics and quality yogurt.

My teeth hurt does not have to control the life of your patient.

It amazes dental teams how long patients are willing to wait before visiting a dental office.

Patients that seek care in urgent care centers are given the best care possible.

We understand medical staff are not dental teams but do the best they can to treat dental emergencies.

Expect as a patient to receive antibiotics and temporary pain relief in the form of intramuscular injections or local anesthetic that relieve pain for 4 – 6 hours.

Emergency and urgent care centers then recommend that patients call their dentist for more definitive treatment.

The dental community is thankful for the insight and professionalism of emergency room staff in the treatment of dental patients.

Our patients seen in dialysis centers are prone to infection and require crisis management by both teams to resolve infection issues.

Dialysis patients have certain days in the week between treatments where they are fresh and willing to undergo dentistry.

Blood thinners must be known in order to keep patients safe. During dialysis low level blood thinners

are administered.

Medical staff help keep patients safe with current medical history shared with the dental team.

Swelling in the jaw structures and facial tissues may be first noticed by medical staff.

Patients who follow through in their treatment get better and improve their overall health.

Patients with multiple problems are similar to a ball of knotted twine where each knot in the twine is a problem that requires resolution.

Listen to the patients in your medical clinics that make the statement, my teeth hurt and refer them for emergency dental care KCMO.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Moving mountains


Moving mountains and walking on water are feats performed by those who believe they are capable of greatness.

Greatness is a force within you unleashed when you express the best you have to give over an extended period of time.

In this extended period of time you don’t allow anything to get in the way of what is intended to realize your potential.

You practice the rudiments of your craft until what you do daily can be performed in your sleep.

Conscious participation in your burning desire will take you where you want to go.

Do not under-estimate your participation in this process during the most valuable time of your life.

You are given the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the process that will display the real you.

The true you that says I have paid the price and worthy of greatness.

Life on many different occasions teaches greatness is something found in those with super ability or agility.

As a dentist difficult scenarios are seen daily but planned long before the patient returns for emergency dental care in KCMO.

We forget about those who aspire to reach greatness after the lights are low and the crowds have gone home and no one watches or cheers.

Rudimentary actions are simple yet the most profound in establishing the building blocks that achieve your ultimate goal.

You perform the rudiments of your profession or niche one demonstration or practiced element at a time.

We often think of athletes at practice spending many hours perfecting their swing or stroke or shot or whatever is required to perform at their best.

When the chips are down and all is riding upon this instant is not the time to wish or hope what you want to occur will get done.

Keep hope alive by making the shot you launch to win the game, one you have delivered from many different angles, after thousands of shots that successfully went through the hoop in practice sessions.

You will feel moving mountains is within your ability to perform after the public views what you do as miraculous and astounding.

The miracle comes because you took the time to perform the mundane tasks of rudimentary discipline, coming after practice, practice and more practice.

Perform the same task over and over again and certainty in the delivery of that task is yours and yours alone.

Take the town to work on moving a mountain and experience your greatness.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Root of problems hyper-critical people


Constructive criticism improves the overall conditions of a particular situation. Be very careful accepting advice from hyper-critical people.

With the best of intentions we accept and receive advice from others sometimes without questioning its source.

If the source is sincere and well thought out receive it with a welcoming spirit.

Testing what you hear for validity and workability is highly recommended.

Some people enjoy hearing themselves speak and may not have your best interest at heart.

Mean spirited conversation meant to harm and injure the recipient should be rejected.

Opinions are many and yield variable results that must be tested to see if what has been stated is worthy of implementation.

Constructive criticism directed at you from those who care, keeps you on a positive path in life and is greatly appreciated.

Given from a helpful and caring spirit, this information is desired and improves your bottom line, helping to take you where you want to go.

Hyper-critical people on the other hand say things in a reckless manner, not thinking about the harm caused by their inconsiderate invalidation and insult.

On more than one occasion well meaning individuals have said what they feel is best without filters on their communication.

Communication is best delivered as a two way street where there is active listening and verbal communique that can be responded to in positive dialogue.

Learn how to talk to recipients receiving your communiques without causing turmoil and invalidation.

The best of plans will not get implemented causing a colleague to feel he/she is being grilled under a microscope.

Take the time to make your case known but understand the consequences of unbraiding subordinates working on your behalf.

A hyper-critical spirit blocks the progress of an organization or group of individuals because of its destructive nature.

Where intentions are well meant and a desire to help the group is intended, the opposite occurs due to the negative energy generated from harsh rhetoric.

Kick a group in the pants long enough and what results are sore feelings and butts that require quality intervention to heal.

Our dental program, emergency dental care KCMO, gets overrun with requests to resolve the pain and suffering related to toothaches.

It takes an efficient dental team to keep pace with the fallout that comes from repairing the impatience of dental maladies.

We get along so much better supporting each other and avoiding the unpleasantries that come from hyper-critical people.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.






Temporary bridges auto accidents Surgically extracting teeth.


Surgically extracting teeth is performed with upmost care there is a person connected to the entire pain episode.

The relief of pain and suffering is provided by many dental team members that possess the gift of compassion that led them into the healing arts as a profession.

One of patients most dreaded misconceptions about dentistry is what to expect if it becomes necessary to remove teeth that require surgery.

You will find in modern dentistry, instrumentation and drug therapy have improved, creating a favorable experience for the dental patient.

Dental patients have always had the option available if it is perceived the tooth removal process may be a bit stressful, receiving various types of anesthesia to accompany the local anesthetic.

In many general dental offices, anti-anxiety agents are provided that relax patients placing them in a more relaxed state of mind.

Valium and nitrous oxide are widely used anti-anxiety agents in many dental offices.

Special training is required to render conscious sedation where intravenous techniques are administered.

General anesthesia in surgical suites is still a standard of care for those who would rather go to sleep before receiving dental treatment.

Surgically extracting teeth is necessary after teeth become non-restorable because of advanced periodontal disease process excessively destroying bone or a carious lesion ravishes a tooth making it non-restorable as well.

Impacted teeth is a major reason for this form of removal.

Disease processes force dentists to treat symptoms.

The grander plan in the scheme of things is to operate on the preventative side of healthcare, reducing your chances of losing teeth.

Patients should not bypass general dentists making appointments with oral surgeons as a first course of action.

You miss opportunities to consult with the professional who will rebuild the oral cavity after the healing process.

Think of your general dentist as the architect designing your smile, and providing the replacement of teeth.

Oral surgeons limit their practice and in most cases will not be available to restore the teeth after they have been removed.

An initial consultation may require strategic teeth as abutments or anchors be retained to support a removable prosthesis.

Dentures when well made are still replacement teeth and not tolerated by all patients as the final restoration of the oral cavity.

Before surgically extracting teeth, consult with both the surgeon and general dentist for the best treatment possible.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




What you believe. The real you discovering truth. Understanding truth. Creating products.


You will spend many of your adult years creating products that others will use.

Products and services of great value are desired and needed making work and life more efficient.

Producing products and services that the world values is no easy task.

To achieve the fabrication of what others value, find what you are most passionate about and put forth your best effort.

Passion placed in a product will keep quality high as you continue to deliver what is produced.

We all need motivation at times when things for what ever reason do not work out because of setbacks or poor sales.

A product produced form the heart of a man takes time to generate income.

You will enjoy what you do all the more if money is not the main motivator in your success equation.

Study successful people and you find men and women forging themselves into the best possible person they are capable of becoming.

It takes strength of character to reach the pinnacle of success identified in your goals.

Build upon your strengths and minimize your weaknesses to rise above your circumstances.

“To br yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

One of my favorite business models is the highly successful Apple corporation.

Steve Jobs while at the helm studied calligraphy, that may have helped his focus on form and function creating new designs.

Apple was not the first and only corporation to market smart phones.

Blackberry was highly successful early on in the smart pone industry bur lost large market shares to companies that had more vision.

We are not to lose sight of what we set out to do initially.

Remain passionate and stay innovative in your particular niche or market.

Consumers are waiting on new products to be created for consumption on the world market.

Listening to people who criticize with no suggestions to improve conditions only make things worse if the energy they bring is negative.

Truth disseminated in a constructive manner will help infuse positive energy into your operation.

For specified periods of time you can work outside of your comfort zone to increase productivity.

Involving yourself in other disciplines brings other perspectives to your projects.

Embrace other disciplines learned and apply them to new projects.

Creating products takes a variety of skills blended by embracing your passions.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Temporary bridges auto accidents


Auto accidents cause devastating injuries to the body that require patience and rehabilitation for the long road back to health.

Treating patients who have been traumatized through traffic collisions of automobiles is very difficult to treat.

In our role through emergency dental care, attorneys have sent patients to our office for comprehensive examination and treatment planning.

Patients are stabilized in hospitals for emergency services and released to convalesce at home.

After stabilization restoration of the teeth becomes a priority.

Patients who have fractured jawbones may be wired shut for healing of the bone.

Nutrition will be of a liquid nature until the jaws are released from their orthodontic hardware.

Broken jaws can take 6 – 8 weeks to heal.

Juicing your meals in a super blender is an excellent way to maintain nutrition.

Weight may drop but can always be regained after the healing process is completed.

On occasion you will have patients request their jaws be wired to lose weight.

This treatment modality is not encouraged by our dental team due to the fact the weight loss is temporary.

Evaluation of the oral cavity is very comprehensive after auto accidents.

Each tooth is evaluated with a fine tooth comb, looking for fractures and nerve damage.

Nerve damage and tempro-mandibular joint dysfunction keep dentists busy.

Nutritional supplement packages can also be offered to rehabilitate the jaw joint.

Patients are advised to optimize their health through supplements for a positive healing experience.

In today’s market dental implants are used to replace missing teeth.

The role of the dental team is to identify a treatment plan that is cost effective and worthwhile for the patient.

Treatment plans outside the range of what is affordable to the patient will not get done.

Insurance companies will provide conservative solutions.

Patients can contribute to the financial arrangement of treatment not covered by insurance companies.

Don’t be afraid of seeking more than one professional opinion for options regarding the planned delivery of dental care.

Your dental treatment is delivered in the most efficient manner possible. Patients with phobias to needles and the dental environment can be given anti-anxiety agents for a safe and comfortable experience.

Blunt force trauma to the head and neck are injuries that also require additional care. Of special interest in planning treatment is evaluation over an extended period  of time.

Give additional attention and care to those traumatized in auto accidents.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Dental implant success. Dilemma for dentists.


The same dilemma for dentists exists for patients as well regarding the delivery of emergency dental care.

It seems our patient base has become one of recurring emergency care.

Our dental team acknowledges you should be careful what you wish for in your life.

The more problematic the economy, the harder it becomes for patients to afford quality dental care that resolves their concerns.

There are those left outside of traditional health care who find themselves spending tremendous sums of income seeking services for dental concerns in hospital emergency rooms.

On average we have listened to patients who let us know what they spend on emergency hospital visits after dental offices have closed.

Major medical plans will pay a portion of a dental emergency if you are willing to spend a considerable amount of time waiting to see a physician.

The emergency room will refer you to an oral surgeon or general dentist based upon your symptoms after providing  prescriptions for antibiotics and pain pills.

No one wants to spend half the night in a hospital emergency room after a busy day at work with aspirations to get up and doing it again within a few hours.

Patients who are unable to take off work usually find themselves forced to deal with a dental emergency when the pain rockets through the roof.

Our workforce reports staggering numbers in reference to time away from work because of emergency dental care.

In most instances our dental team has been able to relieve pain and suffering getting the patient back to work in short order.

Employers appreciate the prompt service and so do patients who enjoy their jobs and the responsibility of being dependable with minimal downtime.

Definitive care has not been so much a problem where employers offer dental benefits.

Employees without dental coverage appear to get caught off guard when dental emergencies reduce their ability to function because of issues with pain in the work place.

Dentists who understand this dilemma find a way to work emergency patients into their schedules.

Patients who understand the dentist they call upon and accepts them as a patient is usually working the patient into a tight schedule.

Patience is desired from the patient who fares much better in a dental emergency room than a hospital emergency room.

This is a dilemma for dentists who want to assist the patient desiring emergency services.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Giving your best


Most of our good days come after giving your best to those who appreciate what you do.

My niche is found in the care rendered to others through emergency dentistry.

We are told on a regular basis, dental patients appreciate being seen by our dental team.

On many occasions,  the same day they call for relief of dental pain, patients are accommodated in our office.

Acts of kindness occur in dental offices to place patients more at ease to receive needed care.

Think of a time you had an emergency of any kind and a professional was only a phone call away.

In a 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM kind of town, it takes effort to locate professionals who are willing to work late if called upon to do so.

We treat patients who report having to work a full job and a half after hours if this is the only time slot available to the patient.

Believe it or not dental emergency rooms that see walk-ins refer to our clinic as well.

Referrals are appreciated and the patient is well taken care of and sent back to the dentist of record.

Ask your dental office team well in advance of an emergency who should they call in the event after hours care is needed.

Most dentists leaving town during the summer months, have an office cell phone that assigned staff members  answer in the evening hours when staff have returned home.

Handle the dental emergency of an appreciative patient and you win over a new found friend that is willing to tell others how they were treated.

A positive experience in your operation from the answering of your phone all the way through the treatment process speaks on your behalf.

Your process says you are professional grade, an operation that knows how to handle the patient or client’s business.

Courtesy in the client experience is very powerful in the procurement of referrals and repeat business.

Patients expect healthcare providers to elicit a high level of confidence in treating their particular problem.

Consistency in the quality of care that you deliver, always stands out in a patient’s mind.

Taking the time to go above and beyond what the patient expects, places the mind at ease with the thought translated, the dental team cares.

Giving your best no matter your niche places you near the top of your Google` page.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Using your mind for branding an idea.


Branding an idea to make it your own causes what you do to stand out among the herd.

Ideas are only thoughts until they are written down and developed into real life projects.

No one in my mind did it better than Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace.

Steve Jobs was not the first person to invent the personal computer.

He took the desk top early on and customized it like a detail man placing all the trimmings on your personal vehicle.

Your personal vehicle becomes more valuable because it is branded as unique, a thing to be set apart from the others.

The lap top was also placed within architecture that could be expanded over the years, very user friendly.

Mr Jobs was not the first to mass produce smart phones but i-phone users appreciate how user friendly their devices have become over the years and are loyal customers created from branding an idea.

There are many dentists across the nation, but keep in mind you only are competitive with the few that are on your Google page.

Not everyone is on the 1st page of Google. Wishing you were there is not going to get the placement you desire.

It takes weekly effort or the help of a branding agency to gain first page placement to play the game of making your phone ring.

Anyone in business today gets a ton of phone calls regarding the placement of your business on the first page of Google.

Getting there is only a small part of the game.

Many other factors have helped our website to remain visible on the worldwide web. as well as your own website uses search engine optimization to drive customers your way.

The greatest factor to remain visible today is a website that has the capability to be mobile friendly.

Many websites are no longer in view because they were not mobile friendly as of April 21st, 2015.

Dentists will admit whether their sites make money because of traffic driven to their sites.

Some sites are informative for the doctor’s patient base only, where numerous opportunities are lost with no call to action from potential clients visiting their websites.

What is shared by dentists on the world wide web is available for everyone to see.

Don’t miss chances to market your services to potential clients looking for information you provide because of keyword searches.

Be like Steve Jobs who saw the bigger picture branding an idea, making it his own.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Riding the wavesOur business future.


It has been a most interesting years so far causing us to ponder our business future.

Dentistry, like any other business, has a cycle that must be known in order to surf the tumultuous changes left in it’s wake.

If we were unable to arrive at our jobs tomorrow, what would you do to occupy your time?

The boat in the photograph causes the best of day dreams.

Picture yourself headed out to sea with no particular destination in mind.

You become aware of your surroundings to avoid the danger involved with in climate weather.

To live on the sea for a month at a time with wind in your sails sounds like a very inviting proposition.

In a recent newspaper, “USA TODAY,” an article appeared about the debt crisis in Greece.

The article reports Greece has a 25% unemployment rate. Its GDP has fallen by roughly 30% since 2008, according to World Bank data.

Greece was on a path toward bankruptcy in early 2010, and the threat of a new financial crisis loomed.

The country got its first of two international bailouts totaling 240 billion euros ($268.8 billion in US dollars at current exchange rates) from the “troika” – the European Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission.

Reading the article made me think in modern times it could happen to any of the given world markets.

If Greece defaults on the loans , its economy will contract further and jobs will be harder to find.

Greece’s economy is centered mainly around tourism.

Depositors will find it difficult to withdraw their money from the country’s banks.

Looking at this situation reminds me to be thankful for the many blessings we have been able to enjoy for so many years.

There are economists that warn our country a fall is bound to occur as all of the great civilizations have taken a fall at one point or another.

It is the opinion of this writer to have an emergency financial plan in place to control your own destiny to avoid the chaos and mayhem at the end of a financial collapse.

Think through a good plan to handle the worst case scenario to care for yourself and those you love the most.

In emergency situations we are told to have on hand a 90 day supply of water for drinking, enough canned goods for the same period of time.

Foods that will keep are can goods, peas, corn, soup (low in sodium), tuna fish, sardines, peanut butter, crackers, granola, milk that does not require refrigeration like rice milk, mineral and vitamin supplements.

Other important items, a source to generate fire, batteries to maintain a light source and  radio.

Our business future must be seen beyond what is visible today.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.